Best Tires for Subaru Crosstrek: 2023 Top Options With An Expert Guide

11 Jan 2023 Goods
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Subaru Crosstrek

Picking Tires for a Subaru Crosstrek: What To Look At?

When selecting tires for your Subaru Crosstrek, there are several things to consider. Some of these factors include tire size, speed rating, load rating, tread pattern and design, and materials used in construction.

  • Tire Size: The size of the tire is important because it determines how much contact your vehicle has with road surfaces. You’ll need to make sure you get the correct size tires for your Crosstrek as this will ensure a smoother ride and better handling.
  • Speed Rating: The speed rating of the tire you choose should be adequate for the kind of driving you to do. This will depend on how often and how fast you drive, as well as what kinds of roads and weather conditions you’re likely to encounter.
  • Load Rating: The load rating is important because it determines how much weight your tires can carry. If you expect to carry heavier loads in your Crosstrek, then you’ll need tires with a higher load rating.
  • Tread Pattern and Design: The tread pattern and design of your tires will also play an important role in your driving experience. Tires with a more aggressive tread pattern will provide better grip on slippery surfaces, while those with softer tread or less aggressive patterns will provide improved fuel efficiency.
  • Materials Used in Construction: The materials used in the construction of your tires can also have an impact on their performance. Some materials are better suited for different types of road surfaces, so make sure to do your homework when selecting tires.

Should I Consider Tire Pressure for Subaru Crosstrek?

Subaru Crosstrek1

Yes, tire pressure is important for your Subaru Crosstrek. Properly inflated tires can help improve fuel efficiency and handling, while also reducing the risk of a blowout. It’s recommended you check your tire pressure at least once a month to ensure they are within the manufacturer’s recommended levels.

  • Touring tires usually have higher pressure than other tires, so make sure to check the specifications of your tires to find out what the right tire pressure should be.
  • High performance tires typically require more frequent checking of your tire pressure as they tend to lose it more quickly. Also, if you’re planning on going off-road in your Crosstrek, then make sure to adjust your tire pressures accordingly.
  • All season tires are also a popular option for Subaru Crosstrek owners. They provide good traction and performance in all weather conditions, but you’ll need to check the tread wear rating of the tire before selecting them as they don’t typically last as long as other types of tires.
  • Finally, winter tires are essential if you live in an area that receives snow or frequent cold weather. These tires are designed to provide better traction on icy roads and can be a lifesaver in the winter months.

No matter which type of tire you choose for your Subaru Crosstrek, make sure to do your research so that you end up with the right ones for your needs.

How To Choose Off Road Tires for Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru Crosstrek4

When it comes to off-roading, you’ll want to make sure you get the right tires for your Subaru Crosstrek. Off road tires are designed to provide better traction and durability in off-road conditions, so it’s important that you choose the ones that best suit your vehicle and driving needs.

  • First of all, take into account the type of terrain you expect to traverse. Are you planning on off-roading in mud, sand, or rocks? Make sure to choose tires that have strong sidewalls and a tread pattern suited for the terrain you will be driving over.
  • The size of your tire is also important. Off road tires are typically larger than standard tires and can provide additional ground clearance and better handling in off-road conditions.
  • Finally, make sure to select tires with a higher load rating if you plan on carrying heavier loads in your Crosstrek. Off road tires tend to have a lower speed rating, so it’s important that you stick to the speed limit when driving with them.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can select the best tires for your off-road adventures in your Subaru Crosstrek. With the right tires, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and enjoyable off-roading experience.

Best Tires for Subaru Crosstrek: Our Top Picks

Now that you know the things to consider when selecting tires for your Crosstrek, it’s time to get expert advice on which ones are best suited for your needs. Here are some of the top 2023 options for Subaru Crosstrek tires.

Best Overall: CONTINENTAL TrueContact Tour Performance Radial Tire

radial tire

Continental's Tuned Performance Indicators, which are embedded in the tread of the tire, warn the driver when the tire is no longer operating at its best under Dry, Wet, or Snow (DWS) conditions. When it's time to verify the alignment of the car, the Alignment Verification System alerts the driver.

