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7 mobile-friendly apps manufacturers can use to run their businesses remotely?

08 Jul 2022 News
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With most industries switching over to cloud-based systems and employees looking for remote work options, manufacturers can take advantage of these same technologies to manage their business from anywhere.

Mobile devices offer a number of features and apps that can help manufacturers streamline their operations, track inventory, and connect with customers and suppliers. By using a mobile device to run their business, manufacturers can stay agile and respond to market changes quickly, while still maintaining control over their production process.

Below are some apps that every manufacturer should consider to help run their business remotely:

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) app:

A CRM app can help you manage customer relationships by keeping track of customer contact information, sales history, and communication logs. This information can be accessed from anywhere, so you can quickly respond to customer inquiries and follow up on sales leads.

2. Project management app:

A project management app can help you plan and track production timelines, assign tasks to team members, and monitor progress towards milestones. This is especially helpful if you have a distributed workforce or need to manage complex production schedules.

3. Cloud-based inventory management system:

Cloud-based inventory management systems like Katana MRP offer real-time data syncing, so you can always know what’s in stock and where it’s located. This is especially helpful if you have multiple warehouses or work with global suppliers. A cloud-based system can also help you keep track of production levels and easily reorder materials when needed.

4. Accounting and invoicing app:

An accounting and invoicing app like Xero can help you keep track of your finances, issue invoices, and process payments. This is a crucial part of running any business, but it’s especially important for manufacturers who need to manage large amounts of inventory and materials.

5. Communication and collaboration app:

A communication and collaboration app like Slack can help you stay in touch with your team, no matter where they’re located. This is essential for coordinating production schedules, sharing files, and providing customer support.

6. Data collection app:

Data collection apps like FormStack can help you collect data from customers, suppliers, and employees. This data can be used to improve your manufacturing process, track trends, and make better decisions about your business.

7. Mobile device management (MDM) app:

An MDM app can help you manage and secure your mobile devices, so you can be sure that only authorized users have access to your data. This is especially important if you allow employees to use their own devices for work.

Mobile apps offer a number of benefits for manufacturers who want to run their business remotely. By using mobile apps to manage inventory, customers, projects, and finances, manufacturers can quickly react to market changes without sacrificing quality or control.

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