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Do Online Casinos Have Mobile Apps?

08 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Some online casinos have mobile apps you can download and install on your smartphone. The keyword is some because not every iGaming business has an app. There are valid reasons why some operators choose not to avail them.  Generally speaking, mobile apps have an equally effective replacement these days: mobile websites. Think about it. When you think of buying stuff such say new clothes, do you head straight to your browser or the app store? Exactly. Not everyone favours apps, but that's not to say they are not necessary. Most people play mobile games through apps. So, it's only logical that online casinos avail these apps. That said, discover more details about casino apps below, how to find them, how they work, and their differences with mobile sites.

How to Find Casino Apps

Casinos love mobile players. That’s no exaggeration. Many gambling operators are constantly looking for ways to score new mobile customers. The reason is simple. Multiple studies show the future of online gambling rests in the hands of smartphone gamers. In the next decade, up to 80% of casino players will be gambling through smartphones. And considering iGaming is a $40 billion industry, it’s not surprising that every casino wants a share of the upcoming giant. So, what are gaming operators doing about it? They are sharing their apps through play stores, their sites and social media. They are doing it tirelessly, even if it means giving out bonuses to new players in exchange for installing an app. Of course, you don’t want to download an app just because there’s a bonus. A better approach is to read numerous reviews to discover what most people like. Take a look at Mr Ringo’s best mobile casinos to get a glimpse of the top-rated apps out there. Then compare their offers to decide which app you should download.

 Android vs iOS Apps

Most casinos have apps for both iOS and Android device owners. That means it doesn't matter whether you use a Samsung smartphone or an iPhone, there's a casino with an app you can download. There's one problem, though. Do you live in a country where online gambling is legal? If yes, then it's stupid simple to find your favourite casino apps on Google and Apple Play stores. If not, then you need to install these apps from another source. The most reliable place is to visit a casino’s website and download their app. However, some operators might also provide alternative places to find their applications.

Mobile Websites

In a different world, mobile apps would be the most popular ways to play casino games through smartphones. But for the last eight years, Google and Apple haven’t always decided whether they should allow gambling apps. As a result, there was a time casino apps were banned on Google and heavily limited on Apple. Then policies changed, and both Google and Apple accepted these applications, albeit with many restrictions. To avoid this confusion, casino apps sought a permanent solution. Enter mobile sites, AKA mobile web apps. Instead of pressuring people to download apps, gambling operators decide to design websites that could work through mobile browsers. The results have been phenomenal. People can conveniently play slots and card games, and they don't have to download software or apps to do it.

Mobile Apps versus Websites

Does it make a difference when you use an app or a website? The short answer is no. Gaming companies have streamlined their products so much that you receive an enjoyable experience regardless of your choices. You could download an app or access your account through a browser. If there’s a bonus, you’ll get it either way. The same applies to customer service. You can send an email or use a chatbot to talk to a staff member whichever way you choose.  In other words, you are free to download an app or use a mobile website to play casino games. It’s all based on your experience. That said, keep these key points in mind.

  • Mobile apps are faster to access
  • They can be customized more effectively
  • Mobile sites save you the need to install an app
  • They work just fine

Mobile Apps and Websites: What to Consider

We've mentioned you can use an app or a web app to play casino games. But there's more to gambling than how you do it. Precisely, there are critical issues of whether it's genuine and safe, and the equally important detail about payment and bonus policies. In other words, how much do you trust a casino? If you want to download their app, you must believe in their services. If it's a new business, there's a chance you don't fully know what to expect. In that case, use some of these tips:

  • A Valid License

Online casinos are heavily regulated businesses and for genuine reasons. They involve money, and you don't want to lose your hard-earned cash to them. A valid license from the UKGC, MGA or eCuracao shows that it's a genuine company.

  • Safe and Secure

Next up in your list of essential details to check is how a casino protects your data. An SSL certificate, PCI compliance, login systems and independent auditing certs help accomplish safety and security. Ensure your casino checks these boxes.

  • Game Variety and Responsiveness

Do you want to play slots or poker? Whatever the case, these games should load seamlessly on your device. The site or app shouldn’t crash. And if it does, the casino must correct the problem fast. You can learn more about games and responsiveness from reviews.

  • Payments and Bonuses

On the one hand, find an operator that accepts payment companies you respect. On the other hand, read reviews to ensure they have excellent policies—i.e., they have friendly limits and process withdrawals quickly.

On the flip side, check out their bonuses. Read their terms and decide whether they are worth it. For reference, great rewards let you keep your winnings with little to no hassles.

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