Cell Phone Charging Stations Guide: Best In 2022

09 Sep 2022 Goods
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Your cell phone is your lifeline to the rest of the world. It's how you stay in touch with family, your job, and your social life. That is why keeping your cell phone charged and ready to go at all times is critical. A USB cell phone charging station is a great way to keep your devices charged and organized.


What is a charging station?

A cell phone charging station is a piece of equipment that simultaneously charges numerous cell phones. It's also known as a mobile phone charging station or a cellphone station. There are various kinds of cell phone charging stations on the market, but picking the finest can be difficult. When it comes to purchasing a cell phone charging station, there are several factors to consider.

What to Consider when Buying a USB Charging Station?

Here are several things to keep in mind when choosing a phone charging station:

  • How many devices can the USB station charge at one time?
  • Is the station compatible with all types of cell phones?
  • What is the charging speed?
  • Does your phone connect to wired or wireless devices?

If you have multiple devices that need to be charged, then a cell phone charging station with many slots is a necessity. This type of station can accommodate most devices you might own, including iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. The best thing about these stations is that they allow you to charge many gadgets at the same time.

The charging speed of a cell phone station is an important consideration. Some stations take longer to charge devices than others. If you need to charge your phone quickly, then look for a station with a high-speed charging feature, possible to find in both wired and wireless chargers. This type of USB charger can juice up your devices in no time.

All cell phone charging stations may be used with a variety of devices, but you should verify that the charger station's slots are compatible with your phone or tablet.

Best Cell Phone Charging Stations for Home

After pointing out the factors to take into account while choosing a phone charging station, we'll review four of the best USB phone charging stations on the market. These devices underwent some testing so we can give you the most evident knowledge.

Great Choice For a Large Family: SIIG 90W Smart Charging Station


This phone battery charger from SIIG is one of the best on the market. It can charge up to 10 USB devices at once and has a charging speed of 2.4 amps per port and a 5V/2.4A power output. The USB charging station also comes with an LCD display that shows the charging status of smartphones and other devices. This charging stand contains 8 slots to fit up to 8 devices conveniently, making it a great option for a big family who needs a compact device with excellent charging performance.


  • Non-slip padded desk for smaller devices
  • 100-240V AC input voltage which is a very good reason to choose them
  • Ambient Light Deck for some additional needs
  • Extreme energy efficiency: each slot has a smart detection system to identify a type of device


  • This USB phone charging station does not work wirelessly
  • The plug fits into a US socket only.

Overall conclusion: The SIIG 90W Smart Charging Station is extremely convenient. 10 multifunctional USB ports will be highly functional if you have a big family or use it in your office, due to their ability to charge up to 10 USB devices at once, has a great speed at each port, and can boast maximum energy efficiency. The main downside is that it is wired, but due to its small size, it can be picked as a reliable portable phone charger.

If you need a more powerful device with the same convenience of use, check on this model by Alxum.

Top Versatility Option: Anker 3-in-1 PowerWave 10 Stand


Anker 3-in-1 PowerWave 10 Stand is one of the most versatile charging stations on the market due to its compatibility with various devices, adaptive charging modes, and iPhone & Samsung fast charging with separate parameters for each type of device.

With Anker 3-in-1 PowerWave USB charger, you may now select whether to charge horizontally or vertically. You don't have to stop charging while viewing a video or checking your emails.

Another benefit of these USB phone charging stations is an opportunity to charge your phone with a phone case on, with some exceptions regarding its thickness and material.

This charging station from Anker also has 2 USB-A Ports, a 36W DC adapter with 5 ft cable, and an 18-month warranty. It's one of the most reliable USB phone chargers on the market with a high charging performance. It comes with a wide range of features that makes it very versatile.


  • Compatibility with most devices present on the market
  • You can charge your smartphones with a case on
  • Reliable construction and concise design
  • Wireless device for horizontal or vertical charging.


  • A phone or tablet cannot charge in the case if it has a metal shell and/or magnetic or metal attachments or cards.
  • The USB cable is longer than usual, and the power brick on the cable is somewhat bigger than average.

Overall conclusion: Anker 3-in-1 PowerWave 10 Stand is a reliable and adaptable charging station that is compatible with a wide range of devices. It offers adaptive charging modes, fast charging, and the ability to charge your device with a case on.

If you need a similar station specifically for Apple devices, check on this option.

Editor’s Choice: Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station


Satechi Dock5 belongs to the scope of wireless phone charger types. The portable USB multi-device charger is compatible with the 2021 iPad Pro M1, and 2020 iPad Air, as well as all versions of the iPhone 13 smartphones. It's perfect for your house, workplace, school, and other places and lets you free up space in a clutter-free style.

With a handy LED light indicator, this Satechi charger station can simultaneously charge up to five USB gadgets. This five-device charger features two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A ports, and a Qi wireless charging slot. The station has overheating protection, so you can rest assured that your devices will be powered safely and quickly.

This USB phone charging station can boast convenient silicone dividers and a non-slip platform to keep items neatly organized while charging simultaneously. The stylish design with a satin gray finish is an excellent interior choice.


