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Download Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21

19 Oct 2023 News
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Download Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21: find more underground structures, visit Trail Chambers, defeat Breeze, and create items with Crafter!

Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21: Discover Trail Chambers

For those who follow all the updates of minecraft pocket edition, there are many features in this new version. This is a unique experience for Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 players, which includes:

  • Exploring underground structures;
  • Using new ways to create items with Crafter;
  • Meeting Breeze in underground structures;
  • Finding Copper Bulbs in MCPE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 dungeons.

Trail Chambers

The uniqueness of this underground structure is that it consists of several rooms. The difficulty level can be different, and such an adventure will appeal not only to beginners, but also to experienced Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 players.

Inside the location can contain not only valuable resources that are in the chests, but also dangerous creatures. Those who want to give the territory even more mystery should download suitable Minecraft PE Shaders.


Those who see the Breeze for the first time may think that it looks like a Blaze. This is true: the behavior of these mobs is somewhat similar, but there is some difference. Breeze shoots air balls at opponents. They can explode if they collide with blocks or mobs.

This is also dangerous for Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 players: such an attack can cause great damage to the character.

Cooper Bulbs

By creating underground MCPE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 structures, developer Mojang added some new blocks and items there. For example, Cooper Bulb can become an interesting decorative element, because it is a light source. 

In dark locations of minecraft pocket edition 1.21.0, where the block is usually generated, it helps players see the surrounding objects.

Copper can oxidize, so gradually the block begins to fade.

Trail Spawner

There is a new Trail Spawner in the game world that will create mobs when players get close to it in Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21. It works like this: the more characters there are, the more creatures will spawn. The item appears in underground structures. There are supposed to be rewards for killed mobs.

By the way, this spawner has some time to cool down after each new stage of work.


The Mojang team has prepared a real surprise for those who like to create objects. To partially automate what used to be done with the crafting table, Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 users can now do with the Crafter.

Players can apply their experience with Redstone and create the necessary objects in any quantity.


The winner of the mob vote 2023 in the game world can help players. The fact is that Armadillo drops items from which users can create wolf armor.

This is a cute mob that is neutral to the Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21 players.

Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.40 and 1.21: Trail Chamber Update


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