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Freshdesk vs Zendesk: Which One to Choose

26 Apr 2023 News
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Forrester analysts state that more than 70% of consumers worldwide pick companies with fast customer service. Quick client support may be provided only by employing help desk software from reputable brands. Among the most popular apps, experts note Freshdesk and Zendesk. But which one is better to pick? To help you answer this question, specialists created a Freshdesk vs Zendesk comparison.

Main Freshdesk Peculiarities

The specified customer service software stands out for its smooth operation. This application can work without lags and freezes, even under a significant load. However, that's fair only if the information from the previous client support app was moved using a trustworthy platform (such as

Primary Freshdesk Benefits

The described app offers businesses a comprehensive training library. So, new users typically have no problems with learning Freshdesk. The other essential features are:

  • simple interface of chat support;
  • availability of a free tariff plan;
  • comprehensive tools to easily organize canned responses;
  • availability of filters for quick ticket viewing.

Additionally, Freshdesk allows making reports based on default templates. Furthermore, users can make custom report samples.

Freshdesk Tariff Plans

The specified customer service system proposes the following Support Desk subscriptions (all prices in this article are fair for the beginning of April 2023):

  1. Free – may be employed by up to ten agents. This tariff plan includes round-the-clock email support, a team cooperation option, as well as an integrated tool for ticketing across social media and mail.
  2. Growth – costs from $15 (for one user per month). It involves five-days-per-week phone support and a feature for tracking time managers spent processing tickets.
  3. Pro (from $49) – includes the opportunity to create custom objects, dashboards, reports, and metrics. You also access a knowledge base in different languages.
  4. Enterprise (from $79) – involves email and assist and bots as well as AI-powered social signals.

Freshdesk offers their users 21-day free trials for each tariff plan. The test period doesn't imply hidden payments or providing your bank card details.

Key Zendesk Features

Zendesk was launched in 2007. So, it's three years older than Freshdesk. Zendesk has more integrations. But at the same time, it operates as stable as Freshdesk does. This makes Zendesk a multipurpose solution for the creation of trouble-proof client support.

Main Zendesk Advantages

The described software is not only a customer service application but also an effective lead generator. The other benefits are:

  • availability of 30+ language versions;
  • multilingual support service;
  • ability to process tickets from chat, email, and social media through one funnel;
  • simple but reliable implementation with third-party apps or systems.

Zendesk also proposes structured onboarding for new users. This includes a large training library and qualitative guided demos.

Zendesk Tariff Packages

Huge companies are recommended for purchasing Suite Enterprise and Custom subscriptions. The first involves a customizable workspace as well as custom team roles. The price of the Suite Enterprise is $150/user/month when buying the annual subscription. The Custom tariff plan is worth $215.

Additionally, Zendesk has three different packages For Everyone – Team, Growth, and Professional. Their prices start from $49, $79, as well as $99 for one user monthly, correspondingly. Zendesk doesn't have a free subscription but offers a gratis test period for each tariff plan instead.

Which App Is Better – Freshdesk or Zendesk?