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7 Powerful Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Essential For A Business

13 Aug 2020 Developer News
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The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the availability of any information, product, or service to be available online. For this reason, individuals and entrepreneurs strive to establish a strong online presence to maintain and scale their brand. In this case, they ensure that they have a great media presence, as well as an official website that is not only informative but captivating as well.

In terms of the latter, a section is often dedicated to customer reviews and feedback. Below are some of the reasons why this is of utmost importance.

Initiate Interaction

One of the primary reasons why online reviews are essential for a business is because it initiates the interaction between the business and its customers. When customers write reviews or feedback regarding a certain product or service that they have recently purchased or tried, they somehow expect the brand to respond to their comments, regardless of whether their feedback is positive or negative. With positive feedback, clients expect an acknowledgment from the brand, while with negative feedback, the clients expect the brand to address their issues accordingly.

Business Improvement

Online reviews and feedback initiate business improvement because, through the comments provided by the customers, the brand gets a good insight into the areas where they can improve. For instance, if they have a high-quality product that their clients rave about, but it takes a long time before their customers receive the products they have ordered, then they can expect a poor review in terms of delivery. In this case, the business needs to take the necessary steps to improve their delivery process to ensure that their products are received by their clients immediately.

Support SEO

Businesses employ search engine optimization or SEO techniques to ensure that their website lands on the top rank of search results. The reason why they strive to do so is that the sites that land on the top spot tend to get more viewers or visitors than the sites that land on the bottom, more so than the sites that don’t make it on the first page. Having a dedicated section for reviews and feedback increases the chances of a site to make it to the top of the search results. This can be attributed to the fact that search engine algorithms prioritize sites with this section, particularly when the site generates sufficient interaction from the users through the feedback they receive. Furthermore, these On Demand Reviews will also make your brand more visible, particularly as you land high on the search results page. In this case, the search engine algorithms, as well as the people viewing your page will see your site as an authority in your industry, keeping you more favored and providing you with a competitive edge in your niche.


Another reason why online reviews are important for a business is that these can support their marketing campaign. For one, reviews and feedback help their SEO efforts which are a great way of generating organic traffic on their site. In addition to this, your customers will be doing the promotions and marketing for you through online reviews. If they love your product or service, they will even tap their network and vouch for your brand. Furthermore, these reviews generate more reviews in the long run. Furthermore, these reviews generate more reviews in the long run. These reviews can eventually be shared over various social media sites which can help you in establishing a stronger online presence. This is one of the most effective ways of expanding the reach of your brand which brings forth a greater share of the market.

Social Proof

Online reviews serve as social proof that can drive more purchases and increase your sales eventually. For instance, some businesses have significantly increased their sales by tenfold with the addition of a review or feedback section on their website. This can be attributed to the fact that they often receive a high rating from their customers, which is the best social proof that new customers perceive to be a good sign. For this reason, brands give a slight nudge to their clients to always turn in a review about their purchase, which can either be through an email, in exchange for another great deal such as a discount or a promotion code.


The credibility of a brand or business can be established through online reviews, particularly if your customers often leave you with positive ones. Statistics show that consumers don’t trust brands with a low star rating, usually those below the four-star ranking. On the contrary, people tend to give their trust to brands with a four-star rating or above. It is for this reason that the companies that have the best average ratings usually have the highest conversion rates.

Impact on Consumer Decision-making

More and more people now exert an extra effort to research about the products or services that they want to purchase, before putting their money into it. One of the key things that they explore is the reviews that previous customers or clients left on the site of the brand. Positive reviews may strengthen or validate their decision to purchase the product, and this can be the nudge they need to go ahead with the purchase. On the contrary, several negative reviews may prompt them to consider other brands instead. This is how online reviews impact the decision-making process of consumers who are keen on making more informed decisions.

Online reviews are essential for business because this initiates the interaction between the business and its customers, with the former empowering the latter. This is also a great way for a brand to get to know its customers and address their needs or have a good insight into the areas where they can further improve. An online review section also supports SEO, which then supports the marketing campaign of the business. This section also brings forth social proof that the brand can be trusted, which can have a significant impact on the decision-making of potential clients and customers.

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