  • Suitable for up to five USB devices with different operating systems, including Android phones and MAC-based devices.
  • Allows you to charge four devices using the different types of USB ports, and a wireless charging slot as well.
  • Does not overheat and is energy-friendly.
  • Ergonomically convenient and stylish.


  • The Satechi charging station doesn't come with cables. So, it's essential to purchase them separately to be able to use this phone charger.
  • It may be an extra cost for some customers to purchase certified cables to be compatible with this charger.

Overall conclusion: The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station is a compact, portable charging station with four USB ports and a Qi wireless charging slot that works with a wide variety of devices. It has four USB ports, as well as a Qi wireless charging slot and a comfortable device storing platform. The only drawback is that it does not come with wires, so you will need to buy them separately.

For a similar device with a unique natural design, check on this Bamboo Charging Station.

MAC IOS Pick: Apple MagSafe Battery Pack


This Apple USB phone charger uses magnets to snap onto the back of your phone and start charging. The MagSafe Stand is an exceptional charging solution for Apple devices including wireless earbuds, fitness trackers, etc. It also features a built-in magnetic coil that creates a field around the phone charger, so it doesn't move when you accidentally shift the device.

The Apple MagSafe USB charging stations can charge through most phone cases up to 4mm thick. It's also designed to work with Apple's MagSafe Wallet, so you can keep your cards close by while charging. It takes advantage of any USB-C charger to deliver the maximum charge possible. The connectivity and safety of this iPhone charging dock make it one of the most efficient smartphone chargers on the market.

The magnetic design also helps to reduce charging heat, so your smartphones stay cool while charging and this feature is very energy-friendly.


  • Magnetic charging allows fast, safe, and energy-efficient charging.
  • It is tailored to work with the fullest scope of Apple devices.
  • It's compatible with most rubber, and thermoplastic polyurethane cases.
  • The Apple Care Protection Plan for this wireless charger comes with a one-year replacement warranty.


  • Only Apple devices are advised to be charged at this USB charging station. Android phones and other gadgets will not connect to this charging pad.
  • The magnet will not function if any metal parts are present on the phone cover, and it appears to slightly weaken over time.

Overall conclusion: The Apple MagSafe Charger is a very convenient and energy-safe phone charger for those who own Apple devices. It's versatile for those who need an iPhone charging station that can perform efficient wireless charging through most phone cases. However, it's incompatible with non-Apple devices and may not work with some phone covers over time.

If you need a more stationary and affordable version of this device, check on this station by Apple.

Charging Stand for Phone: Expert Recommendations

After pointing out the best current phone charging stations and their features, we understand that the choice is yours and what type of chargers suits your needs the most. Here are the answers to some other typical questions about USB charging stations:

Q: Are solar phone chargers a good choice?

A: Solar USB charging stations are convenient for camping, hiking, or any other time when you might not have access to a power outlet. They work by capturing the sun's energy and converting it into electrical energy that can be used to charge your phone. However, due to their higher cost and lower efficiency, they are not the first choice to wirelessly charge your devices for daily use.

Q: Can I use my phone while it's charging on a USB charging station?

A: Yes, you can use your phone while it's charging on a charging station. However, for the wireless USB cell phone chargers with a lower voltage, we recommend removing your phone case to ensure the correct wireless charging.

Q: How to charge your phone without a charger?

A: If you don't have a phone charger, you can charge your phone by using a power bank or connecting it to a laptop or desktop computer with a USB cable. Power banks are especially handy if you do not want to use a station in a car or during a hike or travel or need a compact solution in your backpack.

Q: Can I use my phone while it's charging on a power bank?

Yes, you may use your phone while it's charging on a power bank. To ensure that the phone charges with the wanted speed and do not overheat, remove your phone case, similarly to the wireless chargers.

Q: How do I keep my USB charger cables from breaking?

A: The best way to keep your phone charger cable from breaking is to avoid bending or twisting it. Also, never leave it plugged into an outlet when you're not using it, as this can damage the cord. When not in use, wrap the USB cord loosely around the charging block for compact storage in a cool, dry place.

Q: Main thing to keep in mind installing a car phone charger conveniently?

A: It's most critical to choose a location where you can install the holder in your car securely. You don't want the phone to impair your view, and you don't want to divert your attention away from the road.

Most Wanted USB Charging Stations in a Nutshell

Overall, the four phone chargers mentioned above have different features that may appeal to different types of phone users. ‘

If you have a Large Family: The SIIG phone charger is a more affordable option that includes three USB ports and an extra-long cord length. It's also compatible with a wide range of devices.

If you need a versatile device: The Satechi phone charging station has five USB ports, including a wireless charging slot, and a sleek design. It's also ergonomic and portable.

If you need a convenient wireless option: The Anker phone charger is compact and includes PowerIQ technology to optimize charging.

If you have Apple gadgets: Finally, the Apple MagSafe Charger is designed specifically for Apple devices and includes strong magnets for fast, safe charging. It's also compatible with most phone cases.

The modern range of phone charging stations offers a variety of features that appeal to different users.

Wireless charging devices are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and energy-saving capabilities.

Solar USB phone chargers are also a great option for those who need a charger for outdoor activities. And finally, car phone chargers offer a compact and convenient way to charge your phone on the go.

With so many USB phone charger types and features available, it's easy to find the perfect charger for your needs, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or any other device.

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