Best Crossbow Scopes in 2023: Our Top Picks + A Full Guide

13 Jan 2023 Goods
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How To Pick Good Crossbow Scopes

A right crossbow rifle scope is a vital component of your hunting setup. It will determine the accuracy and precision of your shots, so it’s important to choose one that is up to the task. Here are some key features to consider:

1. Magnification: The magnification level will depend on your needs and shooting environment. Higher magnification is ideal for longer-range targets, but it can make it more difficult to acquire a target quickly.

2. Eye Relief: Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the lens of the scope. Look for a scope with adequate eye relief, so you can acquire and maintain your target without having to strain your neck or face to get a clear view.

3. Objective Lens Size: Larger objective lenses offer a greater field of view, making it easier to acquire your target quickly and accurately. Look for a scope with an objective lens size that meets your needs.

4. Reticle Type: Different reticles are designed for different shooting applications, so make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

5. Durability: Crossbows generate a lot of vibration and recoil, so it’s important that your scope is built to withstand these forces. Look for scopes with durable construction and quality materials.

Types of Crossbow Hunting Scopes to Choose From


When picking a scope for your crossbow, there are several types to choose from. Here is an overview of the most popular varieties:

1. Variable Power (VP) Scopes: These scopes feature adjustable magnification that allows you to change the power of the scope depending on the distance of the target. VP scopes are ideal for hunting in a variety of environments and shooting conditions.

2. Fixed Power (FP) Scopes: These scopes come with a pre-set magnification level, making them easier to use than variable power scopes. They are most suitable for shooting at consistent distances or when you need to acquire your target quickly.

3. Multi-Reticle Scopes: These scopes feature multiple reticles that allow you to adjust for different shooting conditions or target distances. They are a great option for experienced shooters who need more versatility from their scope.

4. Illuminated Reticle Scopes: This type of scope features an illuminated reticle, which can help you acquire a target quickly even in low-light conditions. It’s important to note that some states restrict the use of illuminated reticle scopes for hunting purposes.

Best Crossbow Scopes of 2023: Out Top List

Now that you know what features to look for, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best crossbow scopes for 2023. All of these scopes offer exceptional performance, great features, and a reasonable price tag.

Best Overall: Hawke XB1 Crossbow Scope 1.5-5x32 (250-425 fps)


10YD XB1 SR reticle aim points from a 20YD zero out to 100YDS are imprinted on illuminated glass. bracketing of 4 or 8 inches and 1.5-inch-wide aim markings placed at the appropriate ranges.

The aiming points on this scope's etched glass reticle are spaced out every ten yards for a range of 100 yards. With the 11-layer multicoated optics, you will always have superb optical clarity. Because to the excellent low-light performance of this scope, you may shoot with ease at dawn or dark.

It has speed settings between 250 and 425 fps and weighs slightly under 13 ounces. It is one of the most effective scopes overall.


  • Illuminated reticle.
  • 11-layer multicoated optics for excellent optical clarity.
  • High speed settings.
  • 10 yard XB1 SR reticle aim points from a 20 yard zero out to 100 yards.


  • Lack of parallax adjustment.

Runner-Up:TRUGLO Crossbow 4X32 Compact Scope w/Rings


The 4 in. eye relief on the TRUGLO Crossbow Compact Scope gives you plenty of room to keep your face away from the bow string. The 32mm objective lens offers a wide field of view, and the 4x magnification is perfect for hunting at medium distances.

Fully coated lenses offer the highest levels of clarity, brightness, and contrast, which ensure you can spot your target easily. Plus, the adjustable windage and elevation turrets allow for precise shot placement at various distances.

The TRUGLO Compact Crossbow scope, which is available in black or Realtree camo and has standard or illuminated reticles, is at the top of our list because it provides the most value for the money. It has a lot of wonderful features, such as separate reticle holdovers that mark out to 50 yards. By eliminating all uncertainty, you can make sure your shots are as accurate as possible.


  • Adjustable windage and elevation turrets.
  • Separate reticle holdovers up to 50 yards.
  • Available in two different finishes with either standard or illuminated reticles.


  • No parallax adjustment.

Premium Option: Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Second Focal Plane


The XBR-2 reticle is particularly made for crossbows and allows for a zero at 40 yards as well as quick, precise holdovers from 20 to 100 yards. For accuracy in dim light, the reticle has a dual lighting system that may be either red or green.

Multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass interfaces in proprietary coatings boost light transmission. Rugged design withstands impact and rebound.

This 2-7x32 Crossfire II Crossbow Scope Kit, which includes the scope, 30mm rings, flip caps, and neoprene cover, gives hunters seeking dependability and precision everything they need to start stacking bolts and filling tags from first light to last light.


  • Dual-illumination XBR-2 reticle.
  • Multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass interfaces.
  • Rugged design withstands impact and rebound.


  • Expensive compared to other scopes.

Compact And Efficient: UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope, Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle


To accomplish the most exact and accurate wind age/Elevation adjustment and hardest recoil resistance, the system is built on a strong, true-strength platform with a smart spherical structure (SSS).

This scope has an illuminated reticle. It takes two CR2 batteries to power it, which might be hard to locate. Unfortunately, the illumination is too strong for photography in low light, even on the lowest level.

Only daytime photography is appropriate since the background is bleached out when it first turns on. Although we appreciate its scope, there are cheaper alternatives we'd choose first. The UTG 432 crossbow scope only adds 12 ounces to your setup's total weight. However, because of its very huge profile, it will make your crossbow bigger overall, which may put some people off.


