The best weight tracking apps for iPhone

Are you on the path to weight loss and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Losing weight is no easy task which is why apps such as these exist. These are so much more than just weight tracking tools as many provide customized meal plans, exercise routines, tracking tools, and plenty more. Once you have set your goal it will make it much easier to pick the app that works best for you. You’ll find each of these to be user-friendly and powerful.

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Whether you're trying to eat less sugar, lose weight via a Keto diet, or ensure you have a well-rounded diet with the right balance of macros & vitamins, this good weight tracking app helps you achieve your health goal. Freshbit helps weight tracking; it is one of the highest 5-star rated Calorie Counter and Carb Manager apps, helps you become your healthiest version of you!

  • Set custom goals for your Keto or non-Keto diet plan, choose daily targets for calories, fat, protein, and carbs to reach your diet goals
  • All intake results have graphs, charts, or even emojis! to visualize your data and make numbers easy to understand for you
  • Tracks 20 different nutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Fibre, Iron, Magnesium, etc.) for every food to give you a comprehensive picture of what you eat

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker app for iPhone is the tool that helps improve metabolism by optimizing nutrition, sleep, exercise and other factors to increase metabolic flexibility (your body's ability to switch between using fats and carbohydrates as a fuel source). Lumen is also a weight tracking app that allows you to track changes in your body, including weight changes.

  • Real-time measurement of your metabolism
  • Personalized daily nutrition plan and insights
  • Lifestyle recommendations for sleep, exercise, fasting, and more
  • Track and monitor your metabolism over time
  • Customizable tracks to achieve your goals

The Reshape – Weight Loss At-Home app is a comprehensive weight management app that incorporates exercise plans, meal planning and water intake tracking. Aimed primarily towards women, the algorithm calculates a weight loss plan based on preferences and recommends steps needed to achieve your goals. The fitness features range from video exercises to yoga, while the nutrition element covers the important parts for tracking and losing weight.

  • Personal fitness plans designed just for you
  • Meal planner covering many recipes to suit your tastes
  • Water tracker to monitor water loss
  • Step counter within the app itself

This is a weight tracking app for iPhone. Dieting is hard enough. But when you work hard, hop on the scale, and see a number that's higher than yesterday? Well, that's just not fair!  It's time to tame the scale with the happy scale app for iPhone. Happy Scale helps you make sense of the frustrating ups and downs of weigh-ins by using mathematical analysis to make sense of your scale weights. Happy Scale uses sophisticated math to learn the true trend of your progress. You can see what you're really losing each week.  Happy Scale app review

  • Understand your true trend,
  • Take the sting out of plateaus, and
  • Be able to predict what you’ll weigh for an upcoming event

This wonderful app helps users to track their weight, monitor their progress, see suggestions for ideal weight, make some recommendations, and help motivate users. It has many cool features like track single or multiple profiles, track other additional body measurements, sync data across multiple iDevices, enter body weight for different dates and much more. The app has a PIN to keep your information secure and has numerous calculations for categories like daily caloric intake, BMI, total weight loss, body fat percentage, average weight loss for day or week, overall progress and more. Additionally, users can integrate other tools like digital scales and HealthKit. Free to download, but does have an in-app purchase.

  • A powerful and motivating weight loss tracker
  • Calculates numerous factors like caloric intake and BMI
  • Tracks other body measurements as well, Can use one or multiple profiles
  • Sync data across multiple iDevices, Graphs to show progress
  • Award winning app, In-app purchase 

What gets measured gets managed, and this app will help you keep tabs on your weight as you input data every day or week depending on your preference. Users can visualize the data they input over a period of time in the form of a graph. Old entries can also be viewed in a list form. The app is fully functional offline, but you can connect to the internet to backup your data to the free cloud space provided in-app. The data can be synced across devices as well as to the Health App, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

  • Visualize the weight data you input over time
  • Review old entries in a list form
  • Works offline
  • Backup your data in the cloud
  • Syncs across devices as well as Health app, Google Fit, and Fitbit

This app is free to use, but the ultimate success comes with their monthly Pro Membership which can be purchased through the app. This membership provides a 16 week personal coaching plan by experts. This plan is customized to help you live a healthier life through better eating, exercise and more. There are unlimited check-ins with your coach, tracking calories, exercise and sleep tracking, integrates with other tools like a digital scale, and much more. This app will help you truly transform your life under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Transform your life with this app
  • Requires a Monthly membership for coaching
  • Get customized and personal coaching plans
  • Coaches are experts in their fields
  • Tracks exercise, sleep, caloric intake

