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A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring Vue.JS Devs

24 Aug 2022 News
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It's safe to assume that Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today, making the demand for hiring Vue.js professionals exceptionally high. The great news is that nowadays, it's possible to partner with a Vue.js development team from virtually any corner of the world, for instance, hire Vue.js development company Otakoyi from Ukraine. What should you know before hiring Vue.js devs? Why is it so popular, and how can its popularity affect the hiring process? This article provides detailed answers to these questions and even more.

What is Vue.js, and how can its popularity affect your hiring process? 

An open-source front-end JavaScript framework, Vue.js is used to build single-page web applications and websites. It's utilized by world-renowned companies such as Nintendo, BMW, Adobe, Netflix, Apple, Gitlab, etc. 

As of 2020, Vue.js was number four among the most popular frameworks after React.js, Angular.js, and Django. Actually, React and Vue are pretty similar, making it challenging to identify which is better. One of React's major advantages over Vue is Native development. While React Native enables building native iOS and Android apps using only React components, Vue Native utilizes the UI framework Weex for mobile app development.

However, when you compare Vue with Angular 1, Vue is more straightforward when it comes to architecture and API.

Vue.js has seen a substantial rise in popularity for the past few years, translating into higher demand for Vue.js engineers. A 6.3% salary raise for Vue devs (compared to the global average) is direct proof.

So how can this framework's popularity influence your hiring process? It's a no-brainer that solid demand for proficient Vue.js developers makes hiring a high-class engineer at an affordable rate challenging. 

How much do Vue.js developers charge?

The cost of professional Vue.js development varies depending on the location of the developers. Let's take a closer look at salary differences in different parts of the globe to help you make a more informed choice.

 North America

The US Vue.js engineers have the highest average salaries in the world. In 2021, a Vue.js developer in the US earned around $86,000 per year.

Latin America

Latin American countries are characterized by lower living costs and more intense competition than the US. Due to these factors, the average salaries are lower. For example, a Vue.js dev from Mexico makes something around $17,000 annually.

Western Europe

Western European rates are much similar to those in the United States. On average, experienced Vue.js devs earn between $60,000 and $65,000 per year.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, the average salaries are generally lower than in Western European countries, affecting the cost of software development. For instance, a Vue.js developer in Ukraine can make up to $20,000 a year.


Many Asian countries have the lowest average salaries. An average Vue.js dev from India earns around $8,000 annually.

How do these figures relate to your recruitment process? 

Just a couple of years ago, being familiar with the average tech salaries across the globe wouldn't help much. Today, things have changed, and hiring a remote team has become easier than ever before. 

Due to this, many Western European and US companies choose to partner with remote development teams using innovative collaboration models to save cost without compromising quality.

Collaboration models to consider when hiring Vue.js developers

With your needs and requirements in mind, you can choose from several engagement models. Remember that there's no one-size-fits-all option: each model has its benefits and downsides.

Local talent, nearshore, or offshore?

When seeking to hire Vue.js devs for your next big project, you can choose between three options based on location: local talent, nearshore, or offshore developers.

  • Local talent. Hiring local developers is the most conventional recruitment experience when you hire people from the local talent pool. This is usually your HR who handles hiring and onboarding local developers. As an alternative, you can take advantage of headhunting services.

  • Nearshore/offshore developers. Hiring nearshore or offshore Vue.js developers is a smarter and more innovative way of hiring IT staff. Hiring a nearshore or offshore development team means tapping into the rich global talent pool. Online platforms like Clutch allow you to hire experienced and trusted Vue.js developers from different countries by providing verified client reviews and ratings.

Cooperation models

It's also crucial to choose the cooperation model that best meets your business needs. Let's explore the major types of engagement.

  • In-house development. The most common and traditional employment model, hiring an in-house team suggests adding developers to your internal team and paying them a monthly salary and fringe benefits. It goes without saying that this is not your best option if you are seeking a part-time Vue.js developer for a project or two.

  • Staff augmentation model. This cooperation approach that appeared not so long ago combines features of hiring an in-house developer and outsourcing. In a nutshell, staff augmentation means employing a developer from an outsourcing development firm for a specific period. For this period, this person becomes a full-time member of your team, although legally hired by another employer, your development contractor. This approach can be your best fit if you need to employ Vue.js devs to temporarily work on your projects.

  • Outsourcing Vue.js development. Outsourcing is quite similar to staff augmentation. It suggests hiring a dedicated team of developers to work on your project. The major difference between outsourcing and staff augmentation is that with staff augmentation, you have direct control over the team and are responsible for outcomes, while an outsourcing agency recruits, trains, and manages a team of Vue.js professionals to work on your development projects.

Parting thoughts

Since Vue.js is one of the most used frameworks, you might find hiring proficient Vue.js developers an arduous task. Luckily, you have many options, from hiring local talent to partnering with Vue.js developers from one of the popular outsourcing destinations.

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