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The Main Pros and Cons of Mobile Slot Games

03 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Mobile phones have changed the way we live and conduct fundamental duties. Over the years, these gadgets have gone from simple tools to make calls and send texts to personal items that converge numerous functions that are accessible on the move. Smartphones have been so readily embraced around the world thanks to their functionality, and with nearly every function scrambling to get users’ attention on the gadgets, it is no surprise that gambling is one of them. 

Software developers have made the creation of mobile slots the norm alongside the PC versions. The mobile casino video slots do not change in appearance or functionality despite being on different gadgets. The best mobile slots to play online can be found on these devices with ease considering how frequent mobile gameplay has become in the current age.

The Upsides

Playing slot machines on mobile devices has its advantages; otherwise, the platform would not have been as popular as it is today. Some of the upsides that push it as an ideal arena to engage in pokie gameplay include:

  •  Convenience

Mobile gadgets have grown to become small computing devices that can be carried anywhere, which makes them function as a part of everyday life so efficiently. Smartphones are created with small frames that make them fit in pockets and bags, making them a portable alternative to bulky PCs. This portability is also supported by the fitted rechargeable batteries that run without needing to be plugged in. Also, when they are out of charge, there is the option of using power banks, most of which are as light and easy to carry around as mobile phones. This gives users access to the devices 24/7, which means slot gameplay can happen anywhere and at any time as long as there is internet access.

  •  Price

When smartphones were first introduced, they were a fancy advancement in technology which put a high price point on them and limited their access to a few people. Today, with more and more firms breaking into the market to feed an ever-growing demand, the price range has dropped to accommodate as many people as possible. Some smartphones can be purchased for as little as 50 dollars, and they carry all the features necessary to run online slot games. Some pricey options are still available that come with powerful microprocessors and advanced chipsets that are available for as much as 1,500 dollars.

  •  Wide range of options

Mobile phones currently stand as the most used devices to access online gambling services. This popularity prompts most software developers and casino operators to avail their products in the platform. Smartphone users currently have slot options in the thousands with new additions being made now and then. NetEnt is the software provider responsible for kick-starting the trend by using Java software to make games mobile compatible. The gaming niche later transitioned to the use of flash technology and is now abandoning the platform for HTML5 technology. This means that almost any game found on desktop computers can be played on smartphones. Also, gamblers have access to casino sites across the globe and can explore the gambling culture in other regions outside of theirs.

  •  Access to social slot games

When most people think of the use of smartphones, they associate it with the access to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The spreading of this front in the business and entertainment industries has gained the attention of software developers as they look to merge both worlds. The integration of gambling on social media has led to the creation of social slots, which are played on spaces like Facebook. The games are available for free play, and punters can invite their friends to join in the fun and track their progress.

  •  Bonuses and promotions

Playing slots on mobile devices does not bar access to bonus offers. When joining a casino for real money gameplay, punters can claim a range of incentives. Casinos use these rewards as tools to woo gamers into becoming and remaining clients. Nearly all casinos give bonuses for their clients, and some of the most common categories players can run into for use in slot games include:

Match promotions

Award a percentage of the deposit used to activate the offer up to a specific amount. It is often featured in the welcome package but is also a regular in reload offers.


Give back a percentage of the losses incurred when placing stakes. In some cases, cashback covers winnings as well.

Free spins

Developed primarily for use in pokie machines to award bonus rounds that do not charge players anything. They are often given as no deposit offers, part of welcome packages, and reload incentives.

Loyalty points

In most cases, loyalty points can be redeemed for other bonuses in the casinos, which means they can be used to claim free spins or cash bonuses that can be used in slot games.

  •  Free and real money gameplay

Mobile slot games look to serve a broad demographic, which is why they are available in both free and real money modes. Both versions of each game are usually similar down to the bet limits, bonus features, and payout values. The difference lies in the use of fun credits in the demo slot versions, whose generated payouts can only be reused as bets without the option of withdrawals. These games are often used during the slot selection process or by those not looking forward to spending any money of their own. The real money versions come with the risk of using actual cash as stakes, but rewards are granted the same way.

  •  No download variations

Mobile slots are often developed instant play versions, which does not call for the installation of an application and can run on web browsers. With flash technology being faced out, no software has to be installed either for the sets to run.

The Downsides

Even with so many advantages to it, mobile gambling has some downsides that slot lovers should be aware of before diving into the venture. Some of these cons include:

  •  Easily addictive

The ability to access mobile slots anywhere drives up the chances of landing into the pit of gambling addiction. The key to a healthy life is engaging with moderation, and nothing proves that more than playing slot machines, especially when real money is involved. Caution is advised, especially since slots are designed to entice players to keep playing, making them four times more addictive than any other games in casinos.

  •  Internet connection inconsistency

Playing while moving around can cause interferences with internet connectivity. These disruptions can lead to game malfunctions, which can cost players collected winnings and bonuses. This is unlike with PCs that remain in one place all the time and have steady access to a constant network.

  •  Small screens

The small size of mobile devices may allow them to be carried around easily, but they also shrink the size of the screen. This can cause a change in the graphics quality of games, which can result in missing some details. This is especially common with slot machines that are not given small alterations to suit smartphones.

Bottom Line

Mobile casino games have their limitations, but the upsides surpass the downsides to make them an ideal indulgent. It all comes boils down to being mindful of how often one is playing and how much is being spent. 

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