With a 27% improvement in wear and increased robustness, Continental took the market-leading True Contact and made it even better to produce the True Contact Tour. The prestigious EcoPlus Technology from Continental, which enhances treadwear and fuel economy throughout the course of the tire, contributes to cost savings.

With the 1356 pounds load capacity, this tire is perfect for those who need to carry heavy loads in the Crosstrek. The tread design of this tire also provides excellent stability and traction, making it a great choice for off-roading as well.


  • Excellent tread life.
  • Exceptional traction and stability.
  • Great for carrying heavy loads.
  • Optimal performance in wet, dry, and snow conditions.


  • Might not fit harsher roads.

Best Balance: MICHELIN Defender2 All-Season Tire

all-season tire

In a treadwear test, the MICHELIN Defender2 tire outlasted the three top competitors by up to 25,000 miles and may provide two more years of treadlife. The steering is fairly quick and crisp on dry roadways. The ride is very stable—the finest on the market.

A 6-year standard limited warranty and an 80,000-mile manufacturer's treadwear guarantee are offered for the MICHELIN Defender 2 tire. On slick roads, the product performs the best. While side grooves provide grip throughout the ride, wide grooves keep water off the tire surface.

These all-season tires are entirely developed to provide longer tread life and provide stopping power so you can drive with confidence in every weather.


  • Exceptional tread life.
  • Excellent traction and stability in wet and snow conditions.
  • Great for all season driving.
  • Quick steering response.


  • May be slightly more expensive than other tires.

Highest Performance: Falken WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL All Terrain Tire

falken tire

Compared to a conventional all-season tire, the 3D Canyon Sipe Technology and greater tread depth provide better winter grip. On tricky sand and muddy roads, it has a firm and anti-slip grip. Because of such, I had no unpleasant or dangerous encounters when off-roading with Falken.

The performance of the tire is more stable on slick and rainy surfaces. The smooth lines on the tire's surface are gorgeous. Because of the smart construction, hardly any hydrolysis occurred throughout my trip on the slick roads.

65,000-mile limited manufacturer's tread life warranty included, as well as a special 30-day trial. Due to their aggressive treads, the Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires will provide better off-road traction in loose gravel and mud. The shoulder blocks on the tires are larger than normal, which improves cornering performance on dry roads.


  • Excellent traction and stability in wet, dry, and off-roading conditions.
  • Great cornering performance on dry roads.
  • Long tread life.
  • Stable performance in snow and rain.


  • Tires may be slightly noisy.

Low Maintenance: Firestone Destination LE3 Highway Terrain SUV Tire

highway tire

Consistent performance throughout life's tread is one of the most important features of these Firestone tires. It provides an enhance comfortable ride due to its low noise and smooth handling capabilities.

The tire also offers excellent performance on wet pavement combined with a strong grip in snow and other harsh weather conditions, thanks to its full-depth sipes and circumferential grooves. It offers a wonderful driving experience on dry roads. Throughout a protracted testing phase, the Destination LE3 never abruptly lost momentum.

Along with enhancing overall performance, Firestone is concentrating on enhancing ride quality. And the firm has been successful in all of its endeavors.


  • Excellent grip in snow and other harsh conditions.
  • Longer tread life.
  • Low noise for a comfortable ride.
  • Smooth handling capabilities.


  • May not provide great off-roading performance.

Great Ride Quality: Mastercraft Stratus AP All-Terrain Tire

mastercraft tire

When it comes to all-terrain tires, the Mastercraft Stratus AP offers an unbeatable balance of performance and ride comfort. The tire's subtle tread pattern blends well into its sidewalls and features wide circumferential grooves that are designed to efficiently evacuate water away from the tire.

Advanced all-season tread design along with optimized tread patterns ensures that the tire stays rooted to the road, no matter what the condition is. With a higher number of sipes and biting edges, you can have full assurance of grip on slippery surfaces.

The Mastercraft Stratus AP also offers great stability and handling in dry conditions as well as excellent noise reduction for a comfortable ride. 50,000 mile treadwear protection warranty comes with these tires for an extended life.


  • Excellent grip on wet and dry roads.
  • High stability in dry conditions.
  • Low noise for a comfortable ride.
  • Longer treadwear protection warranty.
  • Optimized tread patterns for better performance.