  • Illuminated reticle.
  • Smart spherical structure for windage/elevation adjustment.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Illumination is too strong for low light photography.
  • Very large profile may put some people off.

Budget Option: TRUGLO Traditional 30mm Red-Dot Sight


The lens caps that flip up and include a lanyard system (included on all models except TG8030P)  are a nice touch. The red-dot sight features unlimited eye relief and comes with an adjustable windage and elevation turret—all in a lightweight aluminum body that easily attaches to your crossbow's Weaver or Picatinny rail.

While we had many positive things to say about this scope, we also had several negative things to say. The lens caps first appealed to us, however, they are difficult to flip up. Instead, if we attempted to flip them up, the entire lens cap would come off. This scope's extremely low length also contributes to some major parallax difficulties that make shooting with it challenging.

An integrated weaver-style mounting mechanism makes it lightweight and simple to attach. Ideal for crossbows, muzzleloaders, muzzleloading rifles, shotguns, pistols, and rifles. This crossbow scope weighs just 7.04 ounces. With its Weaver-style mounting mechanism, it can be mounted to almost any crossbow with ease. The lenses are all-weather compatible, and your investment is even covered by a limited lifetime guarantee.


  • Unlimited eye relief.
  • Lightweight aluminum body.
  • Weaver-style mounting mechanism.
  • All weather compatible.


  • Difficult to flip up lens cap.
  • Low length may contribute to parallax difficulties.

Editor's Choice: MA3TY 1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope


The MA3TY scope is significantly more expensive than other, more budget-friendly options. That would be good if we saw performance improvements on the order of many times, but we didn't. Despite the misleading appearance of zoom, this scope's stated magnification range of 1.5–532 really provides no magnification at all. This scope has a constant magnification.

Light is transmitted through the multi-coated lenses at a rate of up to 93%, allowing for faster, more accurate targeting. Crossbow scope that is resistant to stress up to 1000 G, can withstand water depths of up to 19.7 inches, and will not mist up or cloud up in any weather or lighting conditions.

The zoom level is completely independent of the viewing speed. It's variable between 300 and 425 frames per second, but once you set it, you're stuck with that speed and magnification setting. This modern scope for crossbows features a 30mm monotube, a chassis that is sealed and filled with nitrogen, and a better level of robustness.


  • Multi-coated lenses for better light transmission.
  • Stress resistant up to 1000 G.
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.
  • Variable viewing speed from 300-425 FPS.


  • Misleading appearance of zoom.
  • Zoom level is completely independent of the viewing angle.

Reliable And Versatile: Monstrum G2 1-6x24 First Focal Plane


Improved speed in estimating distance and making holdover adjustments thanks to a first focal plane rangefinder reticle that maintains legible ranging information at any magnification. Extremely high-quality, precision-tuned, tactical rifle scope with 1-6x magnification, a 24mm objective lens, and 4–4.5 inches of eye rest.

Fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring a 30mm sealed, nitrogen-charged tube for protection against moisture and mist. Reticle lighting in red and green, adjustable via dial, with different brightness levels, improves readability in low-light conditions.

The turrets are finger adjustable, and the scope offers a total of 14 MOA of adjustment on either side. The windage and elevation caps feature tactile clicks at every quarter-MOA, making it easy to dial in repeatable shots without accidentally moving the reticle off target.


  • First focal plane rangefinder reticle.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction.
  • 30mm sealed nitrogen-charged tube.
  • Red and green reticle lighting with different brightness levels.


  • Turrets are finger adjustable only.
  • Clicks at every quarter-MOA can be difficult to feel in the field.

Greatest Premium Option: Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Riflescope


The Wraith's excellent resolution makes it ideal for hunting a wide variety of game, from pigs and foxes to deer. You may tailor your riflescope to your preferences with a palette of 9 colors and 10 reticle patterns. Powered by 4 AA batteries for up to 4.5 hours, with the option to use an external Micro USB connector for even more charging flexibility.

The new Sightmark Wraith 4-32x50mm Digital Riflescope brings the future into crisp, clear HD. During the day, the sophisticated 1920 x 1080 HD sensor will reveal every detail with brilliant color, and in the evening, you may switch to the traditional emerald or black and white modes. An ideal scope for use both during the day and at night.

The 200-yard detection range may be extended with the help of the detachable 850nm IR Illuminator and the camera's color mode, which can be set to either daylight shooting or black and white or classic green.


  • 11 reticle brightness adjustments.
  • Fully multi-coated lens for maximum light transmission.
  • Sunshade to lessen glare in bright conditions.
  • Second focal plane reticle does not change as the magnification changes.


  • Heavier than other scopes.
  • Short eye relief.

Best Crossbow Scopes: Our Conclusions

When choosing a crossbow scope, it is important to consider the features that are most suitable for your needs. All of these scopes have their own set of pros and cons, so choose carefully.

Things you should pay attention to include the quality of the lenses and construction materials, as well as the type of reticle used. The weight of the scope should also be taken into account, especially if you intend to carry it long distances in rugged terrain.

The Sightmark Core SX Riflescope is an excellent option for those looking for a rugged, reliable scope with great reticle lighting options.

For anyone on a tighter budget, the Monstrum G2 1-6×24 First Focal Plane provides plenty of features and reliability for its modest cost.

Our #1 pick is Hawke XB1 Crossbow Scope, as it offers excellent glass quality, rugged waterproof construction, and a customizable illuminated reticle that is both accurate and easy to use. It's an ideal choice for anyone looking for the best crossbow scope in 2023.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to do your research to ensure that you are getting the best crossbow scope for your needs.

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