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Best Low-Code No-Code Platforms that You Need to Know about.

15 Sep 2021 Developer News
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Coding is something, that I as a digital marketer dreaded my whole life, I have thought of learning css and python just to tweak some things on my blog, a blog where I teach how to use smtp service but I have recently came across  the concept of low code and no code platforms where you can create your website, generate leads, create apps etc.

In this article I will talk about some of these platforms. Now you will ask how you can create an app for google play store using any code, this seems a new concept.

With MBaaS or mobile backend as a service, you can easily develop the applications with less hard work required from the developers. Here we will discuss all the tools you can use to develop these apps .

Benefits of using low code no code platforms:

The following are some of the most amazing benefits of using low code platforms development.

Time Efficiency.

The first and the most important benefit of using a low code platform for the development process is that it is very time efficient. If managed backend services are not underused, it takes a lot of time to complete a mobile application's backend and features. However, with using low code platforms for the development, a lot of time is saved.

Cost Efficiency.

When an application is in the development process, there are 3 teams of developers who need to be working on an application. One deals with the front end of the application. At the same time, one deals with the backend and one with the front-end and backend connection. It heavily increases the app development cost.

However, when you use low code platforms for the app development process, only front-end developers are required. It is because the rest of all features comes from the managed backend service providers.

Well Performing Applications.

When different developers write the code for an application, the [performance of the application is affected. It is because each developer has their logic that they implement. Sometimes it is better for the application's performance, while most of the time, it makes it worse.

However, when you use managed backend services for your application, the features are coded in the best algorithms. It ensures the performance of the application.

Better Marketing Opportunities.

Launching updates for an application is one of the best ways to do better marketing of your application. Without a managed backend, this gets very difficult to launch updates quickly. However, when managed backend services are under use for the app development process, it gets speedy and easy for the developers.

The best low code no code platforms-

When you search for an MBaaS, you will come across many options, but how can you know which one is better? Here we have filtered out some of the best five platforms that you can use for MBaaS.


It is one of the world's most popular and most used platforms that provide MBaaS. Although their services are not free, they also have an amazing free plan. This plan has a limit of resources, but they will never expire. The best part about using this is that there will be no restriction while you create your app.

UI Bakery

UI Bakery is a business app and internal tool builder with rich UI creating & app customization and branding capabilities. It provides you with a range of ready-made templates (admin panel, inventory management dashboard, etc.) and UI components you can use to create your app on top of your databases. Data connection, API & third-party system integration, app hosting & deployment are available right within the platform


Poptin is a low code platform that you can use to create visually enticing pop ups for your website and capture leads. Poptin also allows you to create lists and send emails to your leads. You can create highly customisable pop ups using poptin. You can also create exit pop ups, embedded forms etc. using poptin. UI and UX is very user friendly and the whole platform looks promising.


GoProspero is an no node platform that you can use to create proposals for your clients. You can add images, videos, gifs etc to your proposal, choose from multiple layouts or hire a content creation service like semrush or TrustMyPaper. Everything is on cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.


Backendless is a platform that allows developers to develop their applications in many different unique ways. One of the major highlights of this platform is that it provides paster development options with less code required for the application. They have a free package that comes with most of the features.


If you are looking to develop a great application but want to have the most simplistic development experience, this is the tool. It is because it can help in developing some great applications with all the useful features.


Smtpservers is a blog based on email marketing low code platforms, which you can use to design newsletters and they are soon launching their no code editor where you can design your own emails, proposals etc.


You don’t need coding skills anymore to develop your app or website etc, these different low code and no code platforms can be used to create your web app, pop ups, proposals, send emails, automate your funnels and what not. You just require a zeal to work and learn. Hope you enjoyed the content.

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