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These are the greatest investment-related apps available

11 Apr 2022 News
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In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the most beneficial investing applications that every investor should use. What are the most helpful applications on your smartphone? We bet that if you are interested in finance, then the apps listed below will be your top financial applications used on a regular basis.
First and foremost, let’s get to the point. There are no brokering apps included in this list. Only those applications are featured that are intended to aid the financier in his or her investing decisions. This collection consists of apps that can be installed and tried for free, so everyone has the chance to test them out.

Simply Wall St.

This app is a must have for performing stock analysis. Simply Wall St. has a user-friendly UI that is tailored to the mobile users. Here in seconds you can get an in-depth analytical information on both domestic and international companies, and get tips on how to choose a gold IRA. You will get all the information presented in a visually appealing infographic format that is simple to grasp and will allow you to make an opinion about stock and company management performance in shortest time. It contains information on all the main multipliers, as well as estimates of pricing, revenues, and profits for the upcoming time. For many investors, this is the primary analysis app as it give a pretty vast information all assembled on one page.


This program is a pretty widely known in the investing community. The software provides a lot of functionality and has an appealing user experience. It is quite useful for keeping track of your portfolio and individual investments. The app gives important information, such as the performance of particular portfolio instruments as well as the percentage of assets in the portfolio that are held by the user. Which is very handy compared to logging every time into the brokerage. With this app, you can do this in a couple of seconds. Moreover, if you have many brokerage accounts with various brokers open, this is an excellent tool for keeping track of the
whole portfolio and its performance in one place.


In addition to the popular website of the website of the same name, GuruFocus also has an important app. The major strength of this app compared to others is in the wast individual company ratings provided. All you have to do is to simply enter the ticker symbol of a stock in which you are most interested, and you will be sent to a page with the full corporate analysis. Along with all the essential multipliers, you will be able to do a comparison of this organization to others in the niche. Yes, the app, like many others, has a paid version, but with a free one, you can get all the financial indicators and multipliers assembled in one place in order to conduct a firm analysis. The free version of the software includes data for the last three to four years, and that is enough for first look analysis.

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