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Apps to connect to a VoIP Phone System

16 Jan 2023 News
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Communication is the key to grow a company and to keep customers satisfied. That is why so many businesses have decided to upgrade their phone systems to VoIP. This way, they can actually manage all communication channels directly from this software, by attaching any application that they want to it. Here are some of the most important ones that usually connect with such systems.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Traditional phone systems were made of landlines that had to be installed inside offices and managed through the reception desk. This implied a lot of cables, and many other physical elements, such as the phones themselves. A VoIP phone system doesn't need any of this. It is a software that is installed on the company's servers or in the Cloud, that manages all the lines that are attached to it, which can be inbound or outbound calls. You can acquire such a software through the services of Aircall, a leader in the field of VoIP phone systems.

Applications in an Omnichannel World

The reason why you need to connect applications to the phone system, is so that no messages go unanswered. Companies have serious issues when it comes to keeping up with all the messages that come in, simply because they are not organized. If they acquire a VoIP phone system, they can then attach all the applications that are part of what is called the omnichannel route, so that the system itself controls the incoming communications and can respond immediately by itself, while advising a person in charge, in regards to what needs to be done. Here are the applications that should absolutely be linked to the system.

Social Media

A company needs to be seen on all social media. It also means that it has to be able to respond to all queries that come through these channels. Once attached to the VoIP phone system, it will be child's play to manage them all. It must include: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. These are the four applications that most people use around the world, when it comes to social media. 

Communication Applications

If there is one app that is commonly used every day, it has to be one of the communication applications that connects the world. It is quite rare that someone doesn't have a WhatsApp account attached to its smartphone number. Others also use Telegram, WeChat or Snapchat. Not having these applications tagged to the phone system is a real danger. There are so many messages sent out through these tools these days, that hone systems need to be able to respond automatically and manage the chain that it will go through, until it is finally taken in charge by an employee of the company. 


Although they have been replaced in great part by text messaging applications, e-mails are still an important part of a company's communication system. By attaching the e-mail addresses of all employees to the phone system, through an app, it will ensure that no one will ever be forgotten, when they write a mail to the customer service department. 

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