Working out seems like a simple enough task but for many people it can be tough trying to figure out what exercises are best for their goals. The JEFIT Workout app acts as your own virtual personal trainer that is available to you at the gym. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the trainer at the gym when you can use this option instead. The app features more than 1,300 exercises that are described through animations and text instructions. What you are able to do is build a routine and then start tracking your progress and statistics.  JEFIT Workout app review

  • Acts as a virtual personal trainer at the gym
  • Browse through the more than 1,300 exercises
  • Put together your own routine
  • All exercises are described with text and animations
  • Track your progress and statistics

Are you tired of the same old exercises all the time and you're looking to add some interest to your workout? The DailyBurn app provides users with all kinds of video workouts that are led by a trainer. Any fitness level can use the app and it doesn't matter how little or how much time you have available to workout. All of the videos are HD and they are full-length. You will obviously be watching them but everything is clearly explained in each video. If you'd like, you can also stream your workout right to your TV so you can see even more detail.  DailyBurn for iPad app review

  • Watch HD full-length workout videos
  • The videos include plenty of instructions
  • The app can be used by any fitness level
  • Stream the videos to your TV using AirPlay
  • You can fit in a short or a long workout

Setting out to lose weight can be a daunting task and with many people it's hard to know where to start. The Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary app gives you a way to keep track of the calories you've consumed plus will track your weight loss, your water intake, and get a quick answer as to how many calories you have left to consume that day. It's more than just calorie counting though; this is always a great way to plan your meals and ensure you're getting a wide range of healthy foods in a day. Inputting food is fast and easy and you can even use the barcode scanner to do so.

  • Start tracking what you eat and how much you eat
  • Makes it possible to plan healthy meal choices
  • Track your water intake
  • Track your weight loss
  • Get tips through the app

If you are looking for a user-friendly way to count calories the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal app may provide you with the solution. Thanks to the massive database this app has, it's very quick and easy to enter in your foods. View how many calories you've consumed, how many you have left, what areas you may be lacking in, and you can track your exercise for the day. View your cholesterol, fiber, protein, calories, sugar, and fat intake for the day so you can pick the foods that fit in with your needs. Another cool feature is the built-in step tracker.  Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker App Review

  • A quick and simple solution to calorie counting
  • There is a built-in step tracker
  • Track your exercises for the day
  • View your major nutrients intake
  • The user interface is clean

Imagine if there was a tool that could making losing weight much easier and even faster. The Lose It! app attempts to offer users exactly what they need in order to lose weight successfully. This is an entire weight loss program to follow and you can also count your calories in the app. There are currently millions of people using this solution. When you first begin you will set your weight loss goals and then the app creates a program. From there you follow along, track your exercise, and track what you eat. Inputting foods is quick and simple and you can make use of the barcode scanner to speed things up further.  Lose It! app review

  • Let the app create a program for you
  • Track what you eat
  • Track your exercise
  • Set goals within the app
  • The app is user-friendly

If you are a part of the Weight Watchers program then the Weight Watchers Mobile app is absolute must-have companion tool. This app makes it possible to stick with the program no matter where you are. Use this app to search for recipes, restaurants, foods, and more. There are interactive cheat sheets that will help you figure out the best items to order at restaurants. Track your activity, food intake, and weight through the app and even chat with a Weight Watchers-certified Coach when you feel like you could use some motivation. If you're trying to find the closest Weight Watchers meeting the app will be able to locate it with ease.  Weight Watchers Mobile app review

  • Locate the nearest Weight Watchers meeting
  • Track your activity, food intake, and weight
  • Search for food, recipes, restaurants, and plenty more
  • There are interactive cheat sheets
  • The app is user-friendly

Personalized Diets and Meal Plans, food and exercise tracking, calorie counter, and healthy recipes, all in one place. Get healthy and feel great with Lifesum! Join 40 million users on the journey to better health and discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference in becoming happier and healthier. Reach your health and weight goals through better!

  • Deepen your knowledge to empower you to make more conscious nutritional choices. 
  • Follow a Classic Diet and get your calories and macros (carbs, proteins, and fats) tracked.
  • Learn about healthy eating, not just about calorie counting. 
  • Get a better understanding of which foods you should put more or less of onto your plate.

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