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The significante of images on linkedin

27 Dec 2023 News
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In the expansive realm of social media, LinkedIn is one of the most visually-driven platforms. This characteristic has been entrenched in its essence for a substantial duration. Here, the canvas for expression extends beyond mere textual content; one can seamlessly share images, videos, SlideShare presentations, live videos, and more. With this cognizance, let's explore the rationale behind incorporating visual content on LinkedIn and elucidate the optimal LinkedIn image sizes. 


They include:

Personal Branding

In the vast landscape of online searches, your LinkedIn profile often emerges as a prominent beacon. A simple Google search of your name will likely present your LinkedIn profile among the top search results. Irrespective of the years invested in curating your brand, your LinkedIn profile is frequently within the top echelons of online impressions. 

Organizational Branding

LinkedIn Company Pages present a crucial platform for enhancing your company's reputation. Users can access and retrieve information about your company from LinkedIn without ever having to leave the platform.

Regardless of the scale of your business, meticulous attention to employing the best LinkedIn image sizes on your Company Page becomes indispensable. 

Dynamic Engagement

LinkedIn, often regarded as the business networking powerhouse, operates on a heightened plane of interaction. Your online presence grows, and solid business relationships are cultivated through all interactions. The symbiosis between visibility and opportunities becomes more pronounced with each interaction. 

Channeling Traffic

A pivotal statistic commands attention for those entrenched in the Business to Business (B2B) domain: a staggering 64% of social media traffic directed to B2B corporate websites originates from LinkedIn. 

Lead Generation Leverage

LinkedIn emerges as a highly potent tool in the realm of lead generation. A study revealed that, for business-to-business (B2B) endeavors, LinkedIn surpassed both Facebook and Twitter by a significant margin—277% more effective in lead generation. 


Within the professional expanse of LinkedIn, an overarching commitment to professionalism is requisite. Every facet must exude a polished professionalism, from individual profiles to company representations. A faux pas in this regard, especially concerning images, can inadvertently tarnish one's digital image, even if operating as a solopreneur within the confines of a home office.

Among the common mistakes encountered in the LinkedIn image landscape: 

  • Underutilization of image space: Failing to harness many spaces available for image deployment is a prevalent oversight. 
  • Resolution realm: Deploying images with insufficient resolution, leading to a grainy appearance, is a common misstep. LinkedIn advises increasing the size of images to improve their quality. 
  • Dimensional dilemmas: Misjudging the appropriate dimensions results in distorted or inadequately cropped images. If text incorporation is part of the image strategy, meticulous attention is warranted to prevent concealment or truncation. Tips addressing this concern are expounded upon later in this discourse. 


In summary, using images on LinkedIn is an undeniable cornerstone within the professional networking and branding domain. It elevates your corporate identity, spawns high-caliber leads, and augments organizational recognition. A person's ability to distinguish sophistication and maximize the impact of their digital footprint is greatly influenced by the careful application of visual elements, including images with exact dimensions. Consider the LinkedIn image size guide and customize your LinkedIn profile with the right dimensions.

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