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What You Should Know When Launching A Video Streaming App

24 Aug 2022 News
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Video streaming service providers try to keep pace with their viewers and work on those devices that their viewers use. It should be taken into consideration that people use different devices to watch their favorite videos. If a provider wants to cover more people and generate more revenue, they should create video streaming applications for different devices. Let’s talk about how they can do it.

How to make a video streaming application?

You have several methods how to create an OTT application:

  • Hire a team to develop applications. You will at least need a developer and a designer. You can start your own company and develop the applications all by yourself. You will be able to control the whole process and decide where the project moves. Also, they will be able to maintain the applications after release. But you will spend a lot of time and money on that as you will pay your employees a monthly salary.

  • Hire a freelance team. You will pay for a project, but when it is over, you will need to somehow solve technical issues and maintain the applications on your own. That way can also be quite costly.

  • Contact a company that has already developed applications for the streaming business. They have already taken care of everything necessary to design OTT applications. So, you don’t need to delve into all the development details. You can obtain a solution, customize it, and offer people to use it. Contact Setplex for more information. They have applications for the majority of devices. 

Whichever way you choose, make sure that you don’t spend money and time in vain. 

What else should you do when launching an OTT application?

If your video streaming business is at the beginning of its journey, then there are several essential steps you can take:

#1 Define your audience and their needs

It is a crucial step when launching any business – you should know your audience's preferences and values. You need to understand what content they like and what features they might appreciate on the application. Maybe, they like communicating via chat when watching live streams, or they will be glad to have OTT video personalization features in their profiles. 

Knowing your audience's needs will help you build a content strategy and make hypotheses about what they will like and what they won’t like. 

#2 Stay active on social media services

If you have many subscribers on social media services, use them to communicate with your audience. Social media services are equipped with many tools to communicate with people: from direct questions in chat or comments to stories and polls. 

You can ask people directly about what device they use to view videos, is your service convenient for them, and what they think about your content. Ask people to share their opinion, and you will likely achieve a lot of feedback. 

What is more, informing people on social media about your new application can attract more people as social media services have advertising capabilities. 

#3 Use analytics to enhance your application

Using OTT analytics is part of improving your applications. Analytics seems to be a key to success as it provides data about your viewers’ behavior and preferences. It is valuable information for further service enhancements. Don’t neglect it. 

Final Thoughts

Applications are becoming more and more popular as people find it convenient to use them. Some viewers don’t even have a device other than a smartphone. Some people highly appreciate the opportunity to watch videos on Smart TVs. That’s the reason why applications can be profitable for a video streaming business. 

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