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The Five Apps You Need to Keep You from Being Bored During Covid-19

02 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Tired of being locked in your home during this Covid-19 pandemic? You are not alone. This has been going on for nearly six months in most countries, and most people are becoming bored to death from the prolonged shelter in. After all, there is only so many shows you can binge watch or how many games of solitaire you can play before you are ready to go crazy.

What you need is the right set of apps to help you pass the time. Here are five that are a must.

Sports Betting Apps

Even if you are not a person who bets, you can still have a lot of fun betting on football, cricket, basketball or any other sport you like. On, you can find great apps that allow you to bet on any sport.  You may be completely disinterested in betting and that is ok. However, consider that this can be a lot of fun, and if you limit how much you can wager, you will not get yourself into any trouble. At the very least, these apps offer a lot of insights you may not have known about your favorite team or sport. You will find that there is truly something for everyone on these apps.

Take Care of Others

Maybe what you need is something that will pass the time and give you an activity that will pass the time. Apps like Pawshake could be exactly what you are looking for. You may not have a pet and feel you cannot afford one right now. That is perfectly ok. Get an app that allows you care for a digital pet. You feed, pet, walk, and do all the other things necessary to care for the animal. It will definitely make the time pass quickly.

Social Messaging

If you are sheltered in by yourself, you are likely finding that you are lonely for others. No one to talk to. No one to share your thoughts with or to hear what is going on with them. This is the time to get some form of messaging app. You want to stay in contact with others, which helps your mental health. It also keeps you from getting bored.

Music Apps

There is nothing that passes time quite like music. Lots will tell you to get a movie or television show app, but you will find that you are locked to that app and that you cannot do anything else. After all, you must keep watching or you will not know what is going on in the movie.  Not a problem with a good music app. You can get the latest music via Spotify, listen to your favorite artist, or build a playlist of dozens of artists. Then you can do just about anything – exercise, clean, read, take a nap. Time will fly.

A Learning Game

Let this be an opportunity to grow. There are great apps out there that challenge your vocabulary, question your history knowledge, or see how quickly you can solve math equations. These games can be addicting, which is great because they are helping you to grow and improve your knowledge. You cannot beat that.

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