Best Subwoofer for Car: Top 2022 List + Buyer's Guide

15 Sep 2022 Goods
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If you're looking for the best car subwoofer, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about car subwoofers before making your purchase. We'll also be providing a list of the top 10 best car subwoofers on the market right now. So whether you're a bass-head who loves feeling the thump of your music or you just want to improve your car's sound system, read on for all the info you need!


Car Subwoofers Types

Consider these important specifications while shopping for a car subwoofer that fits your needs:

  • The size

It is a never-ending question regarding woofer size. You must take into account sensitivity, enclosure type, and available power in order to answer this difficult question. If space is not an issue and your ultimate goal is to have a system that sounds loudly and lowly, choose the largest subs. However, don't disregard minor subscribers. Smaller subs can produce a lot of sounds when powered properly and placed in the appropriate enclosure.

  • Impedance rating

After selecting a subwoofer, search for amplifiers with power ratings and impedance that are comparable to your sub. You shouldn't have any trouble locating an amp that will enhance the performance of the sub you've picked because there are many different amps available.

  • Frequency range

But keep in mind that a variety of factors, like the construction of the box the sub is mounted in, can affect the sub's real performance.

  • The type of enclosure

The type of enclosure a subwoofer is put in will have a significant impact on the sort of sound it produces. Generally speaking, bandpasses and ported enclosures provide more loudness, but sealed boxes provide the deepest, most accurate sound.

  • Power specifications

Consider this feature if you want a system that really booms. RMS power ratings are important; peak power ratings are irrelevant. RMS ratings are far more practical than peak power ratings since they evaluate continuous power handling or output. Verify that the sub can at least handle the output power of your amplifier.

  • Sensitivity

This characteristic must be combined with power. To create the same quantity of sound as a model with a lower sensitivity rating, a subwoofer with a greater sensitivity rating needs less power.

  • Number of voice coils

Dual voice coil (DVC) subwoofers use two distinct voice coils, each with its own connections, mounted on one cylinder, connected to a shared cone, as opposed to conventional subwoofers, which only have a single voice coil.

Best Subwoofer for Car: Our Top Picks

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best subwoofers for cars on the market, based on customer reviews and ratings.

Great Sound Option: S-Series Alpine S-W12D4 Subwoofers


With the Alpine S-W12D4 S-Series, enjoy the amazing sound. To ensure maximum sound, this car subwoofer has two 4-ohm voice coils and a pulp cone reinforced with Kevlar. They have a frequency response of 26-200 Hz, and each coil is capable of handling 300 watts of power.

The sound quality of these subwoofers is amazing, especially if you acquire the entire Alpine system.


  • Good customer service.
  • 600 watts RMS.
  • Excellent sound.


  • Not the most easiest to mount option.

Deepest Bass Pick: The JBL Basspro Hub


With the JBL Basspro Hub, you can get strong, deep bass. car subwoofer has a 200W RMS power output and a bass boost that provides even deeper lows. They claim that the 200W RMS sound produced by the Class D amplifier "rattles your rearview mirror." It will provide rich bass, minimal distortion, and no artifacts for an unmatched audio experience. No matter your hearing level, it includes temperature and current protection as well.

The installation of this model is undoubtedly its most notable feature. Your spare tire's hub can be used right there, conserving space. You also receive a wired remote control that allows you to customize your driving experience by changing the sound.


  • It performs with deep, strong bass.
  • Operates cooler than other subwoofers.
  • Greatly adjustable.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not the most compact option.

Ultimate Bundle: Dual SDR Series Subwoofer Bass Package from Skar Audio


This all-in-one bundle was made with great bass in mind. You may be confident that this subwoofer produces superb and potent performance with a peak output of 2,400 watts.

Two SDR subwoofers are included in the system, and they are pre-wired for quick installation and setup. High-quality audio is produced by the Class D monoblock amplifier with 1,200 watts.

Not to mention how stylish this car subwoofer is! Every single car trip will become the road trip of your dreams thanks to their svelte and fashionable appearance, which fits well inside any vehicle.


  • Sleek and fashionable appearance.
  • Complete kit.
  • Suitable for bass.


  • Not the most budget-friendly option.

Perfect Sound Quality: Rockford Fosgate P300


One of the best automobile subwoofers available is the Rockford Fosgate P300 12" subwoofer. It consists mainly of a subwoofer in a loaded enclosure made of 5/8" MDF material for low resonance and a closed-loop design that assures the woofer, amplifier, and enclosure all operate at their best. The subwoofer has 12 AWG input connections and separate low-level and speaker-level inputs.

This car subwoofer has a good frequency output range of 35 Hz to 150 Hz and employs a Class D amplifier with 300 watts RMS. We liked that the car subwoofer also includes a remote bass-level control, making it simple to change the bass settings. It measures 15" x 19.8" x 11" and has a sealed enclosure for precise and powerful bass reproduction. The Rockford Fosgate P300 is a superb subwoofer for automobile audio systems and is highly recommended.

