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Why is Vue.js so popular among developers?

08 Dec 2022 News
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You've probably heard of VueJS by now. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today and allows us to create user interfaces very easily. With it, you can implement any project, since its learning curve is almost zero. Let's take a closer look at its key aspects.

What is VueJS?

Vue already has a long history. In 2014, Evan Yu finished his job at Google as a developer on various projects, including Angular. His experience allowed him to create his library, which he later published to the public. It was the community that fueled the project's growth until it became the powerful and lightweight framework it is today.

More global companies are using VueJS. Prominent representatives are Xiaomi, Alibaba, and Gitlab. If you ask a question about this framework in your environment and environment, surely someone has been working with it for a long time. If you also want to get started with it but lack the skills, then you can contact

Angular and React are very good, but VueJS is not going to follow suit. Designed from scratch, one of its most important features is working with components. A component in Vue, in general terms, is encapsulated code that is used as a reusable element. Components are designed in the MVVM pattern and inside a component, we can find everything from HTML tags, and CSS styles to JavaScript code. Components allow us to develop modular projects that are easy to scale, if we want we can replace one component with another in a very simple way, like in a dice game. That is, from the central library, you can add others that complement it.


As we already mentioned, VueJS is a framework designed to make life easier. But if you still have doubts about "entering its domains", perhaps a review of its general characteristics will help you make a decision.

  • Progressive structure. We can include the parts we need in addition to the main library, and then include the other libraries as if they were separate modules. This allows us to add functionality as needed. The main core of VueJS consists of a library responsible for rendering views in the browser.
  • Intuitive, modern, and easy to use. VueJS hasn't reinvented the wheel, but since its inception, its premise has been that it should be so simple and easy to use that the community can use it in their projects with little or no training.
  • A very diverse ecosystem that covers everything you need. VueJS has several tools that help ensure that the developer always knows what he is doing and how he is doing it. From the command line interface (CLI) to a basic template that we can call with the Vue-CLI tool available in the npm repositories by looking through a long list of modules and plugins.
  • A very active community. With constant improvements and good documentation, the community is ready to help when you get stuck or run into difficulties.
  • All component code is in one file. Components store everything they need in .vue files. These files contain all the required HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in an organized fashion.

If we want to use Vue we don't need to install anything on our machine, if we want we can use this structure via CDN.

Vue.js is a progressive framework, which means we can use it for something very simple, just like jQuery used to be used for simple things, or something more complex like SPA development or backend. It is a platform with very good performance and development experience that will help you out more than once.

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