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How Developers Can Build in Better Password Security

04 Jul 2022 News
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Online security is a continuous and increasing problem. As hackers get better, the level of needed security rises. Developers are implementing additional security measures to supplement the traditional strong password. Read more about how developers are building better password security in the fight against cybercrime. 

Despite the obvious security issues of traditional passwords, it is still by far the most common authentication mechanism there is. A lot of the passwords being used aren’t nearly safe enough. They are too simple and therefore too easy to hack. As cybercrime continues to rise, many users’ personal and financial information is on the line. To increase safety, developers can work on building better password security options. 

Implementing minimum length and complexity controls 

When passwords are being used as authentication methods, developers can build in different kinds of length and complexity controls to ensure the quality of the chosen passwords. The demands of these kinds of controls can vary depending on the site. For some sites, it’s recommended to use at least eight characters while at others it’s recommended to use at least 160 characters. But in the end, the goal needs to be as heightened a security level as possible while making the authentication process as simple as possible at the same time.  

Strong passwords for ordinary online accounts need to be a minimum of eight characters. A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in a random order is ideal. Users who want help to create unique and strong passwords can use a password generator at
Here you can easily adjust the settings for the specific type of password that you’re looking for. This can give you a series of strong and random passwords to use for your many online accounts.  


Multifactor authentication 

Another thing that developers can build in is a multifactor authentication system. This is an easy way to make the simple password security technique a lot more bolstered. This could be a verification code for example sent as an email or message. It is also becoming more widespread to use biometric identifiers.

These could be identifiers such as irises and fingerprints. This is a technique that heightens the level of security tremendously and which it is very difficult to hack. You can read much more on multifactor authentication on

Secure storing of passwords 

The last couple of years has made it clear that hashing passwords isn’t enough to keep them safe. These days hackers can easily strip the hashing protection. This means that developers are looking at new ways to securely store passwords.

One of the new ways to do so is by using the process called salting. Salting is the process of randomly combining strong characters to a password before hashing the particular password. This makes it close to impossible to expose the original password and hack the particular account. If you are a developer yourself or find this topic interesting, you can always follow the latest developer news here.

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