Best Drill Press for Metal 2023: Our Top Picks + A Comprehensive Guide

09 Jan 2023 Goods
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What Is A Drill Press?

Drill presses are stationary tools that have a greater range of speeds and more accurate adjustments. They also come with different types of tables, clamps, and guards to keep you safe while using them. There are many models out there that can handle metal materials but not all of them are the same.

A drill press that is specifically designed for working with metal will be able to provide more torque and have a greater range of speed. This means it can easily handle larger bits, which will make your job of drilling through the metal much easier.

Drill Press for Metal: Types To Choose From

There are two main types of drill presses for metal: benchtop and floor models.

  • Benchtop models are more affordable, but they have a smaller motor, fewer speed options, and a limited range of functions. They also don’t have as much power as the floor models. However, they are great for those who don’t need to do a lot of heavy-duty work and are looking for a more affordable option.
  • Floor models, on the other hand, have a larger motor and more speed options. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty drilling jobs, such as metalworking or woodworking. They also tend to be more expensive than benchtop models but they are worth the investment They also come with more options, such as adjustable table height, different speed settings, and more.

What To Consider Choosing A Drill Press for Metal


When looking for the best drill press for metal, it is important to consider the size of the motor and the range of speed options. Additionally, you should look into features such as adjustable table height, variable speed settings, and more. 

  • The size of the motor is one of the most important considerations when you are looking for a drill press for metal. The larger the motor, the more powerful it will be and the better it will perform with tougher materials.
  • The range of speeds is also important as this will determine how quickly and efficiently you can complete your tasks. Most models have adjustable speed settings, so you can choose the speed that works best for your job.
  • Other features to consider include adjustable table height, drilling depth, and more. These features will help ensure that you get precise results every time.
  • Adjustable table height is important as this will help make drilling easier and more accurate. It is also a great safety feature, as you won’t have to worry about your hand being in the way when you’re working with larger bits.
  • Adjustable drill depth is another great feature to have as this will help you get consistent results every time. It is also a great safety feature, as it prevents incidental over-drilling of the material.

These are just some of the features that you should look for when choosing the best drill press for metal. Make sure to do your research and choose the model that has the features you need and fits within your budget. This way, you can make an informed decision on which model is right for your needs.

Best Drill Press for Metal: Our Top Picks

With the right drill press, you can complete all of your metalworking projects with ease and accuracy. Take the time to research different models and find one that meets all of your requirements.

Here are some of our top picks for the best drill press for metal.

Best Overall: WEN 4208T 2.3-Amp 8-Inch 5-Speed


One of the least expensive drill presses we evaluated is this one from WEN. Its specifications are comparable to versions costing twice as much. For instance, you have a choice of 5 speeds between 740 and 3,140 RPM. For drilling many holes with the same depth, a locking depth adjustment is also available.

Drilling operations are made stable by the cast iron framework. Contains 4 internal mounting holes for firmly attaching the vise to a drill press table. You can only deal with tiny materials with this tool since the spindle travel is about 2 inches. Additionally, because of how light it is, it vibrates more than other of the devices we examined.

It has a 2-inch spindle travel, an 8-inch swing, and a 2.3A induction motor. 6.5 by 6.5-inch height-adjustable worktable with 45-degree bevels on both sides. This tool will fit neatly on your bench without taking up all of your space because of its small size.


  • 5-speed settings.
  • Affordable.
  • Tiltable worktable.


  • Vibration issues.
  • Small size limits versatility.

Top-Notch Pick: JET JDP-17, 17-Inch Drill Press


This tool is really well-made and feels and looks like a high-end product. The precision-ground, larger worktable that tilts 90 degrees in both directions, for example, makes this clear. Twin T-slot grooves and four table slots are included on the 14" x 19" precision-ground work table.

The Jet JDP-17 Drill Press is a hefty machine weighing in at 198 pounds. However, it also means that you can drill deeper holes and deal with bigger materials because of the amazing 5-inch stroke length that can be achieved with only one handle turn.

The power switch has a wide, paddle-style off button and a safety key. Built-in depth stop and adjustable speed control are also available. With cast-iron construction and a powerful 1.5 HP motor, this tool can tackle metals with ease.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Precision-ground work table.
  • Also comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Heavyweight and not easily portable.

Extremely Versatile: Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press


This drill press's ability to be transformed into an oscillating sander in a matter of seconds without the need for any equipment makes it special. The drill press comes equipped with everything you need. 250-3050 RPM range and a 1/2-inch chuck that can handle the most demanding metalworking jobs.

This machine has 314 inches of spindle travel, which is not bad, but there are many smaller machines with more spindle travel, not to mention the very expensive price you're paying for this one, so you're giving up a lot of room for that.

This tool is designed to provide high-precision drilling results with its heavy cast iron construction and VFD motor control system. The Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press never has to worry about being underpowered thanks to its strong 34-horsepower (HP) engine. Its 12 spindle speeds, which range from 250 to 3,050 RPM, let you precisely adjust the size of your holes.


