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Mobile vs PC: What is best for Gambling?

27 Oct 2020 Developer News
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The waves of technology and innovation have led to a shift from strictly physical gambling at casinos to online gambling. These days, gamblers prefer to play casino games on their personal computers or mobile devices and enjoy much the same fun as in physical casinos. And this has proven to be the right decision for many players.

However, the shift itself has also brought about questions such as: why choose gambling at mobile casinos over PC gambling? What benefits do PC gambling offer that mobile gambling doesn’t offer and vice versa? which of the two is best for new players, average players and professional players? Are there preferences for any of the two? How do I enjoy any or both of them?

These questions and their actual answers depend on a variety of factors, which we seek to explore in the next sessions of this article.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is the kind of gambling done on a hand-held device such as smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPods. This has become the most sought-after gambling among new and existing slot developers, as they make games that are optimized for mobile gambling. Some developers even go as far as restricting their games to mobile for some time before PC gambling is enabled.   


Mobile gambling can be done via web browsers or mobile gambling applications. Web-based mobile gambling can be via different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Internet Explorer, et al.

Players have to connect to an online casino’s site and select their preferred game and play it. Web-based mobile gambling typically requires players to have a working cellular or Wi-Fi connection, which ought to be constantly available all through the time of play. On the other hand, app-based mobile gambling is the kind of gambling done on mobile gaming applications created by a developer.

Players typically have to download such applications from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. App-based gambling requires some web connection but not as much as web-based gambling. While playing on such applications, a player’s progress is mostly saved automatically, while some have multiple games in them.   


·         Mobile gambling is more convenient as you can play and make payments at any time and anywhere you wish;

·         Some developers have a preference for mobile play, but there are hardly new games with a preference for PC;

·         Mobile gambling creates room for easier uploading of sensitive details, as you always have your mobile gadget on you;

·         Multiple games may be found in the same mobile application;

·         Accessing games can be faster on 4G and 5G networks;

·         Once fully charged, a mobile device with a good battery may last hours playing casino games.


·         Smallness of device screen makes it difficult for players to get the best experience;

·         The fact that players can play games anytime and anywhere they want may result in problem gambling;

·         Battery life may be easily consumed by high-graphics games;

·         Difficulty in participating in casino competitions;

·         Multi-player games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, etc. may be hard to enjoy on mobile devices.

PC Gambling

This is the kind of gambling done on personal computers such as desktops and laptops. It represents one of the best forms of technological development in gambling, with the launch of the online casino market. Yes, the online casino segment started with playing games on PC devices, which in turn, paved the way for mobile casinos.

Understanding the importance of PC gambling, some developers still go the extra mile to provide different graphical displays of their games on PCs.


Playing on PC usually requires a connection to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, but a Wi-Fi network is better suited. This is because of the stability that your gameplay would enjoy, as we’re sure you don’t want to lose it all to a network failure. It suffices to state that you may not have to download any software to play casino games on your PC.


·         PC gambling offers a vivid display of whatever game you play;

·         Players can participate in casino-based competitions conveniently;

·         Once plugged into a power source, a PC may carry high power-consuming games;

·         Provides a replica of typical land-based casino experience;

·         Does not provide an easy avenue for problem gambling since a player may not be on their PC always. Even when they do, it’s probably mostly for work purposes.


·         Denies easy access to casino games while on the go, as it’s not portable;

·         Uploading personal details may be hard for players who don’t really save much on laptops;

·         Does not allow much room for privacy;

·         For desktops, games may be interrupted immediately power source is turned off;

·         Since everything is done on the web, it may consume very high internet data.


The online casino segment, as it is today, is powered by mobile devices and PCs. So, both would definitely retain their appeal to different kinds of players based on personal preferences. Both would also retain much of their relevance to the industry, with players’ interest being the topmost priority always.

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