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Things To Consider While Developing A Successful Custom Website

19 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Designing a website from scratch requires more commitment. One of the reasons companies prefer custom websites to the template-based alternative is that it enables them to brand their businesses better. Such websites capture every aspect of a business from the color, style, text choice, products, services, and everything that tells the brand story.

 So, when embarking on the project, there are certain factors to consider thoroughly from the beginning.  But, if you’re wondering how to get the right agency, don’t worry. There are lots of different web design agency Sydney that focus on custom WordPress website design from scratch.

This article will share those important factors to help you achieve a well-designed and functional custom website. So keep reading.

Important Factors to Consider for Custom Website Development

1.Determine your customers’ Expectations

Building a custom website requires thorough research into the expectations of your customers. Every business starts by identifying who its target market is and how best to serve them. So, once you've identified them, try to understand what they expect from your website and tailor-make the website design to meet their requirements.

Since you're building the website from scratch, it will be easier to inculcate these requirements. If you can capture your customers' expectations, it'll be easy to drive engagement and increase patronage.

2.Select a Quality Website Design

One of the things that will ensure an accurate interpretation of your customer's needs is the website design. It has to be clean and easy to navigate. Also, the website design has to be appealing and attractive to the visitors. Remember, the website will represent your whole brand on the internet. If it looks disorderly and dubious, no one will consider doing business with you. 

So discuss with the website developer or firm. Make sure that they design the site in a way that can attract international clients or customers. Don't forget the competition you will face as a new entrant into the global market.  Put all these in mind and create a beautiful custom website that can attract more customers.

3.Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Do you know that a website looks different when opened on desktop and mobile phones? A website that seems easy to navigate on a desktop might look terrible on a mobile device. But you see, more and more people are using their phones to access the internet nowadays and not their desktops.

So, while developing your website from scratch, make sure that the design is compatible with mobile devices too. Don't just take the desktop appearance as to how it'll look like when your customer opens it on their phones. This is why some companies develop mobile applications for their services.

But for now, you can still develop a mobile-friendly website that people can access and navigate easily, even on their phones.

4.Ensure that the Website is scalable

Now that you're designing a new website, it might be that the business is still growing. So, don't focus on the level of growth you see now when designing your custom website. Instead, bear in mind that as the business grows and expands, more pressure will come to the website, and it should cushion it.

Scalability simply means the ability of your website to accommodate growth efficiently and seamlessly. For instance, when the visitors, users, or even products of your business increase, your website should still support the additions without malfunctioning. Also, the level of data your website generates at the beginning will not be much and won't require much storage space. But as the business grows, your data increases, and storage becomes a challenge.

So, discuss this with the web design firm from the beginning. This will protect you from additional expenses of web redesigning in the future.

5.Third-party app integrations

Don’t forget the importance of integrating efficient applications into your custom website. When you use template-based website designs, many of them come with third-party apps that facilitate their optimal performance. Now that you're designing your website from scratch don't forget to discuss these integrations with the web design firm.

For instance, you must integrate social media apps into the website to ensure more visibility, engagement, and patronage. Also, you need to integrate a CRM (Customer relationship management) app to automate client handling processes.

Other third-party apps might include a shopping cart, newsletter signup app, Disqus for comments, Google Analytics, etc. Decide all the relevant apps for your business and make sure they're added to the design.


If you want to achieve a successful custom website, you must be fully engaged in its development. Don't leave everything to the web design firm unless you've outlined your requirements for them.

So start the project by determining everything you need in the custom website and communicate the same to them. Don't forget that your website represents your brand, and the customers keep your business alive.

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