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We are responsible for those who were tamed. Read about everything that is funny, curious and interesting in the world of apps!
Even on the walls...
A specially for young people )))  
Technology progress ...  
Which side are you on?
Yes I'm so sick, somebody call the doctor!
It's all about Facebook  
2015 family dinner  
Meanwhile in cafe
Insert abs on your smartphone
How do you like it now?
Wanna wash your dog? There is an app for that...
You know I hate when you check your messages at the table
Thank you, I will eat vegetables instead
Just when you think you know someone...  
Modern study techniques
No time for sleeping
News delivery   
 it's the future ;)  
There's always the free cheese in a mouse trap and the free wi-fi is anywhere you go
Be careful with your words
I am not lazy I am on energy saving mode
Never forget important things...