Best Mini Chainsaw Cordless Edition: 14 Top Picks

12 Sep 2022 Goods
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Why would I need a little chainsaw at home?

For tasks around your house and yard, you might believe you need to purchase the biggest, most powerful saws available, but this isn't always the case. A smaller chainsaw may occasionally be required for various tasks around the yard.

If you live in a small area and don't have many mature trees in your yard that need to be chopped down or trimmed, a little chainsaw may be the only kind of chainsaw you need.

What are the uses of small chainsaws?

Mini chainsaws have a wide range of applications.

Mini chainsaws are more precise when pruning shrubs than when cutting, and they may help you achieve a clean, sculpted appearance. You can trim bushes that can be above your head level thanks to the lightweight design. Additionally, because the vibrations are less, your arms won't tire out as soon.

Cutting through tiny tree limbs can be challenging when attempting to utilize a powerful chainsaw. You can more effectively shape your hardwood with a small chainsaw. They can often handle limbs with a diameter of up to 6".

Using a tiny chainsaw to cut wood for carpentry projects: If you need to chop some wood for a do-it-yourself carpentry project. They work well with thinner or more delicate pieces of wood. Contrary to smaller chainsaws, large chainsaws can be challenging to handle in certain circumstances.

Best Mini Cordless Chainsaws Ranked

Now that you are aware of all the different ways tiny chainsaws may simplify your yard and household, let's examine the top models. This information should assist you in locating the ideal one for your residence.

We'll examine some of the best models available and assist you in selecting the one that is best for you. We have something for everyone, whether you're an expert or only require a little chainsaw sometimes. Read on to find out more!

Most Reviewed: Kimo Mini Chainsaw Cordless


In this category, the KIMO Mini Chainsaw is the top selling product out there.

Although it shares a lot of similarities with many of the other selections in this price range, it consistently sells the most copies.

That, in our view, is because it frequently costs far less than other products in this categor, has well over 1500 ratings, and ranks well when you search for "small chainsaw" on Amazon.

It's great that the KIMO saw includes two 20v 2 amp hour batteries. Always have at least two batteries on hand so you can use one while the other is charging.

If you don't have the storage room for a larger model or don't require a more powerful cordless chainsaw, this small version would be a wonderful option. It just weighs a little over 3 pounds, yet it nevertheless has a powerful 20-volt motor that propels its chain at a speed of 13 feet per second.

Because of its compact size, it may also enter into places where larger saws cannot, such as between tree branches or inside brush heaps. A bottle of oil is also included with this set, which is always a welcome bonus.

You also receive a bar cover, screwdriver, charger, and an oil bottle (without any oil or lubricant), even though there is only one chain included.


  • A best-seller that has undergone extensive field testing.
  • Includes two batteries.
  • Included bar cover (which is absent from other versions).
  • Portable and simple to use.


  • Only includes one bar and chain.
  • The average 4-star rating is lower than some other options.

The most durable little chainsaw: Milwaukee M12


Due to its ergonomic design, high-performance motor, and tough case, Milwaukee's M12 FUEL Hatchet is the best little electric chainsaw.

The saw allows you for improved control, access, and agility in tight or awkward spaces, such as while landscaping, thanks to its small and lightweight 4.1-pound build.

A PowerState brushless motor that can cut through hardwood is located under the hood. RedLink Plus intelligence maintains connection between the motor and battery to provide you with unsurpassed performance and productivity.

As a consequence, a full charge allows the tool to cut 3-inch hardwoods 120 times.

Additionally, for improved control and cutting performance, the saw has a variable speed trigger with an immediate throttle reaction.

The chain is kept oiled automatically to improve longevity and output. To ensure that your tool is always lubricated, it incorporates a transparent oil reservoir that makes checking the fluid level simple.

Cheap tiny chainsaws require periodic hand lubrication since they lack the bar and chain oil reservoirs seen on the M12.

You wood cutting will be better, and the saw will live longer if it has an oil tank.

Some customers do lament the low battery life, however you can fix this by purchasing additional batteries to swap out as you work.

Check out the Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw as well. It has a 16′′ bar, making it the next size up.


  • One standout feature is the automatic oiler.
  • Minimalistic and light.
  • Economical and powerful brushless motor.
  • RedLink Plus understanding.
  • Trigger with variable speed and immediate throttle response.


  • Temporary battery.
  • More expensive than the budget models.

Most Affordable: Denqir Mini Chainsaw


One of the finest bangs per buck is the Denqir Mini Chainsaw.

You end up getting a couple more extras for the price.

It includes a 4′′ and 6′′ bar, as well as a chain for each (two chains altogether), safety glasses, safety gloves, two batteries, a charger, a wrench, and a case that holds everything securely.

It is suitable for small trees (those with 2 or 3 inch trunks, for example), pruned fruit trees. It can swiftly remove suckers from trees, and perform regular trimming operations.

Even trimming back a large amount of any plant or weed from the garden that spills onto the grass requires only a minute with this saw as opposed to a half-hour by hand.

