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FinTech Trends That Will Dominate

06 Apr 2021 Developer News
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Let's discuss what fintech industry trends will be trending in 2021 and how to use fintech industry trends for business.

What to expect from the fintech industry in 2021

People are becoming more demanding. They want personalization and a variety of possibilities. This motivates the developers of banking applications to expand their functionality. This includes insurance, investments, digital credit cards, and other areas. This trend is already developing. For example, the applications allow you to pay for services. No need to remember about them every month. Banking applications can add the functionality of registration of insurance for a car. They carry out registration of real estate transactions, and delivery of goods to your home.


The blockchain appeared several years ago, so we have to make the most of its capabilities. It assists in data protection. it helps to identity identification. Can be done company verification, transaction registration, investments, risk management, contract signing. This breadth of use is due to the safety and reliability of the technology, so you can expect the same diversified development of FinTech in 2021. The most relevant area for fintech is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin will continue to grow; other cryptocurrencies are trying to keep up with it. The demand for them is increasing, so the ability to work with these currencies is relevant for banking applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people do not understand finance and do not have enough time to educate in this area. The majority is aware of the need for savings, investment, and competent allocation of funds. The trend of the coming year is autonomous finance. It will be able to take care of their safety and prosperity. For example, artificial intelligence itself will dispose of the amount allocated by the client. It will invest it monthly in the most promising stocks, paying bills, and sending it to a savings account. So people will get the maximum benefit with the minimum cost: money and time. Despite the responsibility of these tasks, people already in many ways trust machines. They are better than representatives of their kind.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are used to carry out various operations on the blockchain. These are computer algorithms that automatically control and verify the recording of data and ensure the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the parties to the contract. In this case, all the terms of the transaction must be formalized and translated into the appropriate program code. Automatic execution of smart contracts using distributed ledger technology can reduce the financial, administrative, and time costs of participants when concluding and fulfilling the terms of the transaction.

Final Words

The development of fintech foreshadows the growth of financial literacy and wealth. It will also make many businesses more successful and better manage their funds. 82% of traditional financial companies want to tackle fintech industry trends more closely in the next 3-5 years, so it's worth starting work in this area now.

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