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5 Best Car-Buying Apps of 2022

18 Jul 2022 News
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Looking to buy a new car but not sure where to start? Check out our list of the 5 best car-buying apps of 2022. From finding the right car for you to negotiating the best price, these apps will make the car-buying process a breeze.

Before buying a used car, it's highly recommended that you get a Revs check. This will help you know if the car is a great bargain or not. It also lets you know how much of a safety risk the car is. It can tell you if the engine or transmission has been replaced. It provides you with a clear picture of how the vehicle has been treated over the years.


CarGurus is a mobile application that helps automobile shoppers locate fresh and second-hand cars for sale online. It features a robust search algorithm for searching used automobiles, which allows you to begin by selecting the precise brand and type of car you want.

Alternatively, users may choose a model to give themselves additional alternatives. Every item comes with a bargain evaluation.

CarGurus maintains a database of estimated car values depending on brand and model and therefore will inform you if a particular vehicle is a great or terrible investment according to its pricing. You may also arrange your search suggestions based on the agreement's attractiveness.


For more than five decades, Edmunds has been a cornerstone in the vehicle industry. It includes everything from car evaluations to price data; and also the application is no exception. The software allows users to compare accessible autos in their neighborhoods. You may also specify precise criteria to narrow down your options towards the precise car you require.


CarMax is among the leading automobile dealerships in the world, and its application provides you immediate entry to its extensive selection.

You might begin by looking for a certain model of vehicle, a particular brand, or maybe even a specified cost. When you have successfully narrowed down your choices, you may analyze up to 10 automobiles in one go, making it simple to locate the best car for yourself.

Every car is given a car history record that shows if it has been in any crashes or if it had had any extensive repairs. Most of the listings come with a CarMax warranty coverage, which protects you if you purchase a defective car.


Carvana, well renowned for its automobile vending machines, enables users to select, buy, and get their new car without the need to ever leave their homes. This method takes advantage of the convenience of online purchasing and is ideal for acquiring secondhand or selling your existing car. The low costs that accompany purchasing via Carvana are a huge benefit. You can save cash on dealership fees and indirect costs because the transaction is entirely online. It also comes with a week trial period.


TrueCar connects consumers with fresh and secondhand vehicles. Each automobile you discover has a bargain score.

TruePrice breakdowns are included in the new car section. TruePrice displays the vehicle's market average sale price (MSRP), and the TruePrice you may expect the following negotiation and receiving reductions.

The app also lists rewards that you might be eligible for, including offers for new graduates.

You can never go wrong with these five apps, these are among the best car-buying apps you can find on the web.

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