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Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair with Speakers?

05 Oct 2020 Developer News
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gaming chair
gaming chair

The gaming industry is developing very rapidly, and more and more enhancements are introduced to the new games. It concerns the mechanics, the graphics, and also - the sound. Remember that unforgettable tunes from NES classics like Tetris or Super Mario Bros? They are certainly bringing a lot of memories, and a simple TV was enough to enjoy them, but nowadays, you can hear as exceptional gaming scores as those in the movies. You can feel as if you were in the Wild West while playing Red Dead Redemption, or get in the mood of killing some zombies when Dying Light is loading.

Speaking of horror games - have you noticed that particularly in those, sounds are amazingly crucial? You can tell that something is lurking in the dark when you hear some creepy noises over there. To have an even better experience, gaming chairs with speakers prove very useful. Let’s find out more about some of the most recommended ones!

GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRacing Gaming Chair has 2 Bluetooth speakers with surround sound that provide amazingly detailed stereo with solid bass. Imagine playing Need for Speed or Watch Dogs with those! What is more, with the Bluetooth connection, you can pair them not only with your PC or gaming consoles but also with any tablet or smartphone. It is worth mentioning that this chair also has a high backrest, lumbar support, and a sturdy metal frame, so it perfectly combines comfort with durability. You can adjust the seat height and armrests to match your preferences. What is more, it is enriched with 360 degrees swivel, 90 to 170 degrees reclining, and rocking capabilities.

However, you should be aware that this gaming chair is not foldable, it is relatively heavy, and it does not allow you to expand the number of speakers.

X Video Rocker Vibe

In a gaming chair, a subwoofer cannot be bigger than four inches. However, there are models like X Video Rocker Vibe that provide you with such effects you would never expect from a device that small! You will get clear sound and excellent bass, each one of them being controlled by separate bass and volume controls.

Apart from that, in this gaming chair, you can find a vibration mode as well, making your immersion in the game even more intense. Now, when you get shot in Call of Duty or Battlefield, you will not only hear it but feel it as well! To make this product even more comfortable, the manufacturer applied polyurethane exterior with air holes, protecting you from getting too hot even after many hours of sitting.

Other important features of this chair are folding capability and the armrests - they could be more padded, but still, they are made in such a way that they combine comfort with great style perfectly. If we were to fix one thing about this chair, we would add a better backrest. Nevertheless, this product will provide you with an outstandingly immersive audio experience, and you can use it with wires or wirelessly, depending on your preferences.

X Rocker Pedestal Base Extreme III 2.1

This gaming chair has two speakers near the headrest and a four-inches subwoofer in the backrest. You can find the control panel on the right hand side where you can adjust the bass and treble features. To connect it with your console, you will need an optical cable or an auxiliary jack with a digital to analog converter. Keep in mind that even though it is a wireless gaming chair, it does not work with Bluetooth - there is a wireless transmitter included.

This model can also be easily tilted and swiveled, and it is made of faux leather and mesh fabric that allows your skin to breathe properly. The backrest and seat’s padding is all right but could be a bit thicker because you can slightly feel the frame in some seated positions. However, it is lightweight, so if you needed to transport it somewhere, it would not require you to level up with your strength first!

It is a high-standard gaming chair, and it is relatively expensive. Another disadvantage is that you cannot change the armrest height - but it should be quite universal in most cases.

The Bottom Line

All in all, a dedicated chair with speakers can enhance your gaming experience to a large extent because it provides better immersion. You can enjoy beautiful soundtracks more and capture every sound that your enemy makes. What is more, sometimes these chairs have a vibration mode as well, making it possible for you to not only hear that you are under attack, but also feel it!

Apart from the audio improvements, these products are also designed to provide comfort for gamers who like playing for long hours. They help you keep the right position, let your skin breathe, and not feel too much heat. Apart from gaming, you can use such a comfortable chair just to relax and listen to your favorite music. How about putting the unforgettable Heroes of Might and Magic III soundtrack? “The Rampart Town Theme” would be our pick!

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