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Business Must-Have’s as the New Year Approaches

28 Dec 2022 News
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The fourth quarter of the year is always such a whirlwind, especially for small business owners. Having to tie up loose ends as well as make preparations for heading into the start of the next year is a lot to coordinate. As you work to simultaneously make all this happen consider the following must-haves to help ensure that you both end this year strong and start the next one strong as well. 

Fleet Management

The global supply chain crisis and looming threat of recessionary times continue to be challenges for every small business. If you have not done so already you really need to increase your focus in terms of managing your fleet. Your customers’ expectations are a direct result of the service you promise compared to the service you provide. During times like these where there are many variables that you cannot control, you need to work extra hard to sharpen up the ones that you can. 

Using dispatching software is going to ensure that you have a handle on all things fleet related. This software is one of the main tools that both managers and dispatchers swear by regarding the need to prioritize efficient driver routes and customer satisfaction. Your road team will also thank you for this implementation because having organization and visibility on your end in terms of keeping track of their routes means less stress on them as they perform the duties of their jobs. 

Strong Social Media Presence

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Instead of recognizing that it is an option, reframe your narrative and start subscribing to the fact that if you want to increase your reach and grow your business it is time to improve your social media presence. Platforms like Instagram can help grow your business in simpler ways than you might think. You do not need to be a whiz at social media yourself to accomplish significant progress. 

Going into the New Year consider hiring a social media manager to tackle all your goals. This can be a person that you hire to work in-house, or you can contract out the work and take advantage of all the freelancers working gig jobs who have the talent you need without the long-term commitment you may not want. It is important that you understand that your customers rely on social media just as much if not more than a traditional website to access your business and a poor online presence might lead them to move on to your competitors. 

Attractive Work Environments 

The Great Resignation hit a lot of businesses hard, harder than they were probably prepared for. To be sure that you are starting the first quarter of the New Year strong, take a look at the work environment your company provides as it relates to the people who currently work for you as well as the potential hires that you may need or want. A greater work life balance is probably the number one thing that candidates mention as a want when they are job hunting and if your business is still structured to glamourize the grind you might miss out on top talent. 

One of the easiest ways to show that you are embracing a more balanced company culture is to have flexibility in terms of in-office and work from home options. If you are not able or willing to be a fully remote company you are not doomed, instead create options for hybrid employment that you feel are the best of both worlds. Flexibility when you can also give way to enforcing structure when you have to. If you have an employee who emails asking to work from home for a week and you grant their request that employee is going to receive any future direction that might be less desirable in a more accepting way because they know from experience that they work for a company that understands the balance. 

Updated Technology 

It is quite frankly no longer acceptable for businesses to operate with outdated technology. Of course, there are going to be some multi-generation small businesses who are able to operate and thrive without it, but it is critical that you understand those companies are the exception and not the rule. Especially if you have any element of remote or hybrid staffing, updated technology really matters. 

Many different departments of your business can benefit from a tech upgrade. Cloud software makes teamwork and collaboration easier between employees and accounting software is great for the people that are watching all your dollars and cents. Artificial intelligence is another aspect of tech that can work wonders. Your customer service strategies, can now all be automated and upgraded so that you can both improve your customer experience and free up your employees to focus on other parts of your operations. 

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