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The Ultimate Digital Nomad Starter Pack

10 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, more and more people are exploring the digital nomad lifestyle. There is a great reason to do so, because, with the flexibility to work in whatever environment they please, digital nomads have every opportunity to travel the world. If this sparks your interest, then embark on the journey wandered by a digital nomad. In order to do so, below is the starter pack that will guarantee that you will thrive.



The first thing that you should own and invest in is a durable backpack that is lightweight and comfortable to use. This will house all the belongings you need while you are on the road. As much as possible, choose a backpack with a clamshell opening for you to be able to gain access to your stuff effortlessly. A backpack that comes with a detachable day pack is even better because in this case, you only need to carry a smaller bag and leave the larger one to be used only when you need to relocate. Typically, a day pack would already suffice to fit in all your gadgets and necessities, such as your laptop, documents, wallet, phone, journals, and a change of clothes to name a few.



When you are frequently in a foreign territory, it is important to keep your documents safe and secure, and of course, with you at all times. Thus, it is important that you store all your paperwork in a waterproof container that fits perfectly in your bag. If you need to take any medications, make sure that you have the prescriptions stored together with your documents too. You can also make digital copies of your passport and other documents as necessary. Apart from your documents, you can also invest in a durable wallet to be able to organize your money, which may now come in various currencies. Your credit cards will also be in your wallet, as well as SIM cards or subway passes. Other identification cards, such as your driver’s license can also conveniently fit in your wallet.



Digital nomads cannot live without their electronic gadgets because these are the means that they use to stay connected, regardless of where they are.

  • Smartphone. In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone that provides them with the necessary applications to ensure their connectivity.    Smartphones are no longer limited to making calls and sending messages, but these are already capable of providing an updated map, a real-time weather guide, an entertainment system, and a camera to name a few. All these are important for people who frequently find themselves in a foreign land.
  • Power Bank. It can prove to be quite frustrating if your smartphone dies on you the moment you need it the most. In order to ensure that you steer clear from this unfortunate scenario, it is necessary to bring a power bank with you at all times. Choose the ones that are lightweight, with specifications that are compatible with your phone and other gadgets.
  • Laptop. Digital nomads make a living by leveraging on technology and a laptop is their bread and butter. The best    travel laptop is one that is portable, yet powerful, enabling you to fulfill the tasks that you promised your client. The price range of these laptops greatly varies depending on the features they offer.
  • International Wi-Fi Spot. Another thing that digital nomads cannot live without is a portable hotspot that works in most countries. It is best to choose one that is prepaid, such that you are not bound by any contract.
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It is an understatement to say that you need to pack light as a digital nomad. As much as possible, try your best to live on a few multipurpose items that will generally last for a week or two. A pair of pants, a couple of shirts, underwear, and socks are mostly what you need. Add to this a multipurpose jacket to keep you warm on a cold night or to keep you dry when it is raining, as well as a pair of shorts that you can use for swimming. It is also a good idea to bring with you a multipurpose scarf, as well as comfortable footwear.

Go ahead and venture out into becoming a digital nomad yourself. You may discover that the benefits of being one outweigh some of the drawbacks. Just make sure to pack your essentials with you to guarantee that you will be successful in your journey.

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