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How To Upscale Videos With DVDFab Enlarger AI?

01 Feb 2023 News
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Enlarger DVDFab AI 480p to 1080p or 1080p to 4K video conversions

By 300%, upscale video data

By including more material, improve the video quality.

Make sure that the balance of saturation, brightness, and contrast is appropriate.


When it comes to sharing your video with the much-needed boost, DVDFab Enlarger AI can be your go-to option if you’ve always suffered with low-resolution videos and photos. Enlarging a moderate image frequently produces unnecessary distortions and distortions, failing to meet the following objectives.

Thus, you can try upscaling your photographs to expand their resolution for a smoother and better quality while trying to get rid of the grains and blurring.

Additionally, this will explain to you how to upscale videos using DVDFab Enlarger AI in a few steps to follow. Let’s read on for such a moment.

In aiming to provide you with the greatest results, DVDFab Enlarger AI is the first thorough AI video upscaling solution in the world. Its Super-Resolution technology, which again is based on deep learning, can upgrade your 480p SD video to 1080p full HD and your 1080p resolution to 4K quality.

Further, it permits you to 300% magnify your video photos and add outstanding detail to temporarily increase the standard of your film. Further, DVDFab Enlarger AI upscales your films and photos effortlessly by handling numerous AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

You can select one of the four output quality settings provided by DVDFab Enlarger AI, which includes

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Best Audio
  • UItra+ Deblock

The other three tools, excluding Deblock, can all make 1080p videos with simplicity. Likewise, you may eradicate blocky artifacts from old DVDs and low-res films when you employ the Deblock and Ultra+ Deblock options to upscale web videos for consumption on large screens.

Using neural networks designed on the TensorFlow framework, DVDFab Enlarger AI produces high–quality output video quality from millions of movies, TV shows, and videos in a broad range of genres. However, it works constantly to improve itself so that it can change and offer cinematic masterpieces for a delightful user experience. Online video upscale ordinarily necessitates a piece of sophisticated equipment, however, DVDFab Enlarger AI ionic strength the converting process. It makes advantage of the CUDA/cuDNN-powered GPU acceleration technologies accessible in the most recent graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA. Fortunately, it consistently delivers good results.

Cost-effective price

Furthermore, DVDFab Enlarger AI, a remarkable online tool for upscale video, is available for just $44.99/month, $89.99/year, or its best value premium membership for $139.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How can I make old DVDs better?

The resolution of DVDs are frequently 480p, or 720x480 for NTSC, and 720x576 for PAL. You may want to use the AI-powered video upscaling technology of the DVDFab Enlarger AI to upgrade the video resolution for a more authentic experience and high-quality output to suit the current HD screens like HD TVs and 4K TVs. The development of AI is still in its development. Although the hardware is advanced by the AI conversion process, the conversion time may vary guess it depends on the hardware setup of the device and your applicable standards. Therefore, the conversion method may take between 8 and 30 hours.

Choosing DVDFab Enlarger AI

With AI power, upgrade DVDs, Blu-rays, and other movies to 4K

The DVDFab collection of products includes other AI-driven 4K upscaling features in addition to Video Enhancer AI. The DVDFab Enlarger AI is a distinct product module from the Video Enhancer AI that is included in the  DVDFab 12 all-in-one suite. When used with the DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, and Video Converter modules, the Enlarger AI can upscale 480p DVDs to 1080p Blu-ray standard, 1080p Blu-rays to 4K UHD quality, and other low-res videos to 4K quality.

The appropriate response is that you don’t need a 4K upscaling tool if your 4K TV already has a native 4K upscaling feature. Since every manufacturer takes a different 4K upscaling technology, each 4K TV’s output video quality might vary greatly from one brand to the next. While some may produce successful results, many will not. Since upgrading to a new 4K TV isn’t practical, your only solution, if you’re bitterly disappointed, is to use a software 4K upscaling solution. Use DVDFab Enlarger AI, DVD Ripper, and Blu-ray Ripper alternative if you intend to upscale your DVDs or Blu-rays to 4K. You can also use the Enlarger AI and Video Converter to upscale 480p/720p and 1080p footage to 1920x1080.


A great resource for online entertainment upscale is DVDFab Enlarger AI. It flawlessly enhances the size of your films by up to 300% while maintaining the highest quality of video quality, giving you beautiful colors and a true-to-life image. Moreover, it makes use of trimming technologies to give you the finest user experience. To facilitate you with the effortless converting process, we have also given instructions on how to upscale DVDs using DVDFab Enlarger AI.

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