  • Might not cope with very wet snow.

Reliable Traction: Starfire Solarus AP All-Season Tire

starfire tire

Mud and snow rated, the Starfire Solarus AP all-season tire offers reliable traction in both wet and dry conditions. Its wide grooves provide efficient water evacuation, while its symmetric tread pattern ensures a comfortable ride. The circumferential grooves have been designed to give maximum bite on slippery surfaces.

A quiet ride is also ensured by the tire’s optimized tread pattern, which helps reduce road noise. The special wear-resistant rubber compound used in its construction gives it long-term durability and an extended life of 65,000 miles.

All-purpose and all-season traction is enhanced by the four circumferential grooves, which help disperse water and provide good traction in slushy conditions. The tire also provides excellent handling and cornering stability on dry roads.


  • Excellent traction in wet, dry, and slushy conditions.
  • Quiet ride with optimized tread pattern.
  • Low road noise for a comfortable ride.
  • Great cornering stability on dry roads.
  • Extended life of 65,000 miles.


  • Might not provide great performance on rocks.

For Severe Conditions: VIKING CONTACT 7 Winter Tires

viking tire

In the area of snow, the product's longitudinal traction is the best. Additionally, the braking distance is not too long, which always makes me feel secure when driving in the cold. The VIKING CONTACT 7 winter tire features innovative technology that provides outstanding traction in extreme weather conditions.

In the braking distance on ice testing and acceleration time tests, the VikingContact 7 performed really well. This German version is difficult to top among alternatives in its class.

This tire model's poor ride quality is really its only drawback. The Continental VikingContact 7 is less comfortable, loud, and has insufficient shock absorption.


  • Excellent traction in extreme weather conditions.
  • Enhanced stability and control on icy roads.
  • Long braking distances for extra security.
  • Durable construction for extended life.


  • The ride quality might be a bit uncomfortable.

Best All Season Option: YOKOHAMA AVID ASCEND Tires

yokohama tire

On surfaces made of dirt and gravel, Yokohama's grip and cut resistance are at their highest levels. Its asymmetric tread pattern and brand-new TriBLEND compound technology provide exceptional handling and riding qualities, including strong braking on icy and snowy roads and a very quiet ride.

We should also take into consideration the tire's traction when driving on dry roads. The wheels hardly diminish grip at all, even when simply supporting the back axle.


  • Terrific handling and riding qualities.
  • Excellent braking on icy and snow roads.
  • Strong grip on dry roads.
  • Very quiet ride.
  • TriBLEND compound technology for increased durability.


  • The tire might not be suitable for rocky terrain.

Best Tires for Subaru Crosstrek: Our Conclusions

Choosing the right tires for your Subaru Crosstrek requires careful consideration. You'll need to take into account tire size, speed rating, load rating, tread pattern, and design, as well as materials used in construction.

Your choice of tires depends on your driving needs and conditions. For everyday use and all-season traction, we recommend the Starfire Solarus AP All-Season Tire for its excellent grip on wet and dry roads, high stability in dry conditions, low noise for a comfortable ride, longer treadwear protection warranty, and optimized tread patterns for better performance.

For severe weather conditions, the Continental VikingContact 7 Winter Tire is your best option. It offers superior traction in extreme winter weather and long braking distances for extra security.

And for all-season traction on dirt roads and gravel, we recommend the Yokohama AVID ASCEND Tires. Its TriBLEND compound technology provides excellent handling and riding qualities, strong braking on icy and snowy roads, and a very quiet ride.

Our #1 pick is CONTINENTAL TrueContact Tour Performance Radial Tire. It offers excellent traction in wet, dry, and slushy conditions, a quiet ride with an optimized tread pattern, low road noise for a comfortable ride, great cornering stability on dry roads, and extended life of 65,000 miles.

With our expert guide on 2023 top options for Subaru Crosstrek tires and all of these considerations in mind, you can find the perfect set of tires that will give you a safe, smooth ride while also improving fuel efficiency and handling various road conditions. So don't wait any longer - upgrade your vehicle with the best tires so that you can enjoy every drive!

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