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Latest Tech Gadgets You Didn't Know About

27 Feb 2021 Developer News
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Technology advances at an impressive rate. Discoveries allow the industry to create incredible convenient gadgets that seem as if they came right out of a sci-fi movie. Although popular brands have created a wide-scale market promotion for their products, several other companies have created astonishing innovations that are yet to be discovered.

Here are a few of the latest tech gadgets that you might not even know about yet, but definitely exist in the market. These fantastic instruments contribute to efficient task executions, daily performances, and systematic routines. Some even provide exceptional benefits that can make a huge impact on the way we live our lives.

Sonogram Belt

Forget hassling trips to the doctor to get ultra-sound checkups. This sonogram belt allows you to watch your baby as it moves inside you. It is made from a soft bandage and flexible screen that gives you a visual image of your baby. You can watch them grow, sleep, and move around in the mother’s womb.

Projecting Bracelet

Are you familiar with holograms? A company has developed a bracelet that projects a holographic and interactive image from a bracelet to your arm. This portable bracelet uses a mini-projector and sensor to launch a smartphone screen onto your arm. Perform regular phone operations such as answering a call or scrolling through the screens.

Touch-Hear Tactile Dictionary

Every wonder how it felt like to immediately know the definition behind every unfamiliar word you encounter? A scientist from the National University of Singapore has allowed this to happen through a touch-hear text recognition dictionary.

Put the small sensor on your finger and scan a random word from a book by touching it. You can immediately hear its meaning through a micro speaker attached to your ear. No need to worry about bothering other people with a sudden talking dictionary as the micro-speaker works like an earphone, no one else will hear its voice except for you.

Mask With Built-In ‘Airbuds’

This latest gadget is patterned according to the unfortunate COVID-19 situation that has forced all sectors to take serious health measures. Wearing masks became a mandatory protocol when leaving our private houses. However, there are instances wherein wearing these masks cause an inconvenience on our part.

It is safe to say that we can not avoid leaving our masks on for 99% of the time we are outside. Luckily, has developed a modern face mask that protects its users from airborne viruses. Communicating, answering phone calls, and listening to music in public no longer triggers the need to take off our face masks.

Smart Bra: Breast Cancer Detector

Undetected breast cancer has caused much pain and struggles for patients who could not notice its early signs. Thanks to a man from Mexico, a smart bra equipped with sensors can now monitor early breast cancer signs.

This EVA can monitor the breasts’ weight and temperature. Sudden change in those variables may be caused by the blood flowing through the breasts. This detection can serve as an early sign of conditions leading to cancer. The information gathered can then be directed to an app you can download on your smartphone or PC.


These are just some of the many technological breakthroughs that scientists have achieved in recent years. Technology continues to evolve and advance to create a brighter and better future for us all. However, we should never become entirely dependent on these gadgets despite their rapid evolution.

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