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What is the and how does this new Domain Hosting Control Panel work for WordPress Websites?

13 May 2021 Developer News
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If you have never used a domain hosting control panel before and are wondering what a web hosting control panel is or how to manage a website, then you should read on.

Whoever registers a domain and hosts it to create a website or blog will need to use one to manage their hosting and website. You may be familiar with some of the most famous ones like cPanel, Plesk and Webmin. You can also find out more about them in this article:

But if you are using WordPress as CMS for your website then choosing a WordPress hosting control panel that is easier and faster to use to host a WordPress blog and get online is probably your best bet.

The SeekaHost Hosting Management Tool is so fast that you can host a WP blog and get online in less than 60 seconds! Because at SeekaHost the team is all about simplicity, they have created an innovative WordPress web hosting control panel with various new features.

Why use the SeekaHost Web Hosting Control Panel to manage a WordPress Website?

Hosting a domain name with SeekaHost's WordPress hosting control panel is the fastest way to get online with any WordPress blog or website.

Besides, there are various other advantages this control panel offers compared to its competitors such as:

• Easy and unlimited access to all hosted domains with one-click PLUS analytics tools like Google Analytics and Clicky linked with the account.

• Easy set-up or move of new WP sites in 60 seconds.

• One-click upgrade or downgrade of hosting plans with one click in the domain overview.

• Quick access to all WP hosting and PBN hosting plan options inside the control panel – no need to leave the app.

• Speedy management of all backups or website data imports and exports with one click or through the support team chat in the app.

• Free access to all FAQs in the knowledgebase within to help with WP or hosting queries.

• Free access to WordPress and control panel tutorials and guides inside the app.

Now you know about the advantages of using the SeekaHost App, but how does it actually look and work?

The SeekaHost Blog Hosting Control Panel & WordPress – why is it the best Combo?

Installing your WordPress website or blog inside the SeekaPanel is the easiest and fastest solution available. Once you have chosen the best web hosting plan for your WordPress site you simply add it in your app account, and it is live in 60 seconds with the 1-Click WordPress installation and SSL certificate activation.

With the WordPress plugin All-in-one WP Migration, you can export or import your website’s backup at any time through the app. This is vital for safeguarding all your website data and content.

Many WordPress users love the CMS because of its SEO features. In combination with the app, you can connect your website with your Google Analytics and Clicky account inside the panel. With WP plugins like All-in-One SEO and the tracking sites feature in the app you can be on top of your SEO game. You will find important insights into the website traffic data in real time, and you will optimize your content while you are working on your blog.

So, check out how easy it is to set your new client account up with the SeekaHost App and get started. 

9 Easy Steps to get started with the SeekaHost App

Start managing your WordPress websites easily and quickly and say goodbye to any complicated web hosting control panel features that confuse you:

1 First head to Hosting Management Tool   

2 Create a new account at

3 Login to your account at

4 Buy a WordPress hosting plan for your WordPress sites or a PBN hosting plan if you need multiple IP class hosting to create a private blog network.

5 Integrate your domain by installing WordPress to your domain name with the 1-Click WordPress installer.

6 Once WordPress is installed after 60 seconds, change the name servers if your domain is registered with another domain registry.

7 Activate the SSL Certificate for free and your domain will be secured and SEO friendly.

8 Connect Google Analytics and Clicky with your hosted site and track it inside the app.

9 Download a backup through the app to keep your website data safe.

If you have followed the above mentioned quick 9 steps, then your WordPress sites should be ready to dominate the web with the best WordPress hosting manager.

Give the SeekaHost App a go and integrate your WordPress Site for free

The SeekaHost App allows you to access and manage all your websites or blogs from anywhere flexibly. Because SeekaHost put their customer’s comfort, convenience, and reliability first when it comes to their services.

Start with a free 7-day trial now with one of the best WordPress hosting UK plans and get started at

Manage your website with the SeekaHost App and boost your WordPress websites online.

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR strategist at ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd.

I am editor in chief of various blogs and handle press releases and content writing. I have taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and am myself a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where I teach SEO content writing.

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