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Almowafir App Review: Get the Best Shop Coupons Using Your Smartphone

05 May 2022 News
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Thanks to the advancements in the internet and technology in general, many stores that have once been exclusively land-based or have only run physical branches are now able to sell their products online. One of the industries that greatly benefitted from the internet is the fashion industry, as plenty of luxury brands and even the most affordable brands have seen a significant increase in sales ever since they have created an online shop.

It is not only the brands and businesses that have benefitted from online stores, as shoppers are now able to easily buy their favorite items or the newest products without the need to drive or commute to a nearby store or mall in their area. Through online shops, people can buy products or items in the comfort of their homes.

Besides convenience, online stores are usually more generous when it comes to giving out coupons, which are promotional items used by shoppers to get discounts on products and fashion pieces. However, while there are a lot of coupons that can easily be collected on these online shops, there are some coupons that are hidden or difficult to find. For those kinds of coupons, the best way to find them is to consult a coupon directory, a special website dedicated to giving viewers a list of coupons for various online shops.

One of the best coupon directories to visit if you are buying items in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is Almowafir, which provides coupons for various popular shops, including Sivvi, AliExpress, H&M,, and Amazon. While the Almowafir website is already hassle-free to visit, the creators of the coupon directory have developed a smartphone application simply called the Almowafir App so that mobile users can also have a convenient time browsing through coupons. To learn more about this application, here is a review of the Almowafir app.

The Almowafir App

The Almowafir app is a smartphone application that provides the best service for mobile users who may have a difficult time browsing through the Almowafir website. Through the app, users will be able to have convenience when it comes to going from one page to another, as there are dedicated buttons indicated on the app that will direct you to specific pages of Almowafir.

Moreover, the search function of the app is very easy to use, as you can just type the specific name of the brand or the coupon you are looking for, and the search function would quickly give you suggestions and accurate search results. If you want to get updated on the latest coupons in your favorite stores, you can activate the notifications so that you will immediately be notified if there are new coupons added to the list.

The Benefits of Using the Almowafir App

There are many more benefits of using the Almowafir app, and most of these are related to its convenience or ease of use. Check out below for the list of advantages of using the Almowafir app.

Can Be Customized

One of the best benefits of the Almowafir app is that it can be customized based on the user’s preference. The customization options are mainly featured in the suggestions that the app offers on the homepage, as you can customize it to only feature the newest and biggest coupons that are provided by your favorite shops.

You have the option to omit some of the brands and stores that you don’t really like on the app in order for you to have a more streamlined browsing experience instead of being presented with a complicated cluster of shops and coupons. If you are also browsing through specific stores, the app will remember those stores and will already provide you with coupons for them on the homepage.

Browse for Coupons Faster

Many people would say that using an app on an online store instead of browsing through a website is much easier and faster, and this opinion also applies to the Almowafir app. Even though the Almowafir website has a great UI (user interface) and runs smoothly on different web browsers, the app offers a much faster experience when it comes to browsing for coupons.

Because of the buttons that are found on the homepage of the app, you will have a much quicker time looking for coupons on one particular shop or brand. If you want to save time in finding coupons, you should definitely download the app and try it out.

Get Access to Exclusive Promos and Deals

Besides coupons, you will be able to get access to exclusive promos and deals through the Almowafir app as well. These promos and deals could be big sales on numerous brands and stores or exclusive coupons that you may only get through Almowafir.

So, the benefit of using the Almowafir app constantly is that you can get bigger discounts than what you would normally get from just browsing through the website of brands and stores online. Check the Almowafir app every now and then so that you don’t miss exclusive deals that are created in collaboration with partner stores.

Very Convenient to Use

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using the Almowafir app is its convenience, which is already evident through the other benefits mentioned above. With the Almowafir app, you will get coupons for your favorite stores faster, as you can easily browse through coupons using your smartphone.

Almost everybody has their smartphone in their hands or near them, so it is already expected that the Almowafir app is a much faster way to look for coupons, as you don’t need to turn on your desktop computer or laptop anymore, and you also don’t have to open your phone’s web browser to visit the Almowafir website.

The Almowafir app is truly one of the best applications that you should have on your iPhone or Android smartphone, especially if you constantly buy products online in the UAE and KSA. If you really want to get the best discounts for your favorite stores, make sure that you download the Almowafir app and use it to find the best coupons and vouchers.

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