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9 Of The Many Word Game Apps You Might Be Looking For

12 Jul 2021 Developer News
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Everyone loves a word game; they have been around forever for good reason. Classics like Scrabble and Boggle have been tabletop classics for many years, stacked on the shelves of many family homes. But, these days, there are countless word games available in your pocket.

The Apple App Store and Google Play both houses thousands of different word game apps. Some are educational, some involve playing with friends, while others are simply a way of challenging yourself. Below is a list of 9 of the best word game apps available at the moment, hopefully, one is the game you have been looking for!

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is basically a modern version of Scrabble. The gameplay is exactly the same, you will receive random letters and have to place the highest scoring word possible on the board. Words With Friends is fun because you can be matched up against a random opponent or start games with your friends.

If you ever get stuck, there’s a cheeky hack available to you. The anagram masters over at have devised a handy little anagram unscrambler that will help you find the best words in your random letters. Use this alongside Words With Friends’ built-in shuffle tool and you’ll be winning games in no time! Don’t worry, it’s not cheating… is it?!

Wheel of Fortune

If you have never seen Wheel of Fortune, you don’t know what you’re missing! This family game show has been on the air for decades, challenging groups of people from around the world to solve word-based puzzles in front of national TV cameras. Now, you can play the game in your pocket!

The gameplay of Wheel of Fortune is similar to the old classic game Hangman. You will receive letters and clues to help you solve a popular phrase or sentence. The categories vary, so every new game is a challenge and you’ll rarely get the same question twice. This game is really fun as you can play against the computer or friends or family.

Word Search Pro

Everyone has done a word search. They are such classic games that often used to be found in airport bookstores. Nowadays, though, you can play complex and challenging word search games on your phone with Word Search Pro. This game makes classic word search gameplay more attractive and entertaining with its 50 categories, colorful boards, animated graphics, and endless puzzle possibilities. As they say on their page, “Forget pen and paper, you’ll never run out of puzzles with this game.”


Wordscapes is a sort of combination of crossword puzzles and anagram solvers. It has a set board within which you must fill the right letters to make words. The catch is, you only have a select few words to fill the entire board. This means that an entire crossword has to be filled with as little as four letters.

The game’s developers say that playing this game for just ten minutes per day can help sharpen your mind and improve your vocabulary. Plus, it’s super fun to play and feels very satisfying to complete. What more could you want from a simple and entertaining word game?

Four Letters

Four Letters is - as the name suggests - another word game where you have limited letters to choose from when solving a puzzle. In this game, the objective is to make as many words as possible with the four letters you are given. The faster you complete the task, the higher the score. Within the game, you can compete with your friends and family on shared leaderboards, showing who is the best at creating rapid four-letter words. You won’t run out of gameplay either, with thousands of potential combinations.


Alphabear is similar to Four Letters in the sense that you have to create words from the few visible letters on the screen. However, with Alphabear, there is a catch. The letters on your screen will be surrounding a friendly bear. This bear gets bigger every time you find a word. Plus, if you use letters that are adjacent to one another, you will get bonus points and make the bear even bigger. Therefore, it’s a little more tactical than Four Letters, which is all about speed. Both offer something different, though, so it’s worth trying both!


This game is quite unique when compared to some of the previously listed games. The developers have combined elements of word searches with anagrams and crosswords. Words have been stacked together, with some of the letters hidden, meaning you have to scroll through possibilities to discover anagrams within the stacked words. This makes the game far more challenging than a standard anagram game, with the app also being great-looking and highly interactive. 


Blackbar is a little different again. In this game, you are trying to play your way through a dystopian sci-fi fantasy story through the medium of wordplay. It has a unique edge in the gameplay, as the game centers around censored words. The game involves filling in these censored black bars and completing the story. It may sound boring but it is not. This game will have you guessing for hours whilst the story unfolds.


Spelltower is sort of like Tetris combined with wordplay. You start with a single row of letters and have to make words within the connecting letters. Each word you play will add a new row to the bottom of the game; if any letters reach the top row, you will be disqualified. You can play forward, backward, up, down, and diagonal to create words, whilst keeping an eye on that top row. This game combines simple word search mechanics with a new level of jeopardy, making it super fun for long periods.

These are just nine of the best word games going, recommended by games experts and gamers alike. Delve into your chosen app store and you will find charts filled with various word games to keep you occupied for hours, whilst also learning a thing or two!

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