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Useful Apps Every Company Should Have

08 Aug 2020 Developer News
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Useful apps

Any company or business needs to have various aspects of their daily operation covered and handled efficiently. It’s not just the owners and managers that are taking on various roles and overseeing different activities in the company; even employees, team leaders, and department heads usually take on tasks to ensure the proper functioning of the business. The good news is there are applications, software, and programs that make essential tasks within a company more manageable and organized. For multitaskers and those taking on specialized roles in the company, such innovations are very much welcome. Here, we’ll explore some of the useful apps every company should have.

Communication Apps

Communication is important in every business or company and this should involve all members of the organization. Depending on the operational needs and the type of communication needed by a company, some apps can effectively handle the communication needs in a business. Apps like Skype, Google Meet, and Fuze are great for video conferencing and they are easy to download and set up. Real-time and instant messaging apps like Slack, Rocket.Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost can help deliver important messages and updates to everyone, without having to make inter-department phone calls or go around and relay messages. This simplified and efficient method of instant messaging saves time and also boosts productivity

Employee Assistance Program Apps

Most of the successful companies and businesses today have one thing in common: satisfied and motivated employees. While personally connecting and assisting all employees is the best approach, doing so can be physically taxing for a small group of administrators handling a large number of employees. As a way of showing their care and concern for employees, employee assistance program (EAP) apps were developed to extend this outreach. The developers of LifeWorks EAP agree that interventions to personal issues of employees can improve their outlook and work performance. However, not all EAP apps have the same set of services, and employers should choose ones that have support for a wide range of issues, have 24/7 accessibility, and have multiple counseling modalities.

Finance and Accounting Apps

Keeping your company’s finances well-maintained, organized, and monitored can be physically and mentally taxing. Apps that can help you handle the financial and accounting aspects of your company can help you take a better perspective of your company’s financial health. Quickbooks is a popular and useful accounting app that can handle various accounting and finance-related tasks. It handles the essential tasks of processing and managing invoices, payroll, and taxes. It also integrates connections to other financial accounts like credit cards, bank accounts, Square, and Paypal where you can retrieve data from these sources when you need them. The app is easy to use, intuitive, and is accessible through mobile devices.

Business Organization and Project Management Apps

Staying on top and in control of the various tasks in your company is now made easier with apps for organization and project management. Trello is a popular project management app that makes team collaboration easier. Within each Trello board, you can easily track various team workflows by creating cards representing an assignment or task. You can assign due dates, tag other members, create checklists, add comments, and upload documents and images to make your card descriptive and informative. Also, members are alerted through email or mobile notification of the changes you make to a card. Other organization and project management app alternatives include Asana, Basecamp, and Airtable.

Finding ways to increase productivity and streamline the management and organization of a company can now be possible through the use of apps and programs. These apps can lessen the load off of business owners and managers and reduce the stress of struggling to personally handle various tasks. You can find your own set of apps for your business type and structure and free up your tasks and time while also managing the smooth operation of your business.

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