It looks a little different from the KIMO saw up above, and I believe it could be a little smaller.

We can suggest this one if all you need is a low-cost small cordless chainsaw. It won't endure forever, but for such use cases, it's still fairly excellent.


  • Includes two distinct bars and chains.
  • You may continue trimming for longer with two 21v batteries.
  • Everything is extremely easy to move thanks to the case.
  • It provides excellent value for the money.


  • Possibly smaller than alternative models.
  • The supplied gloves fall short of genuine chainsaw gloves in quality.

Perfect Spare Battery Powered Chainsaw: BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless


The Black+Decker may be a great addition to your collection of outdoor power tools for wood cutting, especially if you live near a forest or have a workshop within your home. With its 10-inch-long, razor-sharp chain bar, this little chainsaw can quickly cut through a 12-inch-diameter log of wood.

Even for beginners, the chainsaw's modest weight of 7 pounds makes it easy to use. Without wearing out your arms or hands, you may cut out designs in snip offshoots because to the lightweight design. In reference to novice users, the Black+Decker chainsaw has a tool-free blade tension mechanism that does away with the requirement for using tools each time the chain blade becomes slack.

The cordless 20V Li-ion battery is still the chainsaw's most useful and eye-catching feature, despite everything. You can take it wherever after it is fully charged without having to bother about chord extensions or gas refills.


  • Lightweight construction for ease of movement.
  • Tool-free chain tightening method for convenient maintenance.
  • Without the need for cable extensions, outdoor use is made easier by cordless Li-ion batteries.
  • The temperature is controlled by the oiling system, which lubricates the chain bar and blade.


  • For demanding work, the low-capacity battery is not appropriate.

Comfortable to Operate: Gocheer 6-inch Cordless Electric Power 


Gocheer's ergonomically built 6-inch tiny portable cordless chainsaw is capable of handling all of your do-it-yourself home improvement jobs. The 550-watt horsepower brushless high-efficiency engine in the chainsaw makes wood blocks seem like butter. Wood logs with a diameter of 5.91 inches may be easily chopped with the sharp chain blade.

The powerful brushless motor with a 2500mAh capacity is powered by 24V batteries. You won't have to worry about the battery running out of juice in the middle of a session because it can operate continuously for up to 60 minutes. And even if you do, you will always have a backup battery available. Additionally, the batteries only need two hours to fully recharge.

The lightweight, portable small chainsaw allows you to operate for the whole 60 minutes without becoming fatigued. For maximum user safety and to offer beginners an opportunity to hone their abilities, this portable chainsaw has a high grip handle with a safety lock.


  • High power is delivered by a pure copper brushless motor for simple cutting.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with high capacity enable continuous work.
  • The chainsaw does not become too hot thanks to efficient heat dissipation.
  • Lightweight construction with a convenient handle.
  • A second safety lock functions as a twofold protection system.


  • No mechanism for lubricating the blades.
  • Not designed for cutting large objects.

Honorable Mentions: Best Mini Chainsaws For You to Consider

Safest Mini Chainsaw - 4-inch Cordless  by Cavigillo


This chainsaw has a high-quality chain and is quite effective. In just ten seconds, it can cut a piece of wood with a diameter of 15 cm. Although the power is up 30%, the power consumption is also around 20% less than that of other battery-powered chainsaws.

This little chainsaw is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 0.7 kg and measuring 13 inches in length. Without having to worry about physical exhaustion, you may simply chop branches over your head; most chainsaws cannot boast with such specs.


  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Contains everything you need in a kit.
  • Long battery life.


  • For left-handed folks, the trigger is challenging to operate.

RLSOO 4-inch Compact Chainsaw with a Battery


This chainsaw has high power due to its pure copper motor and two 24V high-power batteries. Its whole length is 13 inches, yet it barely weighs 2.4 pounds. You may simply move it about the house or yard as needed because it comes with a portable toolbox. It is delivered assembled and prepared for usage which is not always the case for cordless chainsaws.


  • Ideal for gardening trimming or chopping wood.
  • Will fit tasks like cutting branches.
  • Young people and women can use it with ease.


  • Depending on the size of your hands, pressing the lock and switch buttons simultaneously might be challenging.

Safest Option: 6-Inch Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit from Yalaghon


This chainsaw can cut significantly thicker materials than the 4-inch ones because it is 6 inches long. It's simple to hold thanks to the non-slip grip. The handy lock button aids in preventing mistakes or accidents.


  • Robust and resistant to wear.
  • No upkeep necessary.


  • Battery charging can be time-consuming.

Best Mini Chainsaw Cordless 10-inch Ryobi - Editor's Pick


Our smaller chainsaw costs a little extra and weighs 5.8 pounds more than the other battery-powered chainsaws on this list. Still, it is lighter than the typical chainsaw. The battery life on this powerful yet lightweight device lasts a very long period. Can cut material up to 7 inches thick, suitable for minor applications.


