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Holiday Swap App Review The Best Home Platform?

08 Dec 2022 News
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Have you ever seen the movie "Holiday"? It is a great example of how home swapping can be so fun. There is even a platform called Holiday Swap which allows people not just to swap homes but also book like-minded users’ homes. If you want to learn how to travel the world with just $10 a month, keep reading.

You may have heard about Airbnb or Now, Imagine a platform that allows its users to book or host properties but also swap them. If you want to swap homes with people or earn tokens by hosting people, you can do it all with Holiday Swap. The platform aims to become the most affordable way to travel by leveraging token economy & home swapping. 

What is Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap is the most affordable travel platform that allows you to book, host or swap homes anywhere, anytime in only a few clicks! The app is downloaded 3 Million+ times and offers 100,000+ unique homes around the world. 

The subscription for Holiday Swap is only $10 a month. With a premium account, you can swap properties as many times as you want, get private support, boost your property's ranking in search results and get more bookings. 

This app is for digital nomads, students, groups of friends, or single people who want to exchange their homes for a weekend getaway or vacation.

Holiday Swap can be used in two ways. One way is to do a classic two-way swap, in which both parties can exchange homes for a certain amount of time. Alternatively, you can host your property or book other properties with tokens. Tokens are the in app currency of Holiday Swap, allowing you to book or host homes anywhere. 

The app has tons of great features such as unlimited home swapping and affordable home bookings with tokens. Numerous individuals have even compared it to Tinder and Airbnb, saying if these two had a baby, it would be called Holiday Swap. The platform allows its community of like-minded travelers to save money with token bookings or by exchanging their homes and to earn money by hosting their homes.

You can join Holiday Swap via their website or app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Who founded Holiday Swap?

James Asquith, a British traveler who wanted to help a group of other travelers like himself, started Holiday Swap. James has been to all 196 countries and holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to do so.

How does Holiday Swap work?

  1. You begin by setting up an account to prove your identity. You must enter your information to confirm your account. After you get a confirmation email, you can start making changes to your account.
  2. Holiday Swap is currently letting people try out their app for free for two weeks. After that, you have to pay a monthly fee that starts at $10 USD.
  3. You can now start listing your property for a home exchange, rental, or hosting other people to earn tokens and spend those tokens while staying in other people's homes.

How is customer service work and what’s cancellation policy?

Holiday Swap can be reached best through their app or at [email protected] You can contact them if something is wrong with your property, if you're having trouble with the app, or if you just have a general question. Still, if it's important, they tell you to get in touch with the other person. There is also a FAQs section for any general questions you might have.

Holiday Swap urges you to get in touch with them via email to initiate the cancellation procedure when a booking needs to be canceled. You will forfeit all token payments if you make an instant booking and then cancel it within 7 days of your trip. Within seven days of the trip, if the host cancels, you will get your tokens back.

Is Holiday Swap worth it?

I think the app is well worth the money. At the moment, they are in the top 100 in 93 countries' App Stores as well as Google Play Stores. Overall, imagine an app that allows you to swap and book homes in the cheapest way. Use the Holiday Swap.

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