The P300 is simply a 12" subwoofer with an integrated Class D amplifier that delivers 300 watts RMS with a 35 Hz to 150 Hz frequency response. The P300's bass gives a lot of depth to a variety of musical genres, particularly electronic dance music and rock with deeper bass layers. It hits forcefully and does not muddy into the midrange frequencies.


  • A sealed enclosure produces precise, tight bass.
  • Control for remote bass volume.
  • Controls for the crossover, bass, and gain are movable.
  • Price.


  • To the typical user, many features could seem superfluous.
  • Some users reported burning fuses or melting boxes.

Best For Small Cars: RWS12CA Slim 1200 Rockville


The Rockville thin is an all-in-one amplifier and speaker set that is ideal for spaces with limited room, such as beneath the seat of most pickup trucks. It has an adjustable low-pass crossover, a movable bass boost, and a remote bass volume control.

Although power ratings of 1200 watts peak and 300 watts RMS are commonly stated, industry experts caution against taking these numbers at face value. The best results will be obtained by a tiny vehicle or a large vehicle with a small cab, such as a normal or extended cab truck.


  • An integrated speaker and amplifier.
  • Has a remote volume control for the bass.
  • Mounting behind seats is possible in most pickups with a 6.65-inch maximum depth.


  • Not advised for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • To connect 12 volts and audio, some understanding of wiring is necessary.
  • Not recommended for individuals who want powerful, chest-thumping bass.

Most Versatile: The MTX Audio 5512-44 5500


The 12" bass speaker from MTX audio, according to Music Critic's list of the greatest bass speakers. The speaker is equipped with a dual 4-ohm woofer with MTX's Spider Plateau Venting to keep it cool and free of distortion when used at high volumes. The venting ensures that warm air is kept away from the voice coil, which is crucial for maintaining the speaker's peak performance.

this car subwoofer has a narrower than standard roll surround, and an inverted apex surround. As a result, the cone's surface area increases, allowing the speaker to move more air.

It was undoubtedly deliberately created. The heat-sink mechanism enables a very effective cooling system by allowing the speaker to absorb heat from the voice coil and then send it out via the backplate.


  • Dual 4-ohm woofer.
  • Thermal management.
  • Spider plateau venting.
  • 400W RMS power.


  • The installation needs some caution.

Most Powerful Subwoofer: Dual 12-inch Solo-Baric L7R Kicker


Many of the subwoofers created by the well-known manufacturer Kicker have found their way into factory stereos.

According to Kicker, the square speaker drivers are 20% louder than a round driver, and the front-facing port also increases volume.

This this car subwoofer accurately represents what it will do to your eardrums and the windows of oncoming vehicles.


  • Kicker quality and brand.
  • Extremely loud bass.
  • Powerful subwoofer for all kinds of vehicles.
  • Internal bracing and a sturdy box construction.


  • An external amplifier is necessary but not included.
  • Price.
  • Size.

Highly Adjustable: TNE212D from the MTX Audio Terminator Series


The single unit houses a pair of 12-inch subwoofers, and the design allows for a multitude of permanent or temporary mounting options. For example, the sub is easily placed in a trunk and wired to your amp.

MTX made its name with mobile subwoofers, so it's no surprise that their Audio Terminator Series TNE212D made it to the top of our list.


  • Great bass feeling.
  • Two 12-inch rubber-encased poly-cone subwoofers.
  • Made of 5/8-inch MDF and covered in aviation-grade carpet.


  • A few buyers expressed their displeasure at obtaining a faulty product.

Widest Range Option: Pioneer's TS-SW2502S4


The combination of its compact size, big volume, and affordable price make it a superb choice for bass aficionados. It is also a very versatile speaker thanks to its top-mount depth of just 3 1/8", so you can install it just about anywhere in your car to produce bass of the great quality.

It does more than simply give volume; it also has a wide frequency range between 10 kHz and 125 kHz, so you can hear a wide variety of low-end sounds.


  • Low cost.
  • Resin cone.
  • Top-mount depth of 3 1/8".
  • Double bass frequencies.


  • A few buyers found the bass to be not as strong.

Best Compact Pick: Kenwood's KSC-SW11


This car subwoofer by Kenwood is a fantastic option if all you're looking for is a sub that works well and boosts your bass. Because of its modest profile, it won't take up much room in your automobile. Even better, you can slide it under one of the seats. The speaker comes in a highly sturdy casing, thus its small size has no effect on its resilience. It provides 75w of RMS power and 150w of peak power, to give you an idea of the statistics.

Installation is a cinch because all you have to do is wire it into your head unit after connecting it to your car's battery. The usage is just as simple as the installation. It has a remote control so you may change the volume while driving.

You can expect long-term performance, as with all Kenwood products. Due to its small size, you could even use two of these subwoofers, perhaps one each underneath the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Together, you would get bass that would shake the ground but wouldn't cost you a fortune because this speaker is so inexpensive. Although it might not have the same power as some of the larger speakers, you will benefit from its much smaller size.


