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Top 10 Reasons to Use an Online Creative Suite for Editing

10 Oct 2023 News
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Using a good editor for editing your photos and videos is mandatory to give a professional touch to them. However, which editor to choose for this purpose is the most difficult decision. Many people look up to free editors but unfortunately, they lack premium features. On the contrary, those editors that offer premium features involve a fee to access and use those features. So, it is always a problem for an ordinary person to professionally edit his photos/videos to beat the competition. 

To resolve this problem, this article brings one of the best, fully featured, and free editors for you. Yes, it is free of cost while offering full functionality and all the features that a paid editor has. It is the Online creative suite by CapCut which is a lifesaver for all people around the globe. Want to know how? Look at the reasons below to figure out why it's the best editor and why you must use it. 

Reasons to Use Online Creative Suite

Here are the top most compelling reasons to use this online Creative Suite for editing your photos and videos. 

1. Create videos that go viral

The top reason to choose this creative suite is that it creates videos that go viral. This short and simple sentence explains everything about it. You don’t need to use different tools and editors for editing videos, resizing, trimming, or video compressor jobs, etc. Instead, this simple-to-use editor contains all the video editing features in one place. With this, you can edit, resize, trim, split, change the background, and add subtitles, music, and audio to your videos. It includes lots of other features that are essential to polish your videos for excellent engagement. 

2. Professional-level image editing

Not only for videos, this suite includes impressive features and functions for editing your images. From removing the background to setting a new background, and adding filters, effects, frames, stickers, etc., it supports everything. In addition, it also supports adding text effects to your videos to make them stand out. You can also optimize your image for the best matching color themes to use it with this editor. In short, this editor comes with all those premium features for free that are mandatory to create winning images. 

3. Free commercial and personal templates

Similarly, finding and using commercial and personal templates for free is the most difficult job. The free version of templates is usually not so appealing and interactive. Those that are really worth using are usually paid ones on multiple editors. However, this Creative Suite resolves this issue by offering all of the free templates under one roof. You can search for thousands of free commercial and personal templates here for professional-level designs and editing. 

4. Simplify workflow through magic AI tools

Additionally, the most important reason to use this editor is that it simplifies all the workflow through its magic tools. As not every single person here is an expert editor neither does everyone have time to spend hours on editing. Therefore, this editor resolves this issue by offering a simplified work experience through AI tools. These tools not only speed up the process but also assure quick and accurate results with a professional touch. 

5. No watermarks on final products

Another impressive reason to use this Creative Suite is that it adds no watermarks to your photos and videos. Unlike this, other editors may allow you to edit your photos/videos but add their watermark on the final product. However, it’s not an issue here as you can download as many final products as you want without the editor’s logo.

6. Cloud Backup and File Management

Similarly, it also allows you to create a cloud backup for your edits from where you can access it anytime. You can give a particular name to your space where you will find all your projects. It makes fragile management so easy and accessible every time you need it. At the same time, you can also download any of your edited files to your device from the cloud. 

7. Team Collaboration

It also benefits you in terms of team collaboration. Yes, this incredible Creative Suite comes with an online space to invite and stay in contact with your team members. All of you can work together here by sharing your videos as presentations. You may also share your photos or videos for reviewing purposes with other members of your team. Hence, it helps in staying in touch with each other and thus helps ensure greater productivity and participation. 

8. 100% privacy protection

There are no threats to your confidential and secret files i.e. to your videos and photos. Whether these files are for a secret meeting or they are too personal to share with anyone, they are safe here. No one can access or take them from your space until you share them yourself with anyone else. Through offering 100% privacy protection, this Creative Suite plays a big role in winning the users’ trust and confidence. 

9. Saves Time

Moreover, another strong reason to use this Creative Suite is that it saves you time. No one has hours and hours to spend just editing the photos and videos. Every person on this planet is in a hurry and wants the quick results to save his time. So, this is where this editor helps as well by automating the editing processes while offering you quick results. 

10. Saves Money

As all of its features are free to use, you don’t need to spend any money on buying any premium features. Moreover, it also offers free sign-up and requires you to avoid adding your financial details anywhere. Unlike this, other editors always ask you to either create a free account or add your credit card details to access the premium features. However, this is not the problem here as it won’t stress you to spend money for making professional edits. 

How to use the Online Creative Suite?

After exploring the most compelling reasons to use this Create Suite by CapCut, you must be thinking of trying it. If so, here are the simple and easy steps to use this Suite. 

  • Step 1: Create Account

First, search CapCut create suite on Google to enter the official webpage. Then create your account here by clicking on the “Sign up for Free” button. Fill in your information and verify your account. Then, log in and navigate to the creative suite. 

  • Step 2: Upload Photo/Video

Upload your photo or video using Dropbox or Google Drive. Otherwise, you may just drag and drop your video/photo to the editor. 

  • Step 3: Customize

Now, customize it by using different tools and tricks here. For example, try changing the background, color palettes, or add frames, filters, text effects, stickers, and shapes, etc.

  • Step 4: Export/Download

When all the edits are done, navigate to Export and download your file to your laptop. 


If you haven’t used this editor yet, take a step forward to start using it for editing your photos/videos. It makes it easier to transform your ordinary and lifeless videos/photos into the most engaging, interactive, and shining ones. Additionally, it transforms these files in a way that gathers great attention, more engagement, and wider appreciation and views. So, using this simplified yet amazing editor can powerfully open new doors of success for you. Try it for some of your photos and videos and see the magic happening through your eyes. 

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