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Things you should know before O365 Tenant to tenant migration

19 Apr 2022 News
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Microsoft 365 tenants are individual, unique customer accounts that provide an environment for managing Microsoft 365 users, services, and data. Tenants are hosted on Microsoft cloud servers, which are redundantly protected and distributed around the world. Microsoft 365 tenants are used in different
ways based on different customer needs, and licenses determine the ability to unlock.

Office 365 Tenant Migration involves migrating mailboxes and service settings from one Microsoft 365
tenant to another.

When do I need a tenant-to-tenant migration?

The number of cloud adoptions in enterprises is increasing day by day. There are multiple architectural approaches to other scenarios that may drive mergers, acquisitions, sales, and migration to new cloud tenants such as:

Microsoft 365 tenant name change.

After creating a tenant with a name, there is no way to change it. Therefore, it is very important to
choose the correct name before creating a tenant. In this case, if you want to use a different tenant name, you need to create a new tenant and move/migrate data and users to that tenant.

Microsoft 365 tenant location change.

While creating a new Microsoft 365 tenant account, the external IP that generated the request is automatically validated and the tenant is provisioned in that particular region. You can not change the Microsoft 365 tenant region because Microsoft has already created specific instances for all workloads and protected the required namespaces that you can not change. The only way to change the tenant location is to create a new tenant in the desired location and move the data from the old to the new.

A merger or acquisition.

Dealing with mergers and acquisitions can be difficult because you need to migrate your data to
Microsoft 365 and consolidate your tenants.

What are the services that require data migration?

Tenant-to-tenant migration involves a large number of service migrations. In most cases, we want to
identify the most common types of services that require data migration.

SharePoint Online tenant-to-tenant migration

When companies merge, it may be necessary to migrate documents, websites, collections, libraries, lists, and design as well as data migration from one environment to the new. Migrate SharePoint from one Tenant to another means migrating content, including design, structure, and permissions, between SharePoint Online tenants.

Exchange Online tenant-to-tenant migration

In general, when an organization merges or sells, it needs the ability to move users and content to new
tenants. This type of service migrates mailboxes from one tenant to another within the same Exchange Online service. Exchange Online mailbox migration is only supported for tenants in hybrid or cloud environments or any combination of the two. The moving process includes mailbox synchronization and tenant authentication checks during completion.


Microsoft Office 365 has grown rapidly in terms of popularity over the years. Many Hosting providers will offer Cloud solutions but considering the difficulties in migration from one tenant to another, you should go for the team of experts who would guide you on this. Apps4Rent, who are cloud experts and professionals in providing different services like Windows 10 Virtual Desktop will guide you throughout the process and will also provide you with maximum uptime for your services.

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