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5 Most Successful Businesspeople Under 25

31 Jul 2023 News
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Those who play games online, like, for example, in a Polish online casino, know that there are many entrepreneurs who, at a young age, made it big. These entrepreneurs have amassed wealth even before they hit the age of 25.

Success surely has little to do with luck. It is not like gambling, where your wins depend on fate. These entrepreneurs worked hard to get where they are now, and it is worth noting who they are and understanding a bit of the history of their success.

1. Alina Morse 

Alina Morse was born in 2005 and founded a company that makes lollipops that do not damage teeth. She is now the CEO of Zoli Candy, a company she started in 2015 when she was only ten. 

Her main product is a sugar-free lollipop, which she calls Zollipops. Later, she created new products like the Zolli Drops and Zaffi Taffy. Today, her candy company is worth $6 million, and her products are available in over 25,000 stores.  

The legal name of the company is Liquid OTC. The company’s headquarters are in Michigan, with seven full-time employees. They work with independent contractors to manufacture their lollipops. 

To date, the company has grown so big that they sell not only in the United States but also in China, France, and South Korea. They also sell their products in France. 

2. Maddie Rae

Maddi created a product called slime glue. The development came to the public’s attention in 2017. She had a problem where she could not find the right glue to create slime. 

She worked with her father to create glue. From there, she and her father sold their product in their online store. Then, they made more slime products and accessories that compensate for their slime product range. They even held a slime competition and broke world records. 

She is the credited creator of the world’s largest slime convention, which is aptly named Maddie Rae’s Slime Bash. She also holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Slime, weighing 13,720 pounds. 

3. Sofia Overton

Sofia Overton is the girl who created leggings that have pockets. She calls her product Wise Pocket. One day, she saw her cousin wearing leggings with no pockets. Because of that, her cousin could not place her phone anywhere.  

Sofia went home and then created a sock with a pocket, ensuring that the pocket was secure enough to hold a phone. She went to Shark Tank, a TV show for entrepreneurs, and pitched her product. Her business is so successful that she even launched a charity movement called The Wise Movement, where her company donates socks to shelters. 

As far as Shark Tank went, Lori and Daymond invested $35,000 here business in exchange for 25% of the company’s equity. It does not seem like Wise Pocket and the Shark Tank investors ever closed a real deal. Word on the grapevine is that a licensing deal fell through. The business is still active, but sales data are hard to come by.  

4. Moziah Bridges 

Moziah is the founder of Mo’s Bows, a company that sells bowties. He started this business with his grandmother when he was only nine years of age. In an interview, he said that what inspired him was the desire to look sharp all the time. 

His product is a producer of stylish bowties with lots of prints. Because of the success of this business, Mo took a degree in fashion in college. Now, his company sells neckties, bowties, apparel, and pocket squares. He also published a book for kids called Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Startup Success. The book encourages young people to start their businesses. 

5. Nic Bianchi

The last on our list is Nic, the founder of Bianchi Candle Co. He started this business when he was 12, and he used his passion for mathematics and science to create candles that have a fantastic smell. All his candles are natural, and each batch is made from manual processes. His candles are unique in the sense that the wicks he uses are clean. They do not get dirt like other wicks. 

His main ingredient is natural soy wax. The wax burns longer, and it is also a lot more environment-friendly than what other companies offer. His candles are available in small stores. Later, he branched out and made diffusers and high-end candle lines. 

Like other kids, he also has a heart for charity. His company regularly donates to the American Cancer Society. He also makes donations to the Angels Among Us Society. Nic manufactures the candles in Nebraska. The two main lines of this company are Bianchi and Yes You Candle. 

It is never too late to start a business. If anything, these young entrepreneurs should inspire all of us to start a business that can one day turn into an empire. Failure is bound to happen, as statistics indicate that most businesses shut down after a few years of operations. Nevertheless, this fact should not set you back. Instead, take steps cautiously, and learn little by little while risking small.

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