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Top 4 Sports Streaming Apps For 2022

17 May 2022 News
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Gone are the days when the family would all sit around the one television in the home to tune into their favorite sports match once a week. These days, every laptop, phone, PC, and television comes with ready access to the internet making live sports viewing easier now than it ever has been before.

Streaming is the way of the future when it comes to how we watch the sports that we love and there are several apps to choose from when it comes to the best access to sports from around the world.

Fox Sports Go

Probably one of the largest sports networks in the world, Fox Sports has done well in its creation of the Fox Sports Go app. It is free to download and you can use your TV login details to access the app. The app can be downloaded onto any internet-accessible device and all of the Fox Sports channels are available so that you can easily watch every kind of sport you desire from NBA to NASCAR to MMA.

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With your existing TV credentials, all of this sport is available to you to stream live from anywhere in the world making this one of the most convenient ways to watch from wherever you are so you never miss the big game.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most widely accessed streaming services. With fantastic branding and a reputation built over many years of research and development, YouTube is the brand that has the customers’ complete confidence. Being available throughout the US, fans can enjoy access to every kind of sport from the latest season of Major League Baseball to the NBA Finals. YouTube TV is one of the most widely coveted cable replacements when it comes to live sports and is offered at a perfectly reasonable price for mass consumption.


For sports outside of the US category, the streaming service that needs to be used may need to be based in other countries. Fans of Australia’s AFL will enjoy access to live games throughout the season, pre-season talk shows, and awards nights such as the Brownlow and Coleman Medal 2022 galas through Australian television Channel 7’s live streaming network. If located outside of the country, however, a VPN will be
required in order to access the free stream. For those without VPN access, paid subscriptions are available through the AFL website.

Sky Go

For those based in the UK, the most prolific sporting network, Sky Sports, offers live streaming for every kind of sport in their app Sky Go. From premier league football to cricket test matches, there are a wide variety of sports available for live streaming through the Sky Go app which only requires your television credentials to access. For those far from home, a Sky Sports subscription is a wonderful travel companion to ensure that they remain perfectly in the loop with all the sports from their homeland. No matter which country you hail from or what kind of sports you like to watch, there is surely an app out there that can cater to all your live sporting needs. From F1 to table tennis, and swimming to golf, there is something for everyone when it comes to accessing live sports from any internet-enabled device from almost anywhere in the world.

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