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10 Apps That Will Tell You How To Grow Plants

19 Jul 2022 News
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Gardening is not as easy a hobby as it seems. However, if you still decide to try it yourself, you may require some assistance.For this, useful applications and tools from your app store will be handy. To save your time we gathered a list of helpful applications with which you learn how to grow plants and more.

List of Apps Worth your Attention

No matter if you are a specialist in gardening or just starting to familiarize yourself with this hobby, you can make use of a large number of plant identifiers, gardening applications, and digital garden planner instruments and tools with which you may increase your knowledge.

If you decide to grow an unknown plant but know nothing about it or your beautiful flowers stopped growing and you have no idea what the problem is, then take your iPhone or any other device and install useful applications.

Below we collected only trustworthy and effective applications for your iPad, mobile phone, or other devices. All you need to do is to select the most suitable app for your needs, download it, and improve your lore about growing plants.


With this application, you will have the possibility to not only identify plants. Also, SmartPlant involves a "Digital Care Calendar" to show everything your garden needs and its landings. Users are able to personalize the application by adding certain landings they possess in their garden and the application will inform them of their requirements.


Do you come across an unfamiliar flower and want to grow it in your garden? For this, you should first identify what this flower is by its bulb. To do this, the best plant bulb identifier should be installed on your device. If you learn more about Lily - Plant Identification, you will understand that this application will fit you the most.

Aside from being an identifier, Lily enables users to set reminders for plant care. Also, you will be able to receive growing advices from experts in Botanics. What's more, is that users can learn new information about popular trees, flowers, etc. daily.

Gardening Companion

The Gardening Companion application can assist users to track the progress of their gardens, taking care of landings, and getting access to a large amount of knowledge about gardening. It likewise enables gardeners to set reminders for things they require marking on their gardening to-do list. There is no doubt that this app is helpful for both beginners and professional gardeners.

My Soil

As the name implies, this gardening application is completely dedicated to the soil. My Soil was developed by the British Geological Survey and provides users with the possibility to check the soil in their local area, in terms of depth, soil temperature, soil type, pH, and organic matter content. This, in its turn, will assist you to understand which plants, flowers, crops, etc. will flourish in your garden.


Another useful application you may consider in your app store is GardenTags. It offers inspiration, growing recommendations, gardening assignments, etc. Also, it lets gardeners share valuable information and advice with each other. Moreover, you will get tips on how to deal with weeds and pests and take care of a bulb. If you consider yourself a sociable gardener, then GardenTags will be suitable for you.

Garden Answers

One of the most helpful apps for any newcomer to gardening is an identifier. With Garden Answers, you will become a real walking encyclopedia of all British garden plant species. Garden Answers is a popular identification application that can determine more than 20,000 plants in a flash of an eye. Additionally, you will get some very useful information about certain crops, trees, flowers, etc.


If the Natural History Museum utilizes a particular application, it is an indicator of a good app. Leafsnap is considered this application. It was developed by the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute, and Columbia University and assists users with identification. The application involves high-resolution images of flowers, petioles, bark, leaves, fruits, seeds, etc. As it is understandable from its name, Leafsnap enables users to identify plant species by their leaves.

Garden Plan Pro

With this application, you will surely comprehend how to grow plants. The reason is that Garden Plan Pro will assist you to make a decision on where to place a vegetable patch or a herb garden. Easy-to-use instruments help in layout designing, tracking garden progress, landings arrangement, etc.


Florish application will be suitable if you are an iPhone owner. It is free of charge and provides users with useful functions. For example, one may receive growing advices from experts. It can be care instructions, information about light preferences of certain flowers, issues that can cause crops to fall ill, etc. Also, you will be able to set watering reminders.


Another application you can install on your iPad or any device with the IOS operating system is ThePlantMe. It has a clean and simple design which makes it simple to keep track of your landings. With ThePlantMe gardeners are able to set up reminders and schedules for fertilizing and watering.


Are you afraid you will fail to grow plants? Or you are not sure how to take care of a bulb? There is no need to worry since special applications are waiting to assist you. Select the required apps from our list and grow your flowers, crops, etc. successfully.

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