  • Can be used as a drill press and sander.
  • High-precision drilling results.
  • Heavy cast iron construction.


  • Limited spindle travel.

All-In-One Option: NOVA DVR Drill Press (58000 Voyager)


Amazing software, with digital speed readout and control and digital quill depth reading . It has a powerful motor that packs quite a punch, and it’s very easy to use. This drill press can be used for metalworking, woodworking, and even small CNC projects.

50-5500 rpm variable speed range for a number of purposes (default is 50-3000rpm, option in settings to increase to 5500Rpm) and an adjustable depth stop. The powerful motor is capable of handling almost anything you throw at it, including metalworking and woodworking projects.

The Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press comes with a digital readout for spindle speed and quill depth, making it very easy to adjust the settings according to your project. The direct-drive DVR motor has enough power to handle heavier materials, and the speed range is wide enough for a variety of applications.


  • Powerful motor and direct drive DVR motor.
  • Digital readout for spindle speed & quill depth.
  • 50-5500 rpm variable speed range.


  • Expensive.

Budget Option: YEEZUGO Floor Drill Press Stand Table for Drill


Much less expensive than buying a whole drill press. All the functions needed for a full-size drill press stand are included in this drill press stand. Three different-size collar inserts are included with the stand to accommodate smaller drills, and the drill collar may be modified to fit a range of instruments.

With the reducing bush that is included, this heavy-duty drill stand is designed to fit power drills with collar diameters ranging from 38mm to 43mm (1.4/8" to 1.7"). With the help of this drill stand, precise drilling may be done on surfaces, rounded workpieces, and boards.

It includes a strong column bar, slots in the base for a machine vice, and four clamping points for securely fixing to your worktable. Additionally, it has a depth adjustment scale and stops with a scale ring that can be adjusted, allowing you to precisely select the drilling depth to the very last millimeter.


  • Heavy-duty drill stand.
  • Fits power drills with collar diameters ranging from 38mm to 43mm.
  • Four clamping points for securely fixing it to your worktable.
  • Depth adjustment scale and stops with a scale ring that can be adjusted.


  • Not as powerful or versatile as more expensive options.

Editor's Pick: MINIQ Bench Drill Stand 1050W


By turning the rocker's arm, into an additional scale display, you can precisely regulate the height of the head by moving it up and down. 1050W high-power motor with full copper, motor independent design, and gear rotation.

The use of models, wood boards, plastic sheets, aluminum and composite panels, thin metal, circuit boards, resin panels, precision hard material machining, and other non-specific drilling is widespread. Compared to hand-held drills, it is more accurate and simpler to operate. It may be used in the home, or workshop, by hobbyists, jewelers, woodworkers, mechanics, and artists and craftspeople.

This tool is excellent for little and accurate work since it allows you to drill exact holes. It also has an adjustable depth stop and a scale ring that can be adjusted, allowing you to precisely select the drilling depth.


  • 1050W high-power motor with full copper.
  • Motor independent design and gear rotation.
  • Adjustable depth stop and scale ring for precise selection of drilling depth.


  • May be difficult to use for beginners.

Good Value: WEN 4212T 5-Amp 10-Inch Variable Speed Cast Iron Benchtop Drill Press


Simple to use Adjustable table height with a rack and pinion system makes it easy to adjust the table height for your precise drilling needs. The powerful 4.1-amp motor and five speeds (570, 1100, 1720, 2340, 3140 RPM) make this a great tool for metalworking projects.

This Genesis 5-speed drill press has a big 5/8-inch chuck that can accommodate large bits. The 10-inch benchtop model won't take up a lot of room in your workplace.

The integrated LED work light is a welcome addition. Additionally, the 4.1-amp induction motor produces plenty of power. Simply said, it's not very useful in this dubious bundle.


  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable table height
  • LED work light


  • Noise levels can be quite high.

Best Drill Press for Metal: Our Conclusions

A drill press can become a vital tool in any shop. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, having the right drill press is important to ensure accuracy and efficiency. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best drill press for metal including power, speed range, digital readouts, and adjustable depth stops.

When choosing a drill press for the metalworking, it's important to consider the features and capabilities of each model. You'll want a powerful motor with variable speed control, an adjustable depth stop, accurate readouts for spindle speed and quill depth, and a durable construction that will stand up to the rigors of metalworking.

Our #1 pick is WEN 4208T 2.3-Amp 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press. This drill press offers precision and accuracy while drilling through tough metals with its 5 different speeds from 740 to 3140 RPM, 2.3-amp motor, and adjustable depth stop. Additionally, it has a table swivels up to 45 degrees for angled drilling and an LED readout for spindle speed.

Another great contender is MINIQ Bench Drill Stand 1050W. This tool has an adjustable depth stop, LED readout for spindle speed, and 1050 watt high-power motor with full copper. It's great for small and precise work since it allows you to drill exact holes in a variety of materials to suit your needs.

Ultimately, when selecting the best drill press for metal, you must consider your needs and preferences. We hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision in choosing the right drill press for metal. Happy drilling!

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