  • Strong system.
  • Easy chain maintenance and extended chain life with a push-button oiler.


  • Battery and charger are not included, thus they must be purchased separately.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Pick: 6-inch Mini Cordless Chainsaw by Bierdorf


It comes with two battery packs and a motor made of pure copper. About 50% longer battery life than comparable chainsaw manufacturers. Accidental starts are stopped with a safety switch. It is manageable and only weighs 3.3 pounds.


  • Utilizable with just one hand.
  • Great cutting speed.
  • The silicone non-slip handle is well-equipped.


  • The motor may overheat if there is no automated motor safety cut down.

Best Seller: Greenworks Cordless Mini Chainsaw


This tiny saw is a terrific illustration of why we love Greenworks power tools so much. Its simple design makes it ideal for beginners, and the 10-inch bar's outstanding cutting power adds to its appeal.

It is simple to manipulate and maneuver while you work thanks to the large top handle and the thick, rubberized back handle. The detailed user manual that comes with the saw is another good feature; it not only explains how the equipment operates but also illustrates chainsawing techniques so you can use it efficiently—and, more importantly, safely.


  • Battery functioning without fading.
  • Operation is comparatively calm.


  • Possibly too large for people with little room.
  • Medium cutting speed.

Cheap & User-Friendly: POTENCO Mini Chainsaw


There are many extras included with this small saw, including a set of work gloves for a comfortable, secure grip. Although its 4-inch blade is still sufficient to handle challenging pruning chores or brush piles this might be an excellent solution for individuals who don't feel comfortable using a larger saw.

It also has a backup battery, which is something we always value and enables you to charge one while using the other. Additionally, it is much simpler to reach awkward spaces where larger saws wouldn't fit. Another useful element that illuminates your workstation and lowers the risk of an accident is the integrated light.


  • Runtime of 50 minutes.
  • Rubberized grip.
  • Fast cutting speed.


  • Not big enough for jobs requiring a lot of work

Best Overall: DeWalt 12" Mini Saw


This powerful 12-inch model still maintains a small footprint and uses a 5.0Ah battery, which will last much longer than the 2.0Ah versions you'll find in most other tools. It is one of the closest alternatives to a traditional chainsaw. 

It's not the most affordable electric chainsaw available and may be overkill for some, but if you have a lot of work to do, this durable, high-quality tool could be a great fit. 

One of the nicest features is a chain brake that works like charm. Just keep the chain lubricated. 


  • No-brush motor.
  • Commercial Grade.
  • Knob for securing bars.
  • Fast chain speed.
  • Smooth cutting.
  • Chain stop mechanism.


  • Relative weight.
  • Expensive

Best for Control: Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHETT


This little chainsaw from Milwaukee features a second handle for added stability; not all miniature chainsaws can be operated just with one hand.

Even though you can use this chainsaw with just one hand, there is an additional grip for times you need a little more support.

The battery lasts for a long time, but the oil reservoir is fairly tiny, so you'll have to replenish the oil a few times per battery charge. The Milwaukee brand has a reputation for making long-lasting, well-designed tools. It costs money, but you pay for piece of mind and a quality tool.

If you appreciate high-quality goods from a reputable company, this saw is something you should think about buying.


  • Longer battery life.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Added grip for improved control.


  • Small oil reserve requires frequent topping up.
  • Expensive.
  • Not all Milwaukee tools are compatible with M12 batteries.



This sturdy Ryobi 8-inch is one of the small electric chainsaws that make trimming branches around the house a breeze, as well as pruning trees.


  • Lightweight
  • Oil-Free
  • Smaller size reduces fatigue
  • Smooth cutting


  • Kickback danger
  • Leakage danger

This one was designed as a good small electric chainsaw. You will never feel exhausted after using it, even for hours.

It has an 8-inch bar and chain, making it the largest tool on our list, and its oil-free function makes maintenance a breeze. Because it is lightweight and small, you can simply store it and move it about your garden.

Ryobi offers an 18V platform of over 255 items, thus this tool is compatible with all batteries and chargers within the platform. This chainsaw contains a SAFE-T-TIP that you have to install before using it to prevent mishaps.

Consider purchasing it if you're seeking a sturdy instrument that will make it simple for you to trim limbs around your household and prune trees easily. Just keep the chain lubricated at all times to ensure proper work. 

All in All: High-Quality Picks

Cordless mini chainsaws are perfect for light-duty tasks like pruning trees and trimming branches around the house. They're lightweight, easy to maneuver, and oil-free, making them low-maintenance tools.

In this article, we've considered 14 items that will surely help you with your trimming and wood-cutting tasks. Our favorite picks from this selection were the DeWalt 12" Mini Saw, 6-inch Mini Cordless Chainsaw by Bierdorf and 10-inch powerful tool by Ryobi

If you're looking for a small electric chainsaw that's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of maintenance, a cordless mini chainsaw is a tool for you. Just be sure to keep the chain lubricated at all times to prevent kickbacks and ensure smooth operation. Thanks for reading!

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