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The Best iPhone Apps for Quick Play Gamers

27 Feb 2023 News
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These games are perfect for when you have a spare five minutes

These games are perfect for when you have a spare five minutes

Whether you're on the morning commute, a little bored at your desk at lunchtime, or waiting in line at the grocery store, a mobile game can be a great distraction. Something that you can pick up and put down in as little as a few minutes is essential, to ensure you're not caught Pokémon battling when your boss walks in, or tending your crops as you sail past your bus stop. If you need a little inspiration for games that fit the bill then we've got a carefully picked list of quick-play apps that all work for iPhone. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get gaming!

Adorable Home

First up is a game that encapsulates hygge unlike any other we've played. Adorable Homes allows you (and your partner, and your adorable cat) to move into a new home in the suburbs. As you get used to cohabiting with your partner, you'll start to figure out the things that make them happy. The more you do these things, like vacuuming, cooking a delicious meal, or emptying the dreaded litter tray, the more love points you'll unlock. These points accumulate in the super cute Love Meter and once you fill it right to the top, you can customize your home. Unlocking whole new rooms requires a lot of points, whilst a cozy area rug is pretty cheap. If you're looking for a game that will help you to fulfill your nesting instinct then this one is as cute as it gets.



Card games are a great option for quick-play gamers as you can get up and running in seconds and finish a round in minutes. Poker games can take a little longer but they're a great mental workout. Plus, it's really straightforward to play poker on mobile in Michigan thanks to the legalization of online poker there. There are plenty of poker apps to choose from and the one that you like the best will largely come down to personal preference. Some have compatibility with poker trackers which can be handy for tournament players and professionals, whilst others have natty video poker capabilities which is great for those who like high-quality graphics and a dose of realism.

Stardew Valley

Ever wanted to role-play in an adorable village filled with people to meet, plants to grow, and rare gems to discover? Then you'll adore Stardew Valley. This indie hit is one of the most well-loved in the whole scene. It was inspired by Harvest Moon and allows you to take over a homestead, growing crops on it, raising and tending to animals, and using the produce to create increasingly elaborate dishes. You can even fall in love and get married if you bring the right gifts to the character that catches your eye. This game gets full points on the cute scale, but manages to cleverly combine that with a business tycoon-style economy that will have spreadsheet nerds working out the perks of blueberries versus melons for plenty of happy hours. What's more, the app is available to download for $4.99 on mobile, which is an absolute steal compared to the PC prices.

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