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Mini-games In Video Games - When The Heroes Want To Relax Too

16 Aug 2022 News
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Now we associate the word “games” not with cards or chess, but with video games. Why? It's simple: the popularity of this form of entertainment is growing every year, and it is difficult to meet at least one person without a favorite toy. However, games, including gambling, are also not forgotten, and sometimes these two worlds intersect. Try playing games on Game Karma. It happens that the protagonists run into a casino or forget about their mission in order to play tennis. Today we will remember such bright moments when others were hiding in one game.

Casino Night Zone — Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The second "Sonic" was remembered by many of us. Some people associate this legendary platformer with green fields and industrial locations, but the Casino Night Zone immediately comes to my mind with its multi-colored lights and interesting mechanics. But the level is distinguished not only by the visual range but also by the presence of a real slot machine here. With luck, you can earn extra lives, and failure means the loss of precious rings. The casino level is back in Sonic Mania.

Yakuza games

The Yakuza series has long been a dark horse unfamiliar to most of our players. Recently, this is changing: no longer considered the "Japanese GTA", the series has gained even more respect than the American counterpart to which it was once compared. The peculiarity of each part of the series is that the protagonists can always be distracted from their missions to drop into a casino, an arcade, or just play go. Whether it's Kamurocho or any other location, there will be plenty of places to gamble. And we are talking about both ordinary casinos and arcade halls with pachinko machines and other games of chance. And in addition to familiar names like blackjack, you can always find specific games that are popular only in Japan and Asian countries. This is real education! Yakuza hides a dizzying amount of “distractions” from the plot itself, and, unlike online or offline casinos, you risk only in-game currency.

Grate Guy’s Casino — Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Yes, this is an RPG in the world of Mario. And yes, it has a casino. That's right, no mods. And this, believe me, is not the only such secret from the rather interesting history of the legendary mascot. The beauty of this casino lies not in its content or design, but in how difficult it is to find. Not everyone knew that Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars had this! The casino can be accessed through a secret passage in Bean Valley. In one of the pipes in the center of the valley, Mario must defeat Chomp Chomp and jump three times to reveal an invisible platform that opens the way to the casino. Hints about where the coveted casino is located can be heard from the sleeping Toad in the tavern.

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