  • Compact.
  • All-in-one car audio system.
  • Construction of the highest caliber.
  • Simple car audio setup'.
  • Extremely defined bass.


  • Some people find the bass to be too narrow on some volumes.

Beginner's Choice: Kicker 44DCWC122 Car Subwoofer


A very versatile automobile subwoofer that produces excellent bass is the Kicker 44DCWC122.

It includes an amplifier and wiring kit to get you started with installing the subwoofer in your car and improves sound quality overall.

A 12" 1200 watt vented subwoofer with an MDF enclosure makes up this vehicle subwoofer. It is designed to fit inside your automobile. This car subwoofer features a 1200-watt maximum power and a 600-watt RMS output.

The MDF cabinet of the subwoofer has rounded edges, a twin enclosure for the woofers, and internal bracing for robustness and durability. The woofers have a 2-ohm impedance and a lightweight polypropylene cone with a robust polyurethane surround with ribs to prevent bending and distortion.

We also appreciated that the car subwoofer included a wire kit and audio amplifier, both of which are necessary for setting up the subwoofer. Overall, we think the Kicker 44DCWC122 is a great reliable, and adaptable car subwoofer and we heartily endorse it.


  • Included amplifier and wiring kit.
  • Powerful bass.
  • Good value for the money.


  • Some buyers found the instructions to be confusing.

Durable Pick: Dual Electronics BP 1204


This system has two powerful subwoofers that produce studio-quality sound. You receive an RMS power of 600w at a 4-ohm impedance level from each speaker, which has a 12" diameter and a combined peak power output of an astounding 1,100w.

Due to the specific tune port that is built into them and contains 2.5 voice coils and cones that have been brushed with metal, they also offer increased output capabilities.

It's not just the speakers that are high-quality; their enclosure is also made from a high-grade, extra-strength MDF, and it's been carpeted to improve the sound quality because there won't be any unwanted rattling. We think that this looks great, too bad most drivers will need to hide them away in the trunk of their car, but it's more important that you like the speakers than it is that you can see the ventilated control circuitry inside them.


  • Dual 12" bandpass subwoofers.
  • Dual voice coils.
  • Carpeted enclosure with reinforced construction.
  • An easy-to-install crossover built right in.
  • Power ratings of 600 watts RMS and 1,100 watts peak.


  • May be too large for some cars.

Budget-Friendly Pick: 8-inch car subwoofer from BOSS Audio Systems


Sold individually, the Boss CXX series subwoofers require a custom enclosure or the knowledge to remove and replace an existing stock or blown speaker, including impedance matching. On the other hand, the low price makes it perfect for beginners, experimental builds, or for other custom uses outside the realm of vehicle audio.


  • Reasonable price point.
  • Available in sizes of 8-, 10-, and 12-inches for a range of applications.
  • Rubber surround and sturdy polypropylene cone.
  • A few customers report problems at power levels below rated.
  • Needs a unique self-install.

Best Car Subwoofers: In A Nutshell

When looking for the best subwoofer for your car, it is important to consider not only the sound quality but also how well the subwoofer will be able to handle the power of your amplifier.

If you want an excellent sound: The Alpine S-W12D4 S-Series Subwoofers are a great option because they have two 4-ohm voice coils and a frequency response of 26-200 Hz. They are also capable of handling 300 watts of power each. If you are looking for an amazing sound experience in your car, then these subwoofers should definitely be at the top of your list.

If you need a deep bass option: The JBL Basspro Hub is an excellent subwoofer for your car. It provides deep bass and can be installed easily in your spare tire's hub. You also receive a wired remote control that allows you to customize your driving experience by changing the sound.

If you want a great bundle: Dual SDR Series Subwoofer is an all-in-one bundle was made with great bass in mind. The subwoofers included are pre-wired for quick installation and setup, and they produce high-quality audio.

If you need the best quality of bass: The Rockford Fosgate P300 is one of the best subwoofers on the market for cars. It has a great frequency response range, 300 watts RMS, and an integrated Class D amplifier.

If you are looking for a versatile option: The MTX audio 12" bass speaker is one of the best on the market, due to its cooling system and Spider Plateau Venting. The speaker can handle high volumes without distortion, making it perfect for car enthusiasts who want to feel the bass in their vehicles.

If you need a decent starter set: The Kicker 44DCWC122 is a great 12" vented subwoofer that can be installed in most cars. It has an amplifier and wiring kit included, making it easy to set up. This car subwoofer produces excellent bass and is very versatile. We highly recommend the Kicker 44DCWC122 for anyone looking for a good quality car subwoofer.

Overall, the best car subwoofer is the one that meets your specific needs and preferences. Consider the size of your car, the amount of power you want to output, and the type of music you enjoy listening to when making your decision. With so many great options on the market, you are sure to find the perfect subwoofer for your car.

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