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How Technology Can Assist with Employee Management

07 Dec 2022 News
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Technology is making big changes to the world around us, and human resources are no exception. There are some amazing tools available to help businesses manage their workers and increase efficiency. Take a look at this guide to employee management and development tools and think about how you could use them to get more from your team and your business.

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Smart Scheduling

Employees are your business’s most valuable resource. Nothing accomplishes a task in a shorter amount of time than human labor. Managing schedules is a crucial element of efficient employee management. Planning who will work where and when is just the beginning though. By mining the data your schedules generate, you can plan work and build teams more effectively. 

With the help of a smart shift planning app, you can manage employee schedules easily to handle variances in the workflow. Apps like these also gather data that you can use to spot opportunities for efficiency. Not all employees are equal, and some will be more productive than others. 

Analyzing your employee schedule and output can help you balance teams and spread out your more productive workers for consistent production levels. Shift planning software also helps you anticipate changes in demand and alter schedules to accommodate them.

Tracking Employee Movement

In manufacturing and warehousing, the paths employees take and the patterns they follow have a huge impact on efficiency. There are many businesses where employee movement can change the workflow and output levels, for better or for worse. Even on a small-scale, tracking movement and plotting bottlenecks can help you to work more efficiently and do more with less.

Restaurants are a good example of this. Handheld, paperless ordering systems not only speed up service but also track the movement of service staff. As mobile technology creeps into different workspaces, features like GPS tracking and time stamping can be utilized to speed up processes and get more output from the same number of workers. 

In larger-scale industries, especially delivery and courier services, GPS tracking data is a goldmine. The costs of transportation are always increasing, and the profit margins in the industry are tight. Plotting efficient routes, assessing drivers for fuel efficiency, and using algorithms to put packages in a fuel-saving sequence of deliveries can together save huge amounts of money.

Training And Development

Investing in staff at any scale can be demanding and difficult to do consistently. Managing your own time and resources becomes an issue. This is a big problem for fast-paced operations like retail and manufacturing. With the help of online training programs, staff development apps, and even communication tools like Slack or WhatsApp, businesses of any size can train staff at speed.

Training programs can be personalized to each employee, strengthening their weaknesses, and building on their strengths. Employees have access to online resources and tools so they can develop their skills at their own pace and on their own time. Dedicated employees flourish in this kind of training environment. Your most valuable personnel will make themselves known.

Any one of these tools can quickly pay for itself. The opportunities each one offers for increased production and efficiency make them a worthwhile investment for businesses of any scale.


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