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08 Sep 2022 News
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Apps on sale is the most extensive project ever that has been made for Michael Jackson. This all-new digital documentary format will not only reveal the artist’s true story but also feature other aspects of his life in a number of categories. Most important: The app will include unreleased content, too. Part of is a category called “Fan Artwork” that will showcase the most beautiful artworks of Michael Jacksons fans and let them be part of something big. A hundred percent of the profits made from the app go to the MyIdol Foundation which builds schools, enables education and creates inspiration – just like MJ did. – the best way to get to know the real Michael Jackson is the digital monument to Michael Jackson and will be accessible as an app for smartphones and as a web version. It is the most comprehensive undertaking ever launched for MJ. This means that over the next two years, will be delivering fresh content on a regular basis and unpublished material such as paintings done by MJ and lots of other content will be released.’s digital format makes it possible to portray Michael Jackson in a way that no one else has ever done before. 

The app offers brief videos that range from 8 and 12 minutes and is built from several categories so that the app users get to know MJ as singer, painter, poet, entrepreneur and greatest artist of all times. Over the next two years, in-depth content and artwork from all corners of the world will be shared with the community, revealing his intimate and passionate journey through life in the following different categories: “MJ Universe”, “Artwork”, “Poetry”, “Music”, “Spiritual Journey”, “Family & Friends”, “The Story”, and “Fan Artwork”. 

Fan Artwork – become a member of the digital MJ family is a living piece of art that will constantly keep growing – especially with the engagement of the fans who can submit their creative artworks in the category “Fan Artwork”. Michael Jackson adored collecting artwork of his fans, something wants to continue. This is why Michael Jackson lovers have the opportunity to upload their artwork to Fan Artwork and will select the most creative ones and publish them in the app. Fan Artwork is a way to preserve the talent and fondness of Michael Jackson’s fans and keep his spirit vibrant.

“The Story” – an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jackson’s life as a celebrity and private person 

MJ has always caused controversy as a public figure. For this reason, unveils the most detailed video documentary ever produced, called “The Story”. It will contain lots of never-before-seen footage of MJ’s life as a superstar, but also as a people person. These videos will be available in Netflix style in multiple seasons, with the user getting to watch two new videos each month.

The app and its content is of high quality, which is due to the high effort of the team. Musicologists from the USA and Austria and scientists have worked on this new digital project, including research and collection of over 150 books and content, for more than two years. The team added 120 paintings of Michael Jackson’s personal art collection to the digital monument’s artwork. Most of them have never been exhibited to the public before. The video documentary is produced by a video production team from Germany, using the latest 3D technology. They are supported by the same 3D artists who already worked for the likes of Marvel and Disney.

MyIdol app – annual fee as monetary support wants to make the digital monument of MJ a positive and respectful place where fans can find information on their idol and experience the artist in his entirety. Therefore, new material will be uploaded regularly. The annual fee for this content will be 20 USD at the beginning. With this money, the project will be maintained and all profits made will go a hundred percent to the MyIdol Foundation. 

MyIdol Foundation – building schools, enable education, create inspiration

The MyIdol Foundation is all about “education and inspiration”. Paying the fee for personal excitement means also supporting the MyIdol Foundation: Its mission is to build and maintain schools financially in the most remote regions of the world so that children have the access to solid education that last. The foundation wants to inspire children to never give up their goals, dreams, and desires. is the first ever Digital Monument where Michael Jackson’s art is transformed into something even better: education. presents the most detailed documentary to date, high-quality content and stories, sophisticated artworks and breathtaking audios that will inspire every sense of you. Check out and download the app “This is me – Myidol” on the App Store ( or on Google Play. The MJ story starts now!

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