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5 Best Apps for English Language Learners

26 May 2022 News
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If you search online for Paper Help reviews, you’d notice some particular aspects. One of it is that the paper help writers must possess a high level of fluency in the English language. When we are considering this fluency, we come to the understanding that not only natives have such. No, foreigners can also reach a top level of mastery in the English language. But if you are just taking your first steps in this long- lasting and tiresome but rewarding journey, you might be wondering ‘How can I achieve it faster and more easily?’. Well, we have wonderful news. It doesn’t have to come at the expense of hard grueling hours over the textbooks. Nowadays, thanks to the ever-growing digitalization, English fluency can come with the help of various apps. That is why here we will discuss what are the 5 best apps for English language learners.


A free app that comes with a paid version, too. In the paid version you’d have an unlimited number of mistakes available without having to wait for your hearts to reload and you’d also see no adds in the
app. But those are only technical details. What’s most important is the method of working of Duolingo. It’s personalized learning tool that comes to turn your study sessions into a wonderful game. The animated owl that is so famous among language-learners is a magnificent helper throughout your journey.
You’d see plenty of lessons that include pronunciation, too. You’d be able to grasp the vocabulary much easier and you’d be able to measure your progress. A tabletop is available for you to compete against others, should you wish to.
Questions can be answered by fellow learners through the Duolingo message boards. This way you can not only learn but interact with others, too.
During the process, you’d learn the basics and some more advanced stuff and you’d be able to earn virtual currency for your own expenditures on upgrades.
Duolingo is available as a desktop version for Windows or on mobile for iOS and Android users. You can play it through your browser or download the app. Then you are all set to study some more English at your own pace.

Rosetta Stone

This app has already earned its numerous awards thanks to the versatility and quality it provides. It’s a paid one, though, so it comes with a certain amount of expenses. Still, it allows for great study sessions with pictures and pronunciation included.
Rosetta Stone is a great app for beginners, too. It can help you achieve quite a good grasp of the English language via a fun, interactive game-like method. There are plenty of lessons to progress through and each of them is made entertaining and focused towards improved particular aspects of your proficiency.
You can try Rosetta Stone for free as a trial version and, later, purchase it at a specific price. It’s available for Windows desktop computers and laptops but it can be used on Android and iOS, too.


Still, when you want to become a better conversationalist, you’d need to target that aspect of your proficiency specifically. You can do so through this amazing app, called HelloTalk. It’s a free one and comes to allow you to chat with English speakers who are based anywhere in the world. It allows interaction via text or voice recording. That’s not all, though. You can also use voice or video call. Community feedback and answers to your questions are fully available and easy to acquire.
With HelloTalk you can boost your English level and confidence because you’d get some much-valued experience in talking to natives or other English speakers who also want to improve or help others.
You’d be able to engage in numerous conversations on various topics which will diversify your knowledge, experience, and working-grasp of the language.

The British Council

Yet, if you are preparing for tests, assignments, or simply want to be a well-rounded English speaker, you’d need some understanding of the grammar, too. Here comes The British Council app. There you’d see plenty of lessons and games that cover a variety of topics. There are beginner lessons, then you can advance to intermediate, and lastly – and most importantly – there is an advanced section, too. So, no matter what level are you on, you’d find something to help you improve.
There are tests and quizzes that allow you to check your progress. That way you’d be able to see how you compare to your previous knowledge and abilities. The Learn English British Council application allows for lots of improvement in your grammar skills and can come in really handy, especially if you have an exam nearby.


If you’ve looked into cheap essays, you’d see how effortless and easy the flow of writing is. This comes due to several reasons with one of them being, of course, the proficiency of the writers. But another one is the usage of various software tools that help improve the writing. One such instance is Grammarly.
This is a wonderful application when you want to master the art of writing in English. It checks for mistakes, it can offer you a plagiarism scan online. But that’s not all.
No, it also offers you explanations of your mistakes. It gives you scores to see how good your text is. It offers suggestions that are sure to make you much more proficient in the art of crafting out written English pieces.
Spelling can be checked. Tone score is available. Level of language usage can be seen. Much more can be
found here, too.


When it comes to being great in English, there are various aspects to that. Some are pronunciation and writing but there is also grammar and speaking; there is listening, too. Those aren’t real-easy things to master. But you can certainly achieve it. Of course, it comes much easier if you have an yours-fully app to guide you.
There are plenty of applications now for many, many things and tasks. Language learning has never been easier. Now you can play games, participate in competitions, complete lessons with simple clicks, find new and entertaining ways to improve every aspect of your English fluency. Those are the aspects that are covered in the apps we’ve given you above.
Which one you’d pick is a personal selection. Choose based on your own preferences and on what works the best for you. Some are free, some are paid but all are great and will go a long way in helping you out with your English learning journey.
So, if you give those apps a try, we are certain that you’d see great outcomes. In a short period of time, you can advance a lot in your skill-level. Learning, reading, listening, pronunciation, grammar – we’ve got you all covered with those wonderful 5 best apps for English language learning.

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