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Top 5 Apps in the Finance Category

18 Mar 2022 News
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Using applications on your phone and mobile devices has made it easier than ever for you to take
care of your finances. There are many benefits to using finance apps, most importantly they make
it easier and faster than ever before for you to make transactions, financial plans and oversee the
status of your finances at the swipe of a fingertip. There are literally hundreds of apps which you
can use to stay on top of your finances, and these are our picks for the top 5 which you should pay
attention to.

Ria Money Transfer

One of the real success stories of online finance has been the increased speed, decreased costs
and improved convenience of sending money around the world. No app exemplifies this better
than the Ria Money Transfer app for international transfers. For years people have paid high fees,
counted on low conversion rates and been forced to wait an age to transfer money abroad. All of
this is in the past now that we have an option like Ria, which delivers money at speed, at low costs
and with some of the best conversion rates on the market.


In terms of general money management there really is no better option than Mint. One of the best
features about this app is that you can link it to directly to your debit and credit cards, and then
view your transactions directly on the app. Using this information the app collates the data to
breakdown where and how you are spending your money. This helps you to better manage bills,
reduce spending and stay on top of your own credit health.


Many apps are aimed at the individual user, but what about those who share their finances with
their spouse or partner? Spendee is designed for those in such a position and the app is ideal for
creating shared wallets, savings goals and other financial plans. Using this app you and your
partner can manage bills better and even save together for a special event.


This is undoubtedly the best app for those who are working to a strict budget and looking to stretch
their money further. The app operates on the premise that every dollar has a job, and should be
treated that way. This app not only supports your money management with trackers and expense
planning, but can also directly connect you to financial experts to help you with financial planning.


When it comes to paying bills there is no better app to help you ensure that you never miss one
than Prism. This app supports over 11,000 billers and once you have automatically set up the app
payments, you will never need to worry about any bills being missed. You can also use the app to
set up one time payments and advanced scheduling so that you are always on time to take care of
your financial responsibilities.
These are our favorite finance apps on the market which we think that you should try out today.

Author Bio:
Tricia Lee is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs, a Digital Marketing Agency. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, dance, and read non-fiction.

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