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Online sports betting, the guide for new players

10 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Many are those who, for the first time, approach the world of online sports betting, and who consequently need information and advice on how to make their debut in the fascinating world of betting on the web.


Online betting always beats agency betting, that's why

In this regard, it must be said that, compared to the bets that are placed in the agency, online betting is not only more convenient but also more advantageous. In detail, betting online is convenient as it is like always having the betting agency in your pocket since the games, at any time, and from anywhere, can also be placed with the phone as well as with the tablet with the PC desktop and laptop. Furthermore, always compared to the physical betting agency, an online betting agency such as is much more advantageous as there are offers, bonuses, cashbacks, promotions, and concessions that game points do not offer and cannot offer. And this is because, compared to the betting room, the online bookmakers have no fixed costs starting from renting premises and passing through the payment of employees to be hired to collect bets. In fact, everything happens automatically with online bookmakers starting from the crediting of the winnings, in the reserved area of ​​your gaming account on the web, without having to go back to the agency and show the winning coupon.

Types of online bets, here are the ones preferred by players

Those who are going to experience the world of online betting for the first time often believe that it is possible to place bets, for example on football, choosing only between 1, X or 2. In this case, you bet online on a sporting event, but in reality, with bookmakers on the web, there is a vast choice of options and selections to choose from for betting on sporting events. Let's see what are the types of online bets preferred by players with a focus, in particular, on football games in remembering that the bet on a single sporting event is defined as a single bet, while on two or more events, it is defined as a multiple bet.


Online betting, from a double chance to under/over

Let's start from the double chance bet, which is like the double of the football pool that is 1X, X2 or 12, and then move on to the under/over selection with which you bet on the number of goals scored above or below a certain threshold. For example, if for the Juventus-Napoli match, we place the bet under 3.5, then this will be a winner if, for the final result, the sum of the goals scored by both teams will be less than 4.


From handicap bets to goal/no goal

Among the types of bets, there are also those with a handicap when the prediction hangs heavily on the side of one of the two teams, and the exact result bet not only at the end of the 90 regular minutes but also with the bet on the exact result at the end of the first time. For a football match, will both teams be able to score a goal during the match? If the answer, or rather the prediction, is yes, then the bet selection to play is 'goal,' otherwise, it is 'no goal.' There are also betting options that are closely related to the game as a 'team hitting the first corner,' or 'team hitting the first corner.'

How to Bet Online 2020, tips and tricks to go to the cashier

To bet online on sporting events, and to win by going to the cashier as often as possible, the luck factor is essential and decisive, but it is not the only one to make profits thanks to betting. Many of those who place online bets, in fact, see betting as a real activity because, net of some luck; the gain is constant over time only through careful analysis of the choices to make, and only by placing of rules, criteria and personalized methods to place bets with bookmakers on the web. In detail, the first thing to always do is to go to maximize the potential winnings while minimizing the expense, which is why all the bonuses, all the concessions, and all the promotions offered must always be exploited to the maximum. In addition, to maximize the earnings from online betting, it is also essential to cut down, and possibly eliminate the costs. From this point of view, opening a gaming account with an online bookmaker is true; it costs nothing, but you must always pay attention to the methods and payment systems chosen to withdraw the winnings and to carry out the top-up operations. In this regard, in fact, it is preferable, for example, to use a Paypal account, or a rechargeable one, rather than a credit card with a credit line which generally not only has an annual fee to pay but which can also involve the application of commissions on transactions.


For the rest, on how to bet online 2020 at best, this also means understanding well the fact that, for reasons strictly related to the odds, in most cases, it is the games played on single sporting events, compared to those placed in multiple, which allow going to the cashier more frequently.

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