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The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Betting in 2021

08 Feb 2021 Developer News
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There are many events for sports enthusiasts where they can bet and win. Today tennis is one of the most popular sports after football. Tennis is great for forecasting. The reason for this is the possibility of only two outcomes of the match. When taken seriously, tennis betting is guaranteed to be a good source of additional or main income.

Benefits of Tennis Betting

It is unwise to carry money to the bookmaker blindly. The main goal of any bettor is to win. Before placing a bet, players need to choose a bookmaker thoughtfully. For example, Tennis betting at is one of the safest and most guaranteed in winnings. But to increase chances of winning, bettors need to take into account many factors:

1. There are only two players in the game. Keeping track of one or two athletes is much easier than keeping track of a whole team. To assess the situation it is enough to watch a few games.

2. Tennis betting is effective not only before the match but also in live mode. This is a sport where the outcome of the game is difficult to predict. In the course of the game, there are different situations called comebacks. It means that losing athlete recoups very quickly and starts winning.

3. Multi-bets. Professional gamblers make several bets at once and do not leave without a win.

4. Players guarantee. In many team sports, players may be substituted before the match. And then bets that were made the day before may become irrelevant. It is impossible in tennis because only the declared person plays and no one else.

5. Judging factor. In tennis, there can be no special surprises due to the absolute transparency of the refereeing.

Guide for Tennis Betting in 2021

Before betting on tennis, gamblers need to clearly know the variety of bets:

1. The outcome of the match - who will win.

2. Total - the number of games or sets.

3. Correct score - the winning sets are counted.

4. Handicap - the difference in points.

5. Set bets - the listed types of bets, but in a separate set.

6. Betting on games - who will take the game and whether the specified score will be in the game.

7. Additional types - double faults bets, individual total, the effectiveness of sets, and others.

There are a vast number of other regular and combinational bets. For example, racing to a certain number of games and winning the first set and the entire match.

So, what factors are important for a successful bet?

1. Form and rating of the athlete. Before betting, the bettor should pay attention to the top-level of the tennis player. Usually, the higher level gives more chances of winning. However, there are a lot of facts in history when, for example, a tennis player of a lower level was in better physical shape than his opponent. Therefore, the rating is always considered in conjunction with other characteristics of the opponents.

2. Coverage. Tennis is played on several types of covering: hard (synthetic turf), grass and asphalt. Most tennis players specialize in one type of the "floor". Although professionals who are in the top 20 are considered versatile. Anyway, every tennis player has a “favorite” place to play.

3. Priority for the tennis player. Depending on the motivation, the player will give all the best or relax. To find out what is most important for a tennis player this year, the bettor should read the athlete's interview and follow his life on social networks.

4. Personal meetings. Tennis is a sport where patterns appear most often. When betting on a specific pair of opponents, it is better to study all